Batman takes good care of his women

by BatPimp
Storyline Crossing the Line
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Bruce had never enjoyed himself so much. He had to admit that having superpowers was a great help during sex. The four women whose bodies he was pleasuring weren't going to disagree. He took turns fucking each one of them, making them writhe and moan in every possible position. Right now it was Ivy's turn.

"OOOHHH! YEEESSS! AAAHHH! BATMAN! YOU'RE FUCKING ME SO HARD!" Pamela cried out into the covers of the bed as Bruce plummeted his huge cock into her squishy cunt from behind. Her upper body was lying flat on the bed while her new master was humping her upraised bottom.

He growled out loudly as he came inside her, spilling his sticky seed into her squirting twat. She trembled from her Earth-shattering climax as he slapped her bottom hard before removing himself from her core. She slumped flat on the bed completely spent and satisfied.

Damien grumbled into his pillow. The loud moans and groans of wild sex coming from his father and brother's rooms were driving him insane. While Bruce was having fun with his women, Fire and Ice had decided to borrow Dick's room while he was away.

Screw this! Robin thought, I'm going to sleep in the cave. He stood from his bed and went to open the door. However, a surprise was waiting for him on the other side.

"Oh, no! Not you!" he screamed furiously when he saw Cheetah sitting like a cat in front of him. "Why aren't you in your cell, you crazy slut?" he bellowed angrily, though his name-calling seemed to excite her even more.

Her glazed eyes, drooling lips and cunt juices leaking all over her thighs betrayed her arousal. Damien tried to close the door in her face, but she was too fast. Cheetah pounced on her prey and, to his utter shock, started kissing him senseless.

Although he was beginning to reluctantly enjoy her attentions, he was still trying to figure out how to escape from her grasp. Even though, the only way would probably be to let her have her way with him...

"Selina, my dear, come here please," Bruce asked Catwoman who was having fun with her harem sisters. Diana had been licking her pussy while she made out with Zatanna. Not wanting to wait for too long, Bruce went to fetch Selina by himself when she didn't answer his call. "Now, now, Diana. Stop trying to steal Selina from me," he joked.

"You've always been such a killjoy, Bruce," Selina commented jokingly, though she really was going to miss Diana's tongue. Who would have thought that Wonder Woman would be such a good pussy licker, no pun intended. Diana pouted at him when he pushed her aside to kneel between Selina's thighs.

"Don't worry, Princess. I'll take care of you later," he promised, giving the Amazon a deep kiss.

"Hey! Where's mine?" Selina mock-complained, looking at Bruce and Diana French-kissing while Bruce's erection was standing at attention in front of her pussy.

"Here it is!" Zatanna reassured her, catching her by surprise with a passionate kiss. While the cat-burglar was making out with the magician, Bruce took advantage of her distraction and inserted his throbbing rod to the hilt inside Selina's greedy wet cunt, making her scream into Zatanna's mouth.

Bruce started humping her fiercely, while Diana and Zatanna busied themselves by sucking on Selina's tits and playing with Catwoman's clit. Selina writhed and wailed desperately under their combined assault.

"OH! FUUUCK! BRUUUCE! FUCK! FUCK! SOOO FUCKING GOOOD! DON'T STOP! GIVE ME MOOORE!" she cried out uncontrollably as Bruce's hot hard rod plowed through her wet leaking pussy, while Diana and Zatanna were vigorously pinching and rubbing her clitoris. The Amazon and the magician also took turns kissing Selina and nibbling on her nipples.

Batman let out a guttural cry as he flooded Selina's tight twitching cunt with a large amount of his spunk. Selina howled out loudly, flailing her limbs and trashing under her lover and her sisters before collapsing on the bed, sated and exhausted.

After he had finished sweeping LexCorp's Research facility for traps and defense mechanisms, before letting the UN appointed inspectors handle over the rest, Superman teleported back to the Watchtower. Clark had been horrified when he heard about what had happened to Lois. He needed to make sure she was alright.

"Where is she?" he asked in a panic as he barged into the Watchtower's medical bay.

"Stop shouting, Smallville. I'm right here," Lois reassured him, lying on a bed as J'onn and Dr Light (Kimiyo Hoshi) were tending to her.

As Clark was about to express his joy, Mr Terrific's voice came from the loudspeakers. "J'onn, Steel just sent us an emergency call. It sounds serious. They need backup and fast."

"Go, now. I'll be fine. Don't worry about me," Lois sent him away, when Clark looked uncertainly at the trio in front of him. With a final nod from J'onn, Superman left to check out what had happened to Steel's team.

