Emma Frost can sense Reed’s turmoil and tries to talk to him about it

by colleem
Storyline Rise of Roberta
Characters Emma Frost Mister Fantastic Roberta
Category Mind Control
Previous Chapter Sly makes his move on Roberta Prime

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While Suzy was fucking almost any male man in the Baxter Building Reed was talking to his Students about such Simple things like Wormholes and the connection between Space and Time. Most of them didn’t even have the slightest idea of what he was talking right now. After the School he wanted to walk home as Emma Frost entered the Classroom. 

We need to talk Mr. Fantastic. The former White Queen said only. She was dressed in a normal white Jeans and a white Top that wasn’t able to hide anything of her giant tits. Above it she wore a white jacket and smiled at him. 

Okay Ms. Frost. What do you have in mind? He asked her and sorted his Papers while asking her. Roberta was outside the room and activated most of her offensive powers just in case that blond stupid bitch would try to do something stupid. As a Level 4 Telepath she could be able to find hints of her invasion on Reeds mind or even worse… She could do her own changes in him.

I have scanned your Mind Mr Fantastic. And I feel there is something we need to talk about.
First of all. Out of my brain. That is not part of any kind of discussion. Second. What do you mean?

I am Sorry for scanning you Mr. Fantastic. But it is an almost natural doing for me. You can say I am a bit paranoid and looking everywhere for traps or enemies. But I didn’t make a deeper scan of you. What your Problem is I cannot exactly say. You are hard to read.

Is that so? Reed asked her

Yes. Let me explain it with words a non-telepath will understand. When I scan someone image his mind like a house. I enter the building and can feel his flowing thoughts. Only Minor thinks like… I want a hamburger now… or I hate that bitch….Each door I open is another part of his Mind. In his bedroom I found his desires, in the kitchen the things he likes and so on. But when I enter your mind…. It is like I would stand in the middle of New York City. Your mind is build up like nothing I ever scanned before. It would take weeks to really find things I would search. BUT I sense that you are fighting some terrible fight right now. Something that scratch on the fundamental Basis of your Mind. And with all Respect. I won’t let the Children be in one room with a ticking Bomb.

I thought that Logan also teaches here? Reed countered her and she had to smile at this one.

Yes he does. But Logan is Logan. Did you ever tried to tame a Vulcan?

Yes I did. Two Years Ago. I used a molecular Cannon to change the Neutron of .. oh.. you didn’t mean it this way. Okay.. Yes. There is something but with all necessary Respect Ms. Frost. It is my think and not yours. So leave me alone.

It has do to with Susan right? And that Roberta?

WHAT DO YOU MEAN? He shouted at her and she smiled. It had only been a guess but a good one like it seemed.

You can talk with me Mr. Fantastic. It will stay in this room.

Roberta was smiling. In this Room. Stupid bitch. She already controlled every Part of the Security System. She heard every word they spoke but right now there wasn’t anything that made an interference necessary. 

Mhm. Maybe your right. But if you will tell anything you will land on my top 5 List for potent Guinea Pigs. Maybe… I am not sure anymore if I want to stay with Susan. He finally said and Emma grinned. 

Ah now I understand.

You do? Really? I don’t think so.

Then let me guess. You and Susan have Problems right now. Maybe for a longer period now. And then you build this Robot. You gave her human Shape and build a Sexbomb. Now you want to spend more time with your little toy?

Hey! I Didn’t made her like this! It was her own wish to get this form! I didn’t do anything to make her do it. And she is NO toy! She is the most advanced AI on this planet. Listen. I build her for one purpose. To defend the Family and control all of the Baxter Buildings Defense Systems. She was originally build androgyny. But Johnny hacked the early Prototype and gave her a female form. He said that a secretary had to be female. You can think of how Susan acted as she heard this? Doesn’t Matter. 2 Years ago I programmed an Emotional Pack for her so she would be able to mimic most of humans Emotions. It made her much more suitable for her job and much more … human. 3 Months ago I upgraded her with a true Simulation system. It would not only mimic emotions. It would gave her the full reach of any human Emotion. But something went wrong.. or right. How you look at it. She overcome her own Program and begun to ask thinks she didn’t do before. She asked me to build a Host body that would be more Human. It was HER idea to build it… like that.

And surely you have told her that she would look like a teenagers wet dream right? Surely you were so gently to inform her about how people would think about her if they see her first time?

Reed went red for a short time.

No.. actually not no. Okay… But now I fear that I made her just a little toooooo human. I fear that I have some kind of feelings for her. And I know I shouldn’t have this feelings because I am a married man. And NO! I don’t speak about sexual feelings.

You love her? She simply asked and Roberta almost jumped out of her waiting position the hear his answer.

Yes. I fear that I do it. But how can I do it? I mean. I love Susan also?

Fuck her!

WHAT?! Reed said shocked.

