He gives Pryde Instructions and the Possession of Sable

by Koala Reeder
Storyline Master PC 2.9
Characters Silver Sable Spider-Man Ai Apaec
Previous Chapter Spider-Man happens upon a crime

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Peter looked down at Silver Sable, and watched the way she moved in the fight. He decided that Emma Frost could wait, that this was worthy of his new time. He called His slut Titty back at home. 

Titty answered her phone immediately when she saw that it was Peter that was calling. 
"Yes Master how can I serve you?" She asked immediately. '
 "Titty, I need you to open the file on Silver Sable. I want you to turn her into a slave like you."
"Oh yes Master! I would love to make another girl part of your harem! You deserve to have every girl in the world Master!"
"Good slut. Now, I want you to make it only activate when I say the phrase "web-slinging cock". 
"Yes Master, anything for you!" And then she waited a moment, "Master, when can I have your cock again?"
Peter thought about this. He never considered that Titty would need him that badly. "Slave, you will be able to control yourself while you make the changes to Sable, and then sometime afterward. You will act your normal self unless I am in you presence, or I say otherwise. When Wanda comes to the Apartment, you will show her around, but tell her I will be there shortly too? Understood?"
And then Titty responded with a deep voice that sounded like her old self, 
" Yes my Master, I am you slave and I will obey."
"Perfect" Peter said. Titty made the changes right after he made the call. Sable would be all his very, very soon.
He watched as Sable ended her fight, and began to sneak off. She might be quick, but as Spider-man, Peter was quicker. 
He caught up to her. 
"Sable" He softly said from behind her. "I thought that I saw you there."
"Spider-man" Sable said, turning her silver hair around, "I knew that I smelled a chicken near by."
This could not have played out more perfectly for Peter. "A Chicken or a web-slinging cock" 
At that moment, Sable's eyes went dull and she deeply responded "Oh Peter, I always wanted to tell you how much I love you. And..."She said as she looked down to his cock. "How much you turn me on. Please use me however you want, I am you slave." She got down onto her knees.
As she knelt, Peter saw her already well-endowed chest begin to swell into enormous melons. they expanded so fast that they tore right out of her suit, and exposed her naked body. 
"Bitch you are mine now." 
"Oh yes master I am yours."
"Suck my cock then."
"Oh thank you master!!" she squealed as she began to go down on Peter's cock. As soon as she st her silver lips on to his cock, she nearly came from the mere taste of his member. She began sucking greedily, as this was her master's cock, and she could not live with out it.
"You your breasts slave." Peter commanded
"Oh yes master!!"
She took her gigantic melons and then immediatly began to rub his large cock with them. 
"Oooh my gooodddd!!!" she screamed out loud. Peter was glad they were on rooftop that no one 
could see them on. 
But Sable was feeling so good. "Please master fuck my wet cunt. I am soooo horny now!!!" Peter had turned her into a bimbo like Titty
Turn over bitch." he said. And Sable immedialty turned her body over so he could stick himself deep in inside her cunt.
"Ahhhh!" she cried. "I have never felt anything as good as your cock!!!
"Tell me that you will be my slave as long as you live!" Peter cried
" I will-AH-- be your-OOOH- loyal and obedient servant--Ohplease more-- as long as I live! GOD FUCK ME MORE MASTER!!!!" The rythm in her hips got Peter to make Peter move harder and faster. Silver Sable was a good fuck. Better than Titty. Hm, maybe he'd have them exchange ideas. 
"Oh Master I'm going to CUUUMMM!!!"
"Good, now take my jizz inside you bitch!"
"But if you do that I might get pregnant Master!" 
"But you want my cum slave, you want me to make you pregnant. " Peter said to her as he began to ram harder.
Then in a deep voice, Sable answered, " Yes master, I want your seed inside of me. I want to get pregnant like all the women in your harem should." And then suddenly she cried out "OOH MY GOD GIVE ME YOU BABY! CUM INSIDE OF ME!! OOOOH!!OOOHH! OOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHAAAAHHHH!" and she came as Peter unleashed a massive load of semen from his cock inside of her. 
"Clean me up bitch." he said to her. She snapped from her position to on her knees in seconds, licking Peter's cock again. After she had licked all the cum off of Peter she looked at him with her blank stare, with streaks of white cum in her silver hair and said,  "Thank you Master. That was the best sex I have ever had."
"Good slave, now go to my apartment and wait for me there with Wanda and Titty. But if anything happens between the two of them, I forbid you from joining in. You must watch and gaurd the Apartment until I return, and only then can you be satisfied." 
"Oh yes master anything you command."
"Now where was I?" Peter wondered, 

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