No Coven is complete without a familiar...

by mercury01
Storyline Breeding Factories
Characters Absolutely Everyone
Category Corruption Transformation Pregnancy Female Dom Marvel and DC
Previous Chapter Black Widow tries to escape and warn the others, just as she's pounced on by 'The Pride.'

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Wanda lay facedown on the floor beneath Beast Boy, her naked rear high in the air as he pounded her hard, his hips slamming loudly into hers. A glowing circle of power surrounded them, amplifying the sorcery that crackled in the air. Zatanna and Raven chanted, their voices calling down insidious magic to infuse the green titan's body and soul, corrupting him. He was already intoxicated with lust, but the sorcery was empowering him beyond human endurance. Sperm gushed out of Wanda's pussy like an obscene milky waterfall as Gar's bestial cock pistoned into her.

They'd decided that they needed a familiar, and he was already capable of taking on so many delicious forms. Raven changed further as she sang out the spell: a second pair of glowing red eyes opened above the first as her demonic heritage asserted itself.

"Yes!" Wanda screamed. "Fuck me, you beast! I can feel your seed filling me..."

Starfire sped down the hallway to Robin's room. Watching the three witches and their sex magic made her so horny! She needed Robin to mate her, to make her swell with young. She found him training, as usual, exercising on his personal gym. When he saw her, he slipped off the balance beam, but she flew in and caught him, holding him to her now-voluptuous body.

"S-star?" he gasped.

"Friend Robin, I feel like a ripe yeglo fruit, ready to burst!" she purred, floating and stroking his hair. "I need you, friend Robin..."


Jan and Bee flicked their antennae as they listened to the vibrations in the building.

"I szenzzze more zan zze Fantazzztic Four are here, Ziszter," Jan spoke, her voice reverberating with power. Her wings buzzed. "Zzzpider-man and hizz mate are fornicating in zze guezzt quarterz."

Bumblebee nodded. "More zzlaves, more queenz." She smiled, her compound eyes glittering like cut gemstones.

"Zztand up, drone!" Jan ordered Annihilus. "Guard theze eggz with your life!"

"Yes... my queen," the former terror of the Negative Zone nodded meekly as he stood guard by the pulsating clutch of eggs. The two queens may have drained his power and will, but he was still a potent foe. They rose off the floor as their wings hummed and they sped down the hall, to the guest room. They passed by several rooms: Johnny Storm was plowing Crystal, Alicia Masters was riding The Thing. Even the Richards children, thanks to Franklin's reality-warping power, were aged to their late teens and rutting together.

"Thizz building iz loaded with defenzez," Jan explained quietly. "It zshall make a perfect hive!" They drifted into the guest room and saw that Peter Parker lay beside a beautifully pregnant redhead, her thick body and gravid belly pressing against her man. It was Mary-Jane, his wife, and the virus had changed her, granting her superhuman fertility. She dwarfed her husband in size, being almost seven feet tall!

Both were asleep, exhausted from constant sex. Sweat cooled on their naked bodies and cum dripped from the satisfied woman's pussy. The two queens smiled at each other and drifted over the bed, their stingers at the ready. Royal jelly oozed from their fleshy cunts in anticipation.


In Latveria, Dr. Victor Von Doom examined his monitors. It seemed that the convergence of two universes had led to this viral catastrophe, warping human and metahuman alike into larger, more powerfully built creatures susceptible to spontaneous mutation. The satellite camera zoomed in: Themyscera was overrun with bulky green humanoids who had reduced its white spires to rubble and now rutted in the ruins like beasts. Two days ago it was an Arcadian paradise. Now that the three women and their progeny had invaded, the amazons were all gamma-mutated breeders.

"A power which Doom does not control is a dangerous factor," he murmured. His armored fingers clattered across the controls like metal spiders. A new readout appeared. "Projections indicate total exhaustion of world resources within two months. Unacceptable!"

The tyrant entered a command and strode down to his launch bay, where a long-range craft awaited him. It was designed to capture and transport the Hulk himself, so it was built solidly, with many defense mechanisms, redundant systems and traps. A bay of tubes, each large enough to hold a full-grown African elephant, were in the rear of the vessel. He boarded it and took the controls, launching the vessel into the evening sky.

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