Peter Takes Emma Frost

by Koala Reeder
Storyline Master PC 2.9
Characters Emma Frost Spider-Man
Category Mind Control
Previous Chapter He gives Pryde Instructions and the Possession of Sable

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As he was Web-slinging to the X- Mansion, where he knew Emma Frost was eagerly awaiting him Peter could not stop himself from wondering what Titty, Sable, and Wanda would do when they all got there. But oh well, it really didn't matter.

He knew that Emma could be dangerous, she could read his mind and ruin the whole plan. So, that is why before he left Titty at all, he made preparations to take her for himself.
As he arrived at the X- Mansion, he saw that Emma was standing out in front of the Mansion, just as he programmed her to on the MC program for her to do. He landed in front of her and snapped his fingers.
Emma shook from a trance into her normal self.
"Mr. Parker," she said with her British accent, "I do believe that we have business, please, would you come with me to my office." Peter nodded, and then looked around for any other sluts that he could put into his collection later. Eh, He'd take care of it when it happened.
Emma walked along a long corridor until she came to a very private office at the end of the hall.
"There no one should bother us." She said. Peter smiled. "Now Mr. Parker understand that you have urgent business with me."
"Aww. Emma honey, we're here because you called me." Peter said. And as he spoke the trigger words he programmed into her from the program, he saw her eyes dull for a moment.
"Um, Yes that's right I called you here." Emma said, " Now, um, why did I do that again?" Emma was confused. Of course she had asked him here.
"Emma honey call me Peter."
"Peter why did I bring you here?" Emma said suddenly, although she was not comfortable being on first name terms with Parker. She then tried to probe his mind for answers, but surprisingly she could not.
"Emma honey, you don't want to try and read my mind remember?" Peter said smiling.
"Oh, um, er-yes. That's quite right. Now why are we here" Emma said. Why was she being so rude to her guest.
"Emma honey, you were going to confess your absolute and undying love for me weren't you?" Peter was getting a kick out of doing things this way.
Emma paused for a moment, there was a small part of her that thought that this was wrong, that this was not the reason that Peter was there. But then it quickly was drowned by the warm feeling in her chest. She looked up at Peter and blushed. That was right, he was one of the most amazing people she had ever met, and she was deeply in love with him.
"Oh Peter that's right!" she said as she dropped to her knees. "Oh my! I always wanted to tell you, but I...I... don't know why i didn't!"
"It's okay now, Emma honey, you'll do anything to make it up to me."
"That's right," Emma's eyes dulled, " i will do anything."
Peter chuckled as he spoke the next trigger word. Become my loyal slave."
Emma suddenly felt changes all over her body. She felt a warmth radiating from her crotch, and then a massive ache in her chest. She had always taken pride in them before, but now she watched as her breasts grew at least three sizes. She fell down on all fours, and shrieked as Peter's changes to her body took place.
After everything seemed to settle down, Emma noticed that she was extremely horny. She needed to fuck now, and fuck hard. She looked at Peter, and realized that he was the only one that could every satisfy her the way she needed it.
"Oh, Peter, my cunt aches for your cock." Emma's hand began to slide down to her crotch, where she started to masturbate. She began to pump he finger in and out of herself with overwhelming force. Peter watched his new toy fuck herself, so he decided to have some fun.
"Emma, do you want to have my cock inside you."
"AHoooo yesssss plllleeeaseeee give me your cock. please fuck me"
"Well then you have to do everything I say, understood."
"Oh yes, anything you ask. I am your horny slave Master."
Peter smiled when he heard that.
"Well then Emma, I want you to come over here and pledge your obedience as my slave. Then I will fuck you." Emma immediately stood up and knelt in front of Peter.
"Oh master, I am your slave. My body and mind only exist to serve you. I will let you cum inside me, knock me, up, and I will help you to fuck other girls, because every girl needs to be fucked by my master. I will have sex with anyone who my master wishes me to. I am a bisexual for my master. My master's cock is everything that I need. Only  my master will be able to satisfy me." She said all this trembling from the aching horniness building inside of her. 
"Good, now take off your clothes. "
"Oh yes Master thank you!" She cried, an stripped her clothes off as quickly as she could. 
Peter flipped her on her back, so he could play with the giant titties that were in his face. There was no way that he was going to pass those up. 
He started to tease her, by rubbing his cock on her clit. He didn't put it in, just had it rub on her, driving her crazy with lust.
"Oh please master take me now!" she said as he drove his cock inside of her. 
"OOOH!" she cried as the thick member slid inside of her. "It's soo deep inside Master. It's hitting my womb!" She was falling into blissful ecstasy. " Oooh-yes, please-right there! OOOOOah." She cooed as Peter began to increase his rhythm. 
"OOh do it harder master! Harder! Moremoremore! Ohohohoh please more!! It's never been this good before master!"
That made Peter ram her even harder that he was, and he was using his super-strength to pound into her. "Slave, get on top of me and ride my cock! Now!" he commanded. 
With a flash, Emma was on top of Peter, moving her hips back and forth. "Now slave, every time my cock grinds into you, you will get hornier and hornier. Understand?"
"OOOH-yes master!"She cried softly, and then "Ooooohooohhoooo fuck !!!!!" as she slid down onto his cock. She needed this, she was so hot for him. She would do anything he asked for her , she truly was his slave now, and always would be. 
Her rhythm started to pick up, until she was wildly fucking Peter like some kind of animal. 
"ARRRRRGGGGGOOOHHH!!! AH!!AH!!_PLEASE LET ME CUMMMMMMM!!!!" Emma cried out again and again. 
"Cum now slave, cum right after i shoot my cum inside you."
"Oh yes please do that!" She said, pumping her hips harder. She needed his cum!
"Ahh" Peter said as he came all the way by her womb, very deep inside her. She was going to get pregnant for sure. 
"OOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I"M CUMMING MASTER OOOOOHHH WOAHHHHHHHHHHH" Emma screamed as she had the most earth shattering orgasm of her life.
She fell down onto Peter's cock. His cum seeping inside of her. She didn't care as long as she pleased her master.
"Emma," Peter said, "you will move out of the mansion, and erase everyone's memory of you and Kitty Pryde being here. You will be my mistress at my home with all the other sluts that you love to fuck with."
"Oh Master I would do anything for you."
"Bitch then clean my cock."

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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