Street battles

by gothamalleyviper
Storyline Crossing the Line
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Jersey City

Clark didn’t need x-ray vision to see what was going on.  Giganta was duking it out with Atom Smasher, Steel was going at it with Bizzaro and Kara was facing off with Bizzaro Supergirl.  Something else was trashing most of the city center.  That something was talking in third person; Grundy.  Priorities, he needed priorities, First Bizzaro, then Bizzaro Supergirl, then Grundy, and clean up with Giganta. 

“Steel, Tag out and switch for Grundy in five… Four… Three… Two… One!” Superman said over the commlink as he buzzed past Steel into Bizzaro. 

“SUPERMAN, ME AM BEST FRIEND!” Bizzaro said as he brought his fists crunching into the Superman’s ears.

“Bizzaro, Me am worst enemy!” Superman tried to play Bizzaro’s twisted logic against him.

“Ok.” Bizzaro went lax stopping all violence, “On second thought, Luther threatened Bizzaro with Grey Kryptonite!”

“What?” Superman was confused.

“You were right, you are my worst enemy!” Bizzaro kneed Superman’s face, “We are no longer as dumb as we look, and with constant exposure, we will become more stable and our deformities with dissipate.”

Superman looked over at his cousin and saw that Bizzaro Supergirl was mauling her like an MMA fighter.

“I am working on a new name,” Bizzaro smiled, “What do you think of Bob?”

Superman began scanning for the kryptonite but he couldn’t find it.

“It was injected straight into our brains,” Bizzaro chuckled, “If you want to stop us you will have to kill us.  Now can you live with yourself if you commit murder?  Will they accept you as a killer?”


Clock Tower, Gotham

Oracle was watching the feeds from Jersey City as well as message traffic to and from known scum bags in and around Gotham.  Bruce was spot on again, Luther was pulling out all the stops.  Jersey city was unfamiliar to the Super family.  Rational Bizzaros with other super powered villains were getting up to the level of Doomsday.  They needed help, but it would only get worse when the doubles arrived.  Connor was even more hot headed then Bizzaro normally was and Karen would no doubt have an aneurism.  Wayne Enterprises didn’t make weapons, but they did have a number of military contracts for things like radars, body armor, and stealth armor prototypes.  Orcale opened the secured program.  It was ready, it just needed authorization.  He needed to authorize it.


Wayne Manor, Gotham

Bruce was still “Wearing” the comm link ear piece.  Oracle’s call woke him.

“Boss, you got to get up,” she shouted.

“I’m up,” Bruce whispered, “Hold on a second.”

Bruce removed himself from the sleeping amazon and made himself appear clothed.  He pulled the ear piece out and plugged it into one of the terminals that had been left in his room, one unable to see the pile of women on the bed.

“What do we have?” Bruce asked coldly.

“Luther activated that Project Grey Matter of his.  Looks like he used it on Bizzaro and Bizzaro Supergirl.  Steel and Atom Smasher are in support but they are dealing with Grundy and Giganta,” Orcale gave him the run down, “Boss, we may have to use the Blue Spear.”

“I will call you back from the cave,” Bruce didn’t betray his emotions, “Get J’Onn on the line, this is above us by ourselves.”

Bruce killed the channel and smiled.  J’Onn would have to approve using Blue Spear, it wouldn’t kill any of the Kryptonians, but it will leave them wishing they were dead.  Bruce stopped to listen to the rutchus coming from Damien’s room.

“You really are as queer as a three dollar bill,” Cheetah cooed, “Don’t worry, Mommy has a trick for that.  In we go, right past the first knuckle and see now you are as hard as a rock.  Your body is learning quite well.  Shhhhh, don’t try to speak, oh yeah, you’re gagged!”


Somewhere over the Atlantic

“I see you’re work with the alien’s poison has born fruit,” Ra’s smiled.

“That was all of it,” Luther gestured to the Bizzaro’s on the video screen, “It would take me years to generate enough of it to correct any faults with our little joint venture.”

