Damage Control

by BatPimp
Storyline Crossing the Line
Previous Chapter 'How to slaughter stupid goons', by Red Hood and Azrael

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If there was something tonight Jim Gordon had a lot to do it was damage control. If there was something he absolutely hated a lot to do it was damage control. Damage control meant there was no one to save anymore, only wounds to mend and bodies to burrow.

The commissioner was standing outside of the Gotham Stadium, coordinating the evacuation of the building. Batman had already left without a word. How did he even manage to sneak past the police blockade when he entered the stadium in the first place was a mystery to Jim. The Dark Knight had left behind the Joker's corpse along with a twenty percent rate of victims due to Joker's Smilex. Where he had found enough antidote to save eighty percent of the spectators was also a mystery to Gordon.

"Hey, commish!" Bullock's voice reached Jim's ears. "We just got word that Red Hood burned down Two-Face's hideout, with all his men inside."

"What about Dent? Is he dead?" the commissioner asked.

"Nah! The bastard got lucky. He's in a critical state though, so there's no saying if he'll survive the night," Bullock replied.

"At least the night ended better for Nashton (Riddler's real last name) and the Royal Flush Gang," Jim commented with a sigh.

"Ya think he really did it this time, commish?" Bullock asked him after a short pause.

Gordon took a moment of reflection before answering. "If Batman had really killed the Joker, he would have beaten the clown to death or sliced his throat with a bat-a-rang. I say the Joker simply killed himself accidentally with his own grenade. What do you say?" Jim asked.

"I say good riddance!" Bullock uttered. He - and the rest of the world - certainly wouldn't miss the Joker. "What about Catwoman? Is she off the hook just because she was following Bats like a love-sick puppy - hum, kitty?" he deadpanned.

Jim frowned in thought. "I don't know. Let's trust Batman knows what he's doing for now," he replied.

Bullock just muttered something under his breath before he strode away, back to his own duties.

Huntress, Nightwing and Raven were standing in the corner of a rooftop, observing from above as the Riddler and his goons were taken away by police vans back to Arkham or Blackgate.

"No, please! I don't want to go back to Arkham. I've had it enough with rhymes and fairytales. I swear if I hear one more of Tetch's goofy stories, I'm going to strangle him," Eddy screamed as he tried to struggle away from the police. The officers holding him weren't really bothered by it. They simply threw him roughly into a van and closed the doors.

"Well, I guess it's our cue to go," Raven commented in her usual dry tone.

"How about we grab some coffee and a few pizzas before going back to the Clocktower?" Nightwing asked, looking at her with a playful grin. "You in, Helena? I'm sure Babs would be happy to see you," he now addressed Huntress.

Helena feigned to consider his offer, but her mind was already all set. "Of course! I haven't seen her in a while," she defended, although it wasn't the real reason she wanted to tag along. Dick had been secretly emitting a large amount of pheromones ever since she joined them in their chase of the Riddler. By now, she had breathed in so much, she was ready to do anything he asked her to. And she was wet and aroused beyond reason.

"Race you to the pizza parlor," Raven said in an uncharacteristically cheery tone, surprising Huntress. She flew away in the direction of the closest pizzeria to the Clocktower.

"Last one there pays the drinks and the food," Nightwing announced as he dropped from the rooftop and settled on his bike to race after her.

"Hey! Wait for me," Helena cried out as she shook off her surprise and started catching up with them.

Alfred was still watching over Cheetah, Fire and Ice as they were cleaning the cave, when the computer alerted him of two visitors, one of them identified as Red Hood. Alfred rushed over to the parking space set for the Batmobile where the vigilante was sitting on his bike.

"Master Jason! My boy, it's been so long," Alfred exclaimed happily as he hugged the young man.

"Hey Alf! Looking good," he commented as he hugged the old man back. His eyes fell on the paddle Alfred was holding in his hand. "Having fun, old man?"

"Why, master Jason! You insult me if you imply that I don't take my duties with all the seriousness they require," he chastised with a slight frown. "Now, how about you tell me of the reason for your visit."

"Just had a little package to deliver to daddy dearest. I think he'll like dealing with this one personally," Red Hood explained as he gestured to the unconscious man draped over the back of his bike. "Do you have any free holding cell?"

"Good job, my boy. Come with me. We'll take him to our foulest cell," he instructed as he walked away to the dampest and darkest corner of the Bat-Cave. Jason followed him with Mike Wren draped over his shoulder in a fireman's carry.

Once they had secured Selina's husband, they returned to the central area of the cave where the three women were still at their cleaning. As Alfred's professional eye was inspecting their work, Jason's leery eye roamed over their bums. He removed his helmet and set it in front of the computer before he walked over Ice. He stood behind her as he started groping her rump. She tried to shrug him off, but he was physically stronger than her.

He had to remove his hand however when Alfred's paddle landed on her rump. Jason thought the butler was trying to stop him from groping the woman, but the old man's next sentence threw him off guard.

"Get back to work, young lady," he chastised Tora. She whimpered slightly and looked at Alfred with pleading eyes. A warning glare from the butler however forced her to get back to cleaning.

After he regained his composure, Jason went back to massaging Ice's buttocks, squeezing them firmly. After a short while, he pulled up her skirt and removed her panties to expose her leaking snatch. Oh, yeah! She can complain all she wants, but she can't hide how much of a slut she is, Jason relished internally, before he sneaked two fingers inside of her wet cunt.

Tora had to keep cleaning while Jason had her way with her, since Alfred wouldn't let her stray away from her duties.

After checking over all the members currently present at the Watchtower, Diana made her way to the monitor bay, so that she could contact her sister on Themyscira. Donna had returned back to her homeland barely a year after the Teen Titans had disbanded due to Starfire's departure and their leader's subsequent depression.

"Hey, Diana! What's up - no pun intended?" Donna asked when her face finally appeared on the screen.

"Good morning, Donna! Nothing much. I was just wondering if you would like to come to Man's World for a visit," Diana offered.

"I'll have to see with Mother, if it's okay. Though I doubt she won't let me go if it's to visit you. She's been awfully worried about you since this business with Lex Luthor and the League of Shadows started," her younger sister explained. "I'll meet you at the embassy in a few hours," Donna promised.

"Actually, it would be better if you headed directly for Wayne Manor. Try to be discreet though, Bruce doesn't like to attract attention," Diana instructed.

"So the rumors were true!" Donna exclaimed cheerfully. "Hmm... I wonder what you and Mr Wayne are doing in this sumptuous and empty mansion," she teased Diana.

"Donna! We're hardly alone there. Alfred, Cass and Damien all live there, plus Dick, Tim and Stephanie come by all the time to hang out," Wonder Woman argued embarrassed.

"You're awfully familiar with his family, you know," Donna joked back.

"Donna!" the older Amazon grumbled.

"Okay! Okay! Jeez, take it easy, sis. I was just kidding," Donna justified to which Diana only answered with a grunt. "I'll see you soon. Bye!"

"Safe travels, Sister," Diana wished her before she turned off the communicator.

Wonder Woman made her way back to the rest room, where Superman and his family where mourning the temporary loss of their powers, to take Kara back with her to Wayne Manor. On the way there however, J'onn's voice sounded from the speakers in the hallway.

"Wonder Woman, please report back to the control room immediately."

Now what? Diana sighed mentally.

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