Miss Marvel uses her energy absorption powers to break free, growing in the process.

by Gorel
Storyline Abominable Avengers
Characters Avengers
Category Marvel Growth Muscle Growth Transformation Corruption
Previous Chapter The Avengers wake up imprisoned on the Raft.

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Roaring in pain Miss Marvel struggled against her bonds, the electrical current burning her muscles as the shocks intensified for every time she tried to escape. Outside she could hear the rest of her team struggling on their own, enduring the shocks as they too fought to get free.

Miss Marvel went slack, she could no longer bear the pain anymore. Hanging from her chains she felt weak from the struggle. "Bastards, when I get out of here I don't care what I do to you all!" Panting while she caught her breath she looked over herself, seeing her scaly hide slowly heal and regenerate, the burn marks fading fro mher wrists and ankles. She was more powerful than she ever remembered herself to be but even now she couldn't get free, unlike the hulks she knew her friends didn't get stronger the madder they got. Although still imposing she and the rest of the Abominated Avengers could not break free.

"Still not enough... I need more power..." She felt helpless, and STARVING! Yet with all her strength she couldn't get free, not without being burnt to a crisp by the electrical current being used on her. Then it struck her, yes she was an abomination but she was also part Kree. She could absorb energy, use it to make her stronger but she never used it like this. She wasn't even sure she could do it, feed off of the electricity to make herself even stronger.

Righting herself back up she looked over to her right arm and focused, pulling at the chain with enough force to warrent another shock. Feeling the burn of the electricity flow into her she began pulling it all in, absorbing the current. It hurt at first, the shock burning her insides, but after a while she began feeding off of it, the energy strengthening as she felt herself growing from it.

With a snarl she pulled with all her might, and the chain snapped!


Stepping into Norman Osborn's office after her chat with Miss Marvel, Moonstone smiled sitting down at the luxurious chair in front of the man's desk. The former Green Goblin sitting at his own chair reviewing the examinations of the Avengers and their mutations. "Did you enjoy teasing the monkeys behind their cage Dr. Sofen?" Asked Norman, completely non-plus while going over file after file in front of him. "I must admit the costume DOES look better on you than it does her at the moment."

"Why thank you Sir, I'd have gone with her current look but blue, naked and monstrous just doesn't work for me." Crossing her shapely legs Moonstone leaned in to snatch up a file at the desk, looking through it as Norman read from the one in his hands.

"I've been going over what the lab boys have found from the Avengers and their... Offspring." Coined Osborn as he turned a page. "Looks like the whole lot of them have turned into abominations just as Emil Blonsky had... With some minor alterations of course, gamma radiation poisoning is a fickle thing."

"Small? Did you see what the Panther was paking between his legs? Or Steve Rogers? You'd think they could beat a woman to death with s schlong that big."

"And they're still growing from what each report says, the mutegenic spores that changed them had mingled with Pym's size altering particles and being fueled by the gamma energies they've been saturated with." Throwing the file back onto the desk Norman leaned back in his chair. "Left to their own devices they would have grown out of control, probably would have made their incident in Washington look like a car bombing."

"Well then good thing we have them all locked up in prisons built for the Hulk in a facility deep underwater miles from shore."

JUst then an alarm sounded off, sirens ringing as a digital voice called out. ~WARNING! PRISONER ESCAPE! WARNING! PRISONER ESCAPE!~


Tearing her arm free of the shackle holding down her arm, Carol growled as the electric charge died out. Using her powers of absorption she grabbed onto the rest of her chains and pulled, actually feeding off the electric current flowing through her as a punishment for trying to escape. "Yes! Keep going you fuckers, give me all the juice you can give me!"

baring her teeth she could feel her muscles swell and grow, fueled by the energy she was leeching from the chains just as they too snapped from her limbs growing larger. Finally free she latched onto the wall ports her chains were connected to, trying to pull in as much electricity as she could before it was cut. "MORE! Give me more!" The more she took the more she grew, her spikes growing jagged on her arms and back while the stubs on her forehead grew into full fledged horns. "MOOAARRR!"

Colliding into the wall she slammed against the thick metal plating, smashing against it again and again until it buckled under the force. With a final bash of her claws the wall gave way, buckling and collapsing to the ground as alarms blared off down the halls.

Two armed guards met an ugly end as they opened fire on her, the bullets pelting her arms and falling uselessly to the ground before she swung her fist back and pulverized them. A red pasty smear was all that was left of them as she stomped her way down the halls, the sounds of more guards coming.

"Free at last, now to see what I can do."

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