Suddenly Wasp begins to grow too, matching him in size and bulk.

by Gorel
Storyline Abominable Avengers
Characters Avengers
Category Marvel Growth Transformation Muscle Growth
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While Hank struggled with his raging erection Wasp looked on with mild bemusement, rubbing her belly to settle her meal from just a moment ago. She stared lustfully at his new size, his solid muscles and layers of fat over his paunch and legs made him look appealing to her. Even though they all vowed to not bear anymore kids, she wanted to bear a crop of screaming bundles of joy from her potent looking husband right then and there.

Her fantasies were disrupted by a strange gurgling sound from her gullet. Looking down she was surprised to find her stomach shrinking back, slowly deflating until all that remained were her solid abbs. Feeling the flat surface she looked down in confusion, just before she felt her heart boom in her chest. "Hank... I feel strange."

No sooner did she mutter that then she clutched her sides, her body tensing as she began to change before Ant Man's eyes. Slowly she began to grow taller, her muscles throbbing as they bulked larger and stronger. Her back arching as the spines lining her back suddenly jutted out longer, curving down as her diaphenous wings buzzed and fluttered. "So hot, boiling up..." Shifting her feet she felt her hips growing wider, the bones creaking as she grew larger, moving her claws out of the way her breasts swelled less than twice their original size, her nipples going stiff as they projected out like shot glasses.

Hank could only stare as Janet grew larger and stronger, the spikes on her arms growing more pronounced as she moaned from it all. Then it took a different turn, her thighs began to thicken, not with muscle but with fat. Her ass rounding out behind her while the curve of her stomach returned, now with a paunch of her own. Arching her back she cried out as her tailbone shot out from behind her now volleyball sized ass cheeks, curving and hardening into a venom filled stinger that twitched like a stubby tail above her round rump.

"Jan? Are you OK?" Moving closer to hold his wife even with his cock bobbing under her gut, the woman moaned as she pressed up against him, nuzzling his chest as her heartbeat slowly calmed down. "You must have went through the same thing after sucking me off, are you feeling dizzy?"


"Lets find the others, they have to know whats going on." Dragging Wasp with him through their hide out both had to duck to watch the ceiling, now much closer than it was before their sudden growth.


Not too far off the shore of New York's bay, Norman Osborn sat at his chair looking out from his office on the Raft, the maximum security prison and main headquarters of the Thunderbolts. There sitting at his chair with a glass of brandy in hand he looked over his shoulder to his team's leader Moonstone. "Tell me Dr. Sofen, have the clean up crews come up with anything from the former 'Avengers' mansion? Any evidence that those freaks are dead?"

"From what I've been told Mr. Osborn, we only recovered the one body from the remains of the lab quarters, the rest of the mansion had been totally destroyed." Huffed the gorgeous blonde, wearing a grey business suit as she stood at the foot of her boss's desk. A series of files and reports in her hands. "Well then... I guess that means they're not dead."

Turning to face her, the former Green Goblin smiled confidently. "The Asgardian hasn't left Earth and Tony Stark has been cooped up in his R&D department for a week. They know their teammates are still alive." Sharing in his smile, Moonstone looked over the paper work herself and leaned forward. "Do you think they're hiding them? Aiding and abbeding known monsters might be enough of an excuse to go kick open Stark's doors."

"No no." Waved Osborn nonchallantly. "If they were hiding them our moles and contacts would know first, and so far they know nothing either." Picking up his glass and finishing off the brandy Norman stood to look back out to the city across the bay. A light chuckle in his voice as he turned back to Dr. Sofen. "Tell me Moonstone what happens to rats after they've been flushed out?" She already knew the answer but waited for the man to stroke his ego. "They go flee to the sewers."

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