Spider-Man tries to escape the spider-monsters

by Gorel
Storyline Abominable Avengers
Characters Avengers X-Men
Category Marvel Corruption Transformation
Previous Chapter Before Wasp had her answer, She-Hulk arrived with her cousin to face her.

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Spider Man wrung against the webbing tying all his arms together as he was toyed with by the two enhanced spider abominations. Both had him on his back as they shared, sucking off his cock, playing with the grapefruit sized sac under it with licks and soft bites.

Believing him ready Widow positioned herself over his bobbing erection and sank down, moaning as she was penetrated before rolling her hips and flexing her inner muscles. "Mmmm... He's so thick sister, so much larger than our other meals." Purred Widow as she made out with Spider Beast, all while she rode Peter for all he had.

Unable to help himself Spider Man thrust back into her, growling as instinct took over. "YES! There, right there, more More MOARRR..." Roared Widow as he began pumping her full with his cum, all six of her claws rubed every part of her before she slunked down, sated for now.

"Ohh my turn sister..." Husked Spider Beast as Widow dismounted the web head and she took her place. "Ahhhh... still hard, so strong... its a shame we have to eat you after but we get sooooo hungry after a good fuck." Cooed the former hero as she rocked her hips over the man, hefting one of her massive breasts to her lips as she licked her leaking nipples.

Not too long after the two cried out as they shared a mindblowing orgasm that left Spider Man exhausted. "You... certainly know... how to please a girl Spidey... but now we're hungry and I don't see you offering anything else to bite into..." Husked Spider Beast as she and Widow extended their fangs and licked their lips.

Their entertainment was cut short as Mary Jane and Black Cat pounced out of the shadows and grappled with the two spider abominations. "STAY THE FUCK AWAY FROM HIM YOU MONSTERS!"


"HULK SMASH BUG LADY!" Yelled the Incredible Hulk as he and his cousin traded blows with the newly enhanced queen of the Horde. The rest of the monsters fought off the X-Men to give their broodmother the space she needed to fight.

Wasp had become very powerful indeed, and despite her bulk being heavily pregnant she was moving with blurring speed, trading blows with both hulks easily. Grabbing the Hulk with one of her claws she tossed him into the fight with the X-Men and her brood before grappling with She Hulk, their bellies pressed together as Wasp inched closer.

"You won't win Janet, this madness has got to stop, we can help all of you." Grunted She Hulk as she was backed into a wall.

"Janet? Janet Van Dyne? That weak little creature that wasted her life shopping and modelling and saving those pitiful meals called humans?" Mocked Wasp as she forced Jen's arms up with her upper claws and began roaming around her breasts and belly with her lower claws. "Mmmm... I'm Wasp now She Hulk, brood mother to thousands of our kind and MORE than eager to bear thousands more, and I won't stop until this world is a wasteland under our rule."

Jen gasped as she felt a sharp pain in her leg, looking down she saw a stinger retract from one of Wasp's arms after it had stung her. Suddenly she was flushed with a powerful heat that spread over her body, becoming so aroused she gyrated her hips, bumping her belly against Wasp as she began to change.

She starget to grow larger and taller, passing 15 feet tall as her muscles bulked and swelled. The spines on her arms and back grew longer and thicker to match the talons on her hands and feet. She groaned as a pair of horns sprouted from her head and began curling outward, just as a saurian tail grew out from above her round ass, lengthening until it was as long as she was tall, striking the ground as she grew hotter.

"Grrrrr... Won't hurt... My friends Wasp!" Snarled She Hulk as the last of her changes creeped in, her tail ending in a small fin of spines the same as on her back but with a wicked barb similar to Wasp's stingers at the tip. Having been released mid transformation she was on her knees as the growth slowed and stopped, the whole while she had been rocked by several orgasms. catching her breath and standing up almost proudly to her 25 foot height she glared down at Wasp who smiled with amusement at the new She Hulk.

"I could have poisoned you with my new additions She Hulk, but I wanted to share my new gift with a fello broodmother." Husked Wasp as she flew up to look She Hulk eye to eye. "Return to my side She Hulk and you could rule this world with me, aid me in turning the rest of these... mongrels into US, so we may conquer the last bit of this world and turn it into a wasteland."

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