What is up Doom's sleeve? Better yet what about those X-Women?

by Gorel
Storyline Breeding Factories
Characters Absolutely Everyone
Category Marvel and DC Pregnancy Muscle Growth Growth Transformation Corruption
Previous Chapter Red Sting alters Spider Man to serve the hive.

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Feeling a sharp electrical shock run through her body Wonder Hulk gasped in pain, her eyes rolling back as the tiny robot stung itsway into the back of her neck. She Hulk and Power Hulk fell to their knees as the electricution became to much. Then just as quickly as it hit the shocks stopped.

"Wha-what happened?" Wondered Diana, her mind clearing up as she picked herself off the ground. "Last thing I remember was... The Hall of Justice and..." Looking down at her green muscled arm she possessed it all came back to her. How she and the others had felt sick that day, how they went on a nymphomatic rampage, became gamma infused and bred dozens of hulks, how they came back to her home island and...

Standing up to her impressive height Diana had to keep a hand at her wide hip to keep her balance, her womb full of her latest crop of children and nearly ready to drop as it hung like a beanbag chair from her waist. Her breasts so full of milk they dripped continuosly down her belly. Looking over she nearly cried seeing her home and people reduced to green skinned monsters fornicating out in the open, her civilization now a stone-aged tribe of Hulks.

"What have we done?! Gasped Jen, her and Kara finally standing up and leaning to each other for support as their minds finally cleared up. "All this destruction, all those people..."

~Ah... My Doomflies have done their purpose...~ All three Gammazons gasped at the buzzing voice in their heads as they all looked around for its source, their Green Tide reacting to their Breeder Queen's anxiety. "Who's there? Show yourself!"

~I am Victor Von Doom child and you have me to thank for returning sanity to your insane rampage. The Doom Flies now imbedded in your spinal column are re-activating your higher brain functions, stunted by the viral infection you all now carry.~

Waddling up to Diana, Power Hulk looked around to find the source of the voice with her telescopic vision, finding nothing. "What do you get out of this Doom? Why help us?" She Hulk having regained her bearings picked up her staff and stepped up to stand next to her two friends. "Yeah! I thought humiliating us hero types were right up your alley."

~Because Miss Walters a lord who rules over animals is not a lord... He becomes a zookeeper.~

Confused by his little statement the three Gammazons looked to each other for an answer. ~The plague has done more damage than you realize, New York is now infested with giant human-insect hybrids swarming the city, Gotham has become ridden with parasitic monstrosities bonding with everything they touch, the Hall of Justice has becoem a zoo and the Xavier Institute has become even MORE of a freakshow of late.~ Reeling back from the information Diana looked to the rest of her Green Tide and clentched her fists, her anger making her muscles grow. ~Doom cannot inspire fear in mindless animals, only people!~


~I have yet to discovere that my dear Princess... Or should I call you Queen? My terms are simple; join me in finding the ones responsible and I shall restore you and your people to their grace and dignity, refuse and my Doom Flies will self destruct. I doubt they would kill you but then you would return to knuckle dragging around your battered island, copulating like degenerated cows as your children make dung idols in your image... So what shall it be?~


Wheeling himself quickly through the lower levels of the institute, Xavier had just enough time to seal the door behind him before several clawed hands swiped at his head. "Must contact the Justice League, the Avengers, anyone that can stop this from getting out of control!" Making his way down the chamber he set himself over cerybro, the sounds of heavy pounding at the door telling him he had little time left.

When he had awoken this morning he found a terrible horror, his X-Men and students had mutated into ferocious monstrosities. Amalgams of each other's powers but primarily looking like hybrids of Beast, Nightclawer and Wolfsbane. At first he was able to stop them in their tracks but felt a powerful mind work against him, counter-acting his telepathic control.

He barely escaped with his life!

As soon as he placed the helmet over his head and closed his eyes he tried reaching out to anyone who could help, instantly his eyes shot open in horror. He could no longer recognize any of the minds of he sought to contact. Reed Richards and the Fantastic Four were blank, the images of honeycombed hives and crawling insects were all he got from the Baxtor buidling.

The Avengers were scattered, distracted by pornographic thoughts and impulses that made the professor dart his mind to the Hall of Justice and recoil just as quickly. The Justice League being repalced by strange feline werecreatures, each member being replaced one by one. What was worse was the rising darkness coming from the Titan's Tower and the leeching presence he felt from Gotham city.

"Ah so the little bald mousy fled to his runnin wheel has he?" Called out a deep feminen voice, one Xavier scarcely recognize before an explosion of sulphurous vapour appeared behind him, revealing the Nightbeast Rogue as she loomed over the professor. Her yellow eyes staring both over his frail body and terrified mind. "Like the new me professor? Ah do declare I feel so much better now that I've embraced the new me." Purred the red furred beast woman as she grabbed either side of the wheelchair and lifted the man up to see her eye to eye. "Rogue... Marian! This isn't you, please control yourself."

"Of course its me sugah, plus a little bit of Kurt, alot of Hank, a teensy bit of Emma with a splish splash of Ororoe." Grabbing him by the collar of his jacket she lifted him easily before tossing the chair away like a children's toy, a fanged smile on her pursed lips as she slowly moved him closer to her. "But you know what? We've already got a telepath in ah ranks, plus nothing works down below the belt anymore does it short stuff?"

Looking at the Night Beast holding him, he screamed in terror as Rogue opened her mouth to reveal rows of sharp teeth and a long tongue licking her lips for whats to come.

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