Jason Blood has a task to accomplish for the Dark Knight

by gothamalleyviper
Storyline Crossing the Line
Characters Catwoman Huntress Batgirl Raven (DC)
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Gordon was leaving the Gotham Stadium with Bullock when a red haired man with a white streak in the front came walking up to him.

"Mr. Gordon," He held out his hand, "Mr. James Gordon?  Comissioner of the Gotham City Police?  And Detective Harvey Bullock?"

"Yeah," Harvey spit out his tooth pick.

"And you are?" Gordon asked.

"A friend sent me to establish the truth of an accusation.  What we see tonight will be the truth," Blood promised.

"What the hell is that supposed to mean?" Harvey got defensive, "And which friend is this?"

"Hell is very much in play detective," Blood snapped his finger, "And our friend let us one of his cars."

The sleek black sedan conversion was definitely Batman's.


Diana was confused when she got to the control room and J'Onn wasn't there.

"He is still in the isolation tank," Mr. Terrific already knew what Diana was going to ask, "He called me here mentally as well.  He should be starting the show and tell in a few seconds."

"I'm here," Star Girl announced as she and S.T.R.I.P.E. joined them.

"Now we can start," Mr. Terrific intoned.

"We have a problem," J'Onn's voice called over a call box, "You three are the strongest members we have at the moment.  I am detecting a life form of unmistakable power forming, but right now it is too faint... It is somewhere in the Congo region, and it is Kryptonian.  My attempts to contact is have been thwarted.  It is being shielded from detection by telepathy, so Mr. Dugan please help Mr. Terrific with manning the sensors.  Diana I need you to get back to Gotham and work with Batman and Oracle to help find and identify the source.



Jason flinched as Alfred grabbed him by the ear and led him to the elevator.

"Master Jason, you must learn to keep your hands to yourself.  Now before anything else, a trip to the kitchen.  And Ladies, don't think for a second that I will not be aware of any slacking... Even for a second."

"What the hell is up with you making Fire, Ice and Cheetah clean the computers?" Jason said as soon as the elevator door closed.

"Teaching them proper house keeping.  I'm sure atleast one or two of my leassons stayed with after your trip to the grave and back," Alfred smiled.

"Uhm," Jason took off his mask, "I figured out how to wash my underwear?"

The elevator door opened and Jason about had a heart attack when he saw Poison Ivy sitting in the kitchen snuggled up with a potted plant like it was an old friend at a French café.

"What the hell is Poison Ivy doing here?" Jason shouted.

"Talking to the plants," Alfred deadpanned, "Excuse us Miss Isley.  While some people use plants as a focal point to have a monologue, she is having an actual two way conversion.  Now, I have your favorites, the Butter Toffee Scones."


Raven had been smug the whole time, first to the Pizza joint, first to the clock tower, and she had been key in kicking Riddler's butt.  But Raven was not an idiot... She knew the emotions that were flowing in Barbara as Huntress came in with them, when Dick brought out the Twister board game, when Dick had walked on the ceiling to show off.  She waited until Dick had gone to the bathroom and Huntress went to get a drink from the kitchen.

"Normally I am the source of the depression in the room," Raven told Barbara.

"Sorry," Barbara said meekly.

"Don't be.  Look, I have been thinking about everything.  I am sure that I am not being mind controlled when I say this," Raven took a deep breath, "If you are up for it, I am willing to help with the nano-mites."

"Good thing, my tits would break Helena's spine," Barbara tried to have some bravado, "Thanks, I ... Shit get everyone back in here!  Systems picked up major happening in the Congo."

"There is something big happening here too," Raven could feel the demon's power in their city.


"Where did I put ..." Jason reached into his coat, "Ah here it is."

The rusty candle latern was at least as big as Harvey's head.  With a snap of his fingers the candle lit, and the room around them became a grey fog.

"What we are watching is the shadows of the crime," Jason informed the cops, "What we see is the truth, and it has not been seen by anyone before us."

The victum, Holly Robinson was on the couch, the door burst open and gangster stormed in.  Holly ran, and was hit with tasers.  The gangster started jumping onto of her, ripping off her cloths, hitting her, the rape started.  All the while a Latina stood in the background.  Even Harvey noticed that there was something wrong about this.

"What is this spray bottle she just took out?" Gordon asked.

"I don't know," Jason looked at it as she attached the CO2 can to the top, "But the seal on it is alchemy.  And it is starting to affect her lackeys."

"Why is drugging her goons?" Bullock asked.

"Can any of you read lips?" Jason asked.

"...done with you foul idiots.  You shall serve the master's plan well and be the blood that writes the cat witches death warrant..." Gordon read her lips.

The latina reached under the table by the door and brought out a clawed glove like Catwoman used and started to attack her thugs like the killer in a slasher film.  By now the spary had driven the rapist to kill Holly Robinson in a twisted paniced rage.  The Latina took a katanna from a display behind the TV, kicked the spray bottle under the couch and stabbed herself in the chest.

"So the cat broad didn't kill anyone?" Bullock announced.

"I wouldn't go looking for that bottle until you have a HAZMAT team Detective," Jason warned, "I think there is one more part that needs to play out."

Catwoman entered and lost all poise and grace, she was checking everyone, the blood getting on her suit, gloves and boots.  It looked like she was being affected just like the others, she went and opened windows, then she say Holly.  She crouched next to her friend, then got up stumbling about and saw the Latina.  That was when she dropped to her knees.

Jason snapped his fingers.  The shadow disappeared.

"And that is when she her head started to clear, and she went to the Batman," Jason smiled, "Now if you will excuse me I have a Savage's head to serve up on a silver platter."


The hyper mood was shattered when they heard about the deaths and destruction at Gotham Stadium.  Cassie knew that neither of them would admit their fears, but everyone feared the worse when the Joker detonated his Smilex.  Their capes, cowls, gloves and boots were gone but none of them had the heart to do anything more then sit and wait for the results.


"Turns out that the idiot down there contacted gang infiltrator that took over a local gang," Jason was enjoying his scone, "They feed the gang some bull about Selina being the guys run away wife who was cheating on him, they go to kill her.  He tried to drop off the face of the earth, Tim, Damien, and Steph caught him, got the answers, handed him over to the cops, made bail, then got ordered to set Two-Face on a warpath, and then got caught again at Two-face's joint."

"So how is Mr. Valley," Alfred asked.

"Az?  He is on a mission from God," Jason shrugged, "What do you say to that?  After we burnt down Two-Face's joint he went to look for the fat bird to try and squeeze."

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