Diana and Zatanna started making out above their now sleeping sister while Bruce was catching his breath. They rolled out of the way and ended up next to Ivy who was still resting, with Zatanna on top of her Amazon sister. They kept making out as they groped each other's breasts and ass before finally driving their fingers inside each other's snatch. They were so distracted they didn't notice as Bruce knelt behind Zatanna's ass. The magician shrieked out in shock when he roughly shoved his manhood through her asshole.

"OOOHHH! FUCK! BRUUUCE!" she half-complained as he started to fuck her back door hard and fast. Bruce pumped his fat knob into her throbbing anus, making her moan and wail in pleasure between himself and Diana, until he lied back pulling Zatanna with him so that she was now lying with her back against his torso. He started bouncing her on his lap, repeatedly impaling her over his massive shaft.

Diana crawled to them and bent down between their thighs to lap at Zatanna's pussy. She held the magicians legs wide apart, while she plunged her tongue into her gushing cunt to taste her musky juices as Bruce kept driving his cock into her ass. The double assault soon had Zatanna screaming deliriously from the intense pleasure.

"YES! YES! YES! POUND MY ASSHOLE! POUND IT HARD! UUUUUHHH! FUUUCK! THIS IS INSANE!" she cried out when she felt powerful loads of cum gushing out of Bruce's cock, overflowing her insides, while at the same time she squirted out juices into Diana's gulping mouth. With one last happy gasp, Zatanna threw her head back over Bruce's shoulder and she fell asleep over his torso.

Bruce rolled her over on her side, letting his cock pop out of her ass. Diana went to fetch a wet and warm towel from the bathroom to clean up his manhood while he reigned in his breathing.

"Tell me, Ra's. Why exactly would you need my help? You're not exactly short on monetary or technological resources. In fact, your organization holds is much more advanced than most give you credit for. You are yourself one of the best biochemists on the planet," Lex argued as the two men and their respective followers were settling in one of the League of Shadows' secret headquarters.

"You are a perceptive man, Luthor," he complimented him. "I need you to use your contacts among those so-called 'supervillains' and have as many of them to wreck havoc in Gotham. Our first imperative should be to distract the Detective from interfering in our affairs," Ra's explained.

"Surely you could have arranged for that yourself," Lex replied sceptically.

"True! But my forces are already spread too thin as it is and they are needed for the second part of your role in my plan," he explained.

"Which is?" Lex asked dubiously.

"I'm sure you remember this new research facility you had built in Congo about three months ago?" Ra's asked.

"How did you-" Lex started asking, but was stopped by Ra's' smug smirk. "Right... Never mind that. Surely you know that my scientists haven't made any significant progress yet."

"That is where my scientific resources come in," Ra's announced.

"Please, My Lord, let me take care of you," the Amazon asked sultrily as she cleansed Bruce's shaft, at the same time working his erection back to life. She then started to lick his throbbing hot rod, lathering it with saliva to make sure it was well lubricated. She enjoyed his strong taste when she took him into her mouth.

"Oh, fuck! Diana, you're such a good little cock-sucker," he breathed out still worn out from all the sex and caressed her head. She smiled with his manhood between her lips as she continued bobbing her head up and down over his crotch. A loud groan erupted from his throat as he came between her swollen drooling lips. She hungrily gulped on every strand of semen spurting out of his cock and then greedily sucked out every last drop.

Still panting, he looked down at her with an intense stare. "Sorry, My Lord. I just wanted to taste you," she apologized with a sheepish look as she crawled all the way up over him. "Would you have one last load for me?" she asked before she kissed him deeply, while she rubbed her nether lips over his length to work it back to life.

"I think I can manage," he replied as he lifted her hips before impaled her hungry pussy over his hard throbbing erection, making her moan huskily. She rode him slowly yet passionately as she panted and oohed above him. She bent down to kiss him while she kept gently bucking over his waist.

It wasn't as if he didn't like her attentions, but he was too tired to hold out for long. At this rate, he was going to fall asleep right under her. He rolled them around so that he was on top of her. She automatically locked her arms and legs behind his neck and waist. "Sorry, Princess. Raincheck on the 'nice and slow'," he explained as he started humping her earnestly.

"OH GODS! BRUCE! CUM INSIDE ME! PLEEEAAASE! I NEED YOUR CUM SO BAD! OH! OOOHHH! BRUUUCE!" she cried out pleadingly, clinging tightly to him as he drove his hot hard rod through her slurping and leaking cunt with powerful thrusts. She writhed frantically in his embrace, meeting his hips with her own. Her hungry pussy clamped on his length every time he pushed her to orgasm.

"RRRAAAAAHHH!!!" he roared out loudly when he reached his peak, his throbbing manhood spilling its seed into her eager womb. She cooed happily as she felt him fill her completely. She kissed him gratefully when he collapsed in her arms. He was too tired to unsheathe himself from her pussy and fell asleep draped over her body.

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