“Don’t worry, we will ensure that there are no problems with this model,” Talia smiled.

Luther looked at her and in his head he heard her complaining about Moose and Squirrel escaping, he chuckled involuntarily.

“Something amuses you?” Ra’s asked.

“It’s just that I have spent billions on the latest Genetics research and yet if your system works,” Luther waved his hand, “It means that what I needed all along was a millennia old Spa treatment.”

“Stabalizing the effects of the Lazarus Pits is no small thing,” Talia smiled again in her best vamp, “There were many secrets of the ancients that are beyond anything we have today that were lost to the sands of time.”

“Or more accurately the disbelief and wrath of lesser men,” Luther smiled back.

The lesser men always worshiped the cheap gods that gave them small comforts that was why he had to win this war with the so call heroes.


Jersey City

“Look high!” Connor shouted as he dived right into Bizzaro.

“Time to face the facts ugly!” Powergirl shouted as she body checked the Bizzaro version of her and her young self.

“At least I am not a cheap tit-zilla!” The Bizzaro Supergirl shot back as she recovered as rushed Powergirl.

“Cheap?” Powergirl dodged the double fist punch, “I’ll have you know I don’t sleep with anyone before seven dinners at no less than Five Star Restaurants!”

“Watch yourself,” Superman tried to warn his clone.

“Yeah don’t leave you gut open,” Bizzaro called as he started jabbing Superboy in the kidneys.


The Watchtower

“Bruce, I never thought that we would have to use this weapon.  I know that Clark commissioned it just in case something like this ever happened.  I know that it is non-lethal,” J’Onn was blathering.

He understood that Clark had entrusted Bruce with green Kryptonite and had commissioned him to make a synthetic non-lethal version in the event that Kyrptonians from the Phantom zone escaped like General Zod once did.

“No, No way!” Lois was shouting.

“Lois, this won’t kill them!” Oracle shouted, “It just cripples them.”

“But what about Grundy and Giganta?” Lois shouted, “Once they are weak, those two will pounce on them!”

“I will Teleport down right now to tip the scales,” J’Onn reassured her, “They should be fine in a few days, and by then the Bizzaros will be locked away in the phantom zone.  Giganta will be in prison and Grundy will be sealed away in a magical vault by Doctor Fate.”


Jersey City

Giganta noticed them first, sleek dull dark grey.  They were coming in fast and high, they made one pass then she lost them when Atom Smasher landed a right hook.  She needed to concentrate on the fight here and now!


There was interference; someone was trying to alter the target profile.  Someone at the Watchtower.  Batman watched as Oracle played cat and mouse with Lois over the targeting.  Batman watched as Oracle was exceeding her bandwidth and losing connectivity to the Watchtower’s direct satellite feed.


The next pass made Giganta pay attention, three rockets slammed into her neck.  She felt her head go light as the blasts severed the main artery to her brain and part of her spine.  She was dead before she crashed into the Wallyworld.  Four rockets burst over the super family and Bizzaros.  Just as J’Onn showed up one last rocket went crashing into the gas station ten feet from him.  The fireball erupted and engulfed J’Onn, Steel, and Grundy.  Atom Smasher didn’t have time to think as the blue dust covered the Kryptonians and leached their powers away.  In a panic, he stepped on Bizzaro Supergirl, killing her, cought Conner and Clark in his arms and Bizzaro was tossed into a building.  He didn’t have time to think, Atom Smasher put the two boys down then rushed to the gas station to try and save J’Onn and Steel.  Steel and Grundy emerged from the flames, smoking and hand around each other’s throats like two big baddies in a monster flick.  Atom slammed his fist into Grundy, pushing him down into the sewer and nearly breaking off Steel’s arms as he bent down to pull J’Onn from the fire.

“What have I done?” Atom Smasher looked at the destruction his carelessness had caused.


The sun started to rise.

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