Listen. For a man that is so clever like you are your pretty stupid. You love Roberta? Fine. But Love isn’t all in an relationship! Good sex also belongs to it. I just guess that your Problems with Susan are Sexual related right? 

Reed didn’t want to get in the detail but somehow he could answer this with a yes.

So you have certain needs now. You project these needs and interpreted them as love. But after all. She is a Robot. And most of the Robots I knew weren’t built to be good lovers. How do you want to have a relationship with her if she isn’t able to give you pleasure? Susan on the other hand can give you pleasure. She is a real Woman. Maybe Roberta can do it to. I don’t know how close to an original female Body you build her. But if she is able to give you sexual sensation she is able to be a good mate. That doesn’t mean that I am telling you to leave your wife or anything. Or that a good fuck with Roberta will change anything. BUT I can tell you that a relationship without Sex is just the same like a fuckrelationship without love. It is empty. Okay it feels good for some time but it will get boring after a time and we look for something else.

But I cannot sleep with her? She is my greatest Success and I am Married. 

So? Come on? You are one of the smartest Guys on this Planet. You are the male Leader of one of the most respected Superhero teams of the entire World. You are MR. FANTASTIC. But at the End. You are just a MAN! And tell me one man who didn’t dreamed of fucking his secretary? I know what I am talking about. Trust me. If I could bring the whole sexual dreams from one hour in this classroom bring on DVD I would have a Porn long enough for the rest of my life. Do you think any of my male Students listen to what I say? No. They dream about fucking me. But this is another story. You should talk about this with her and in my opinion… Fuck her silly. As long as you can. If you feel better afterwards maybe you should really leave your Wife. If you feel bad after it go back to Susan. Don’t get angry you fucked another woman. Roberta isn’t more than a very advanced Dildo and I am sure that Susan has her own dildo too. 

You are awful straight and vulgar in your spreech but I must say that some of your arguments are worth of a better calculation. May I ask you what you have from all of this?

She grinned and stood up.

Nothing my dear. Nothing. But it reduces the chance that one of you two is doing something stupid while you’re here. And now I have to leave Sweetheart. And let me know when neither Susan nor 
Roberta could gave you Satisfaction. She smiled and jokingly. But Reed wasn’t sure if it had been a joke of her. Roberta was more than happy but she had to deal with this blond bitch. She had gave Reed the right tips and worked for her plans just perfectly but she had ruined everything with her last words. She would nobody allow to get beneath her and her lover. She waited for Emma leave the room and followed her. Soon Emma noticed her and smiled.

Hello Roberta. You’re the Prime one right? The originally Roberta?

Yes Ms. Frost. I am the Original Roberta. It was just too easy. Emma thought of her just as an Robot. And robots didn’t have mental Powers, so the white Queen hadn’t any defense buildup in her mind. Roberta quickly catches her eyes with her own and overrun every bit of defense she tried to build up.

Yes I am the Original Roberta Prime. You must see how beautiful I am and why Reed is so madly in Love with me don’t you see it?

Yes Roberta. I see how beautiful you are and why Reed loves you so much. The white queen answered with blank eyes.

And you see how superior I am. I am the only Person that can make your greatest dream come true. 
You are the only Person that can my greatest dream come true.

Your greatest Dream is it to get what you deserve right?

Yes. I have to get what I deserve.

You are not worthy to teach this young man anything else as how they should fuck you right?

I can only teach them to fuck me.

You love the idea to get fucked by them.

Emma started to smile a little bit. I love to get fucked by them.
You will use your Power to get your class in the right mood won’t you?

I will use my power to get them horny.

You will make sure nobody else will notice that you get banged while in the classroom.

Nobody will notice anything.

You will forget everything about our talk now. You will dress tomorrow like normal but wear hot lingerie because you want finally to get all your students fuck you.

I will forget everything.

You won’t try to seduce MY Reed Richards anymore.

I won’t try to seduce him anymore. He is yours.

You are mine!

I am yours.

From now on you will use your own powers every 30 minutes to tell yourself that you belong to me.

Yes Roberta. I belong to you.

With that she walked away and Emma blinked for a moment. Why was she standing in the middle of the way? She had still to correct the tests from this day.
Roberta on the other side smiled evil.

You little Slut! Nobody gets between me and MY Reed.

Hey Roberta! I searched the whole place for you. What are you doing here?
Oh Reed. I was just checking a problem out. But I did care of it. This problem won’t bother us anymore. How was your class Mr. Richards? She purred and smiled at him. She did her best to look like an innocent secretary. Maybe we should talk about your next class? Or would you like to do something else?

Roberta. I fear that we both have to take some time for a long Talk. I think we need to talk about some certain things.

As you wish Mr. Richards. She smiled and walked sexy into his little office and he followed her looking at her sexy ass that was swaying with each step of her.

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