Days pass and the Avengers cope to their new life underground.

by Gorel
Storyline Abominable Avengers
Characters Avengers
Category Marvel M/F Transformation Growth
Previous Chapter The others return as Miss Marvel has her litter.

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Days had passed since the Abominations formally known as the Avengers went into hiding under the city. Thier mansion destroyed and reputation ruined they decided to keep quite until Tony Stark could come up with something to fix them or the Thunderbolts find them.

Making matters worse their numbers had multiplied significantly!

After Miss Marvel had her brood and Jessica went into labour herself the next day, they were now a group of 7 with 23 children. Even more complicating the children seemed to mature at a rapid pace, only a couple days old and looking like they were 4-5 years old instead.

Captain America had deamed it necessary to resist sexual activity as much as possible, otherwise their numbers would only increase. But one other major hurdle to jump over was their hunger. Almost ravenous, their gamma empowered bodies demanded more than their human forms ever did. In addition it seemed that almost anything was food to them now, even things hardly considered edible to humans.

Even so they have all coped with the changes as best as they could. Panther and Tigra had been acting more feline by the day, opting to run on all fours when they felt like it and devouring the rats that ventured into their home. Jessica had made the habit of making a cobweb of sorts as a nest in the far corner of the subway they've been using as a hideout, her children crawling over it with her at the middle. Wasp was never alone, her 'swarm' followed her at all times, forcing her to abandon wearing a top since they all took turns nursing from her tits whenever they were hungry.

Depsite all this the Avengers tried to maintain a semblence of control, the images Kang the Conquerer had shown them of a ravaged Earth still haunted them into keeping control.

Late into the night the former heroes had bunkered down to sleep, except for two of its members...


Rummaging through a dumpster at the far end of an alley way downtown, Hawkeye and Black Widow had snuck out to the surface to eat. Like Wasp and Miss Marvel had discovered the two abominations found that ANYTHING could be edible to them.

The two had been doing this for some time now, before it was just to sate their maddening hunger but after a while they began to get used to and even enjoy eating raw material. Every night they would creep out from the sewers and devour as much as they could before being spotted. "Mmm, 'gulp' delicious!" Moaned Natasha as she bit into splintered wood, her teeth sharp enough and strong enough to chew through it easily. "Who would have thought this would taste so good?"

"I know, if it weren't for the whole city after us I'd do this all day." Grabbing what he could Barton didn't even care what he bit into, even daring to eat pieces of the garbage bin itself just to see if he could.

Standing up to her full 10 foot height Black Widow wiped bits of her meal off of her fanged lips, like the others not much fit the manymore and their original costumes had been reduced to tatters after they transformered into savage gamma abominations. Natasha repositioned the tied blanket she used as a top to contain her L-cup breasts, a second blanket used as a slip to cover her waist, leaving one of her legs bare.

Hearing the distant sirens of a patrol car drive by, her spikes rattled over her back and arms , shifting over she nudged her partner in the shoulder. "We better get going before we get spotted ourselves, come on." Turning to leave she felt Hawkeye grap her wide hips from behind and playfully press her against the brick wall of the alley, his hard on straining the fabric of his loin-cloth as he leaned forward to whisper in her ear. "Come on Widow, how about a romp before we head back? We still have plenty of time." Grinding her ass back at him she frowned looking over her shoulder. "And what? Get knocked up like the others were? The hideout is crowded enough as it is."

"Oh come on Natasha! I'm sick of jerking off back at the lair, besides your just as horny as I am right now." Feeling his claws move up to cup the undersides of her breasts, Black Widow moaned from the attention, arching her back as she ground against him again. "Ooh... Fuck it!"

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