Sexually enslave Tony

by 0087
Storyline League of Thralls
Characters Hypnotia Iron Man Scarlet Witch
Category Mind Control Female Dom M/F F/F Marvel
Previous Chapter Wanda meets Tony at a nightclub

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Tony lost track of everything since the club, since Wanda had successfully came onto him and made him as hard as he still was. Now he found himself on a bed in a motel room, naked, spread eagle, looked down upon by two women, one an Avengers comrade who wore a strange, blissful smile due to her helping the captour she stood next to. Even if he wasn't hard before, the sight above him would've made it so.

Hypnotia always an attractive woman, even moreso with her mask off. When she was under the Mandarin, he had to ignore that fact a lot as she would've been a distraction to get him killed. He found himself in the same position now, though this was different. Even as dangerous as things seemed, even with Wanda now her hypnotic slave, he had to admit to himself this had been a fantasy he'd hoped he'd never encounter. He never thought he would have, as he'd never known this sexual side of the villainess.

"Welcome back to consciousness Tony, hope you don't mind our little ruse at the club tonight. It was all in good fun, wasn't it my dear?"

"Yes Mistress Hypnotia, I had lots of fun."

"What the hell did you do to her?"

"She made me into her obedient puppet Tony; it feels so wonderful. I love having her as a mistress."

Tony didn't expect Wanda to sound so worshipful and lucid as she did; she genuinely seemed happy to serve Hypnotia. He knew how strong her powers were, but rarely thought of what she could do with those powers until now. This mentally changed version of Wanda give his face a worried look, but only made his cock twitch. Both women took note; Hypnotia grinned wickedly as Wanda giggled.

"Glad to see you're honestly looking forward to your induction Tony."

"Induction into what?"

"Into my harem. A League of Thralls if you will. Super-powered servants to please me in anyway I see fit. The idea was presented to me, and I decided to run with it and do much more. Wanda here is my first inductee, and your...services will be needed soon, so you're next."

It almost scared him how Wanda beamed with pride at Hypnotia calling Wanda her first.

"If I refuse..." Tony tried to add his usual wit to that, unable to think of any way out of his perdicament.

Hypnotia smiled and lewdly kissed Scarlet Witch next to her, as the witch eagerly returned it with her own passion. Something was whispered into Wanda's ear, and the blonde returned her attention back to Tony.

"As if you could Tony, but why would you really want to?" She began speaking, and held Tony's face in both hands. He thought she was going to apply her powers then, so he braced himself for it. Instead, she made him look into her deep brown eyes. They had their own draw, and moving his head wasn't working as he held it. It never occured to him to try to close his eyes as he unconsciously stared deeper.

"That's it Tony, just find out useless refusal is. It means nothing against my power, my pleasure."

Witht the word pleasure spoken, Tony felt Wanda licking and kissing around his thighs, so close to his pleasure center, but she only circled around it.

"Feels good doesn't it? Of course, two women you've harboured secret lusts for doing what they do best - worshipping you, hypnotizing you, loving you. It's better now though, there's no Mandarin, or evil plot. There's just you, and me, desire, and obedience."

Wanda started speaking now. "Don't fight it Tony. She's our mistress, we must do as she says."

"You really must do as I say." She kissed him, and against his own will, he returned it.

"Being hers feels so good. I love to get used and touched and changed into whatever she wants. You will too."

"Used for my whims. Touched into excitement, changed into my love-slave." She kissed him again.

"She our mistress, we must obey her. It feels too good to resist, doesn't it?" With that, Wanda dropped her mouth onto his throbbing cock. Tony's mouth opened more as Hypnotia stuck her tongue deep in, pinching his nipples with one hand, still holding his gaze with the enthralling brown of her eyes.

In all his time as a playboy, Tony had never endured a sexual assault like this. He knew he was going to give in, it wasn't a question of if anymore. It was made more appealing by the fact that it was only Hypnotia he was serving, not the Mandarin. Luckily for him, she was telling the truth.

"The only way you can come is when you're mine Tony, do you belong to me?"

She didn't expect it so soon, but Tony screamed out "Yes!" as he filled Wanda's mouth with his come, all of which she swallowed graciously.

Tony finally closed his eyes as Hypnotia's programming sunk deep into his mind, finding a home there to enfore her commands.

When Tony opened his eyes finally, he stared into Hypnotia's again, now using her power. His face took on stunned happiness as she did so.

"Welcome to my League of Thralls lover."

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