Wanda meets Tony at a nightclub

by 0087
Storyline League of Thralls
Characters Hypnotia Scarlet Witch Iron Man
Category Mind Control Female Dom F/F M/F Marvel
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Tony got the message from Wanda to meet him somewhere in downtown NYC. He'd asked her about details of the meeting, but it seemed like she wasn't willing to give specifics, like someone else might be listening in. He entered the club cautiously, but not showing it at all. As active as everyone seemed, he at least didn't have to worry too much about people noticing him.

Wanda spotted him first, and moved quickly to him. Tony was surprised to have someone kiss him unexpectedly, and even more surprised to know it was Wanda who'd done it, dressed in attire almost too sexy for a nightclub. He had no time to question anything as she whispered in his ear, "play along."

Taking that que, but mind still reeling from that kiss, he put his hands at her sides and started moving with her to whatever song was playing. She'd told him that they were being watched, and they had to convince whoever was watching that they were lovers. Tony would've asked more questions but he still felt himself affected by how well Wanda was getting into this deception, and how turned on he was leaving him. Before he could even try to get another word in, she kissed him again, sticking her tongue deep in his mouth to silence him. "Don't say anything, just listen; it's important."

Tony, and most of the club barely noticed the subtle change in the tune, or how the DJ's voice got a little more feminine. The beat kept everyone moving, and the sexy voice behind it got everyone moving more against whoever they were with. Tony or Wanda could barely notice themselves as they were affected in the same way, Wanda less so as she'd already been conditioned to accompany the sexy voice delivering subliminals.

"Listen to that voice Tony; there's a code in that voice. The people listening are trying to figure it out, but we can figure it out first. But we have to keep up appearances too. We have to move like everyone else, and listen carefully to the words."

Tony was getting lost, his face said as much, and he wore an erection through his trousers that he could barely get embarassed at. He was more concerned with it moving against Wanda as if neither was wearing clothes. She felt flushed as Tony was following her Mistress's words well. He and all the other men in the club were getting quite intimate with their ladies, and the women were leading them where the men could give the most pleasure. Some shirts were tossed aside as breasts were licked and sucked. Several men ended up on their knees as the women began panting commands. Tony was just content moving against Wanda as she whispered words in his ear.

It wasn't long before everyone was reaching their own climax, except Tony and Wanda. Words unknown to both kept their orgasms back. Soon after, a blonde showed up infront of the two Avengers and faced Wanda first.

"Good girl," she spoke as she snapped her fingers.

Wanda's legs quivered as an orgasm shook her body, and deepened her already light trance.

"Look into my eyes Tony."

He found himself falling into the eyes of his old enemy, one who easily got into his head more times than he'd preferred. This time was different though, as he now associated his cock with her control.

"You want to release so bad, don't you?"


"You just need to let go for me, don't you?"

"Yes Hypnotia," he spoke anxiously.

"Yes Mistress Hypnotia. You know this kind of pleasure will only come through obedience, are you aware of that?"

Her power probed deeper as his eyes shown swirling pupils now, a sign of her establised spell.

"Yes Mistress Hypnotia," he spoke blankly, still hard.

She grabbed his face and kissed him hard on the lips. "Good boy."

"Let's go slaves."

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