A pleasant way to wake up

by BigGuy
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Superman didn't have to sleep, technically- but his mental health was the better for it. And, sometimes, the dreams were worth it. Right now, for example, he could feel himself waking up, but he was obviously coming out of a wonderful, sexy dream- getting the best blowjob he had ever received! He wanted to revel in the feeling, and fought against waking up- until he suddenly realized it wasn't a dream!

He looked down and saw a woman sucking him- or, more accurately, he saw a massive amount of curly, long black hair.  She was deep-throating him- something most women were incapable of! The sensations from her lips and tongue were incredible! His head was swimming with pleasure- he could barely concentrate from the sensations. He knew he wasn't in his own bed- but he couldn't tell where he was- the room was just blackness, even to his super senses! He started t sit up, to grab the head of the woman, when, suddenly, with a "POP" she lifted her head, releasing his 14-inch cock.   She smiled lustfully.

She was gorgeous, he realized- he wild mop of hair surrounded a face that a supermodel would be jealous of- high-cheekbones, strong nose, sparkling blue eyes, and the lushest, reddest lips he had ever seen. She spoke, and her voice was husky, smoky, reeking of sex.

"Lay down, Superman- if you liked that, you're not going to believe this!"

She rose up on her haunches, and he got his first look at her body. She was naked, and the sensual promise of her face was more than matched by the voluptuousness of her form. Her skin was lightly tanned, her body muscular and fit. Broad shoulders led to smooth arms, with obvious muscles. Her breasts were large- larger, he thought, than Power Girl's, and perfectly shaped, with small red, puckered areolae with large, erect nipples. Her abdomen showed off her six-pack, leading down to wide hips. He realized that she was at least six feet tall, and what she could see of her legs looked like they were proportionally longer than an average woman's. Average, in fact, could not be applied to this woman in any sense of the word. his cock, which he thought was as hard as it could be, stiffened more, and grew yet another inch, throbbing painfully. She ran a finger up it, causing him to gasp. Pre-sum leaked from him, mixing with the remains of her spit. Her smile grew wider at his moan.

She crawled leaned down, crawling up his body. The soft lushness of her breasts enveloped his cock, and she jiggled them around it. Superman fell back against the bed, overwhelmed by the sensation. She continued upward- he could feel her muscular stomach rubbing against his shaft, and her magnificent breasts dragging up his chest That beautiful face appeared above him. Her eyes, sparkling like blue diamonds, transfixed him, as she lowered her lips to his. Her lush lips enveloped is, her tongue forcing its way into his mouth. He tried to resist- he knew that this was somehow not right- but his head was still fuzzy, and it felt so good!
 She sat up and reached back- he felt her hand around his shaft, as she raised it from it's position nearly against his stomach to a nearly perpendicular place. He felt her wet, hot pussy sliding onto the thick head of his cock, and gasped- he looked at the woman, and she seemed to struggle with his size. Somehow, that made him feel good- she had enjoyed the advantage until now- but now he would show her- and then her eyes met his- and she smiled, and slammed herself down on his shaft. He screamed from the impact- it felt like she had nearly broken his pelvis! She leaned down, and held his face in one powerful hand.  She spoke, her voice a husky whisper-

"You are mine, Superman- and you will do what I say. You will move when I tell you to, and how I tell you to- and you will not come until I tell you to. Understand?"

"I am not your slave!" Superman stated, firmly. He raised himself up on his elbows, intending to throw this beautiful woman, whoever she was, off of him. With one hand, she slammed him down onto the bed, holding him down. He struggled, but she was somehow able to resist his strength! Her nails dug into his muscular, invulnerable chest- and drew blood! He gasped from the pain, but an idea formed. If he couldn't overpower her, perhaps-

He began to float, using his power of flight to raise them both off the bed. Suddenly, her pussy clamped down on his cock, causing him to scream in a combination of pleasure and pain!

"No flying. No heat vision, so super-breath. You try anything, and you will regret it. And, besides, then you wouldn't get to experience this."

She began to move her hips, and the muscles which had gripped him so hard began to undulate, to. The sensation was indescribable! He gasped, watching her as pleasure again overloaded his senses. She raised her arms, grabbing her head, and her breasts swayed with her, their beautiful masses shaking and shimmering.

"Touch me, Kal-El- touch my breasts, my hips- but gently, or else..."

She didn't finish her sentence, instead gasping lightly as Superman's hand slid up the side of her amazing body, caressing the hard muscles of her stomach, gently stroking her breasts. her eyes closed, her tongue licked her lush lips- Superman had to admit- she was the most sensual woman he had ever encountered.  her breasts were firm, yet soft, her nipples diamond-hard. He gently pinched one,- or, rather, tried to- his fingers couldn't compress her skin there. he tried harder, his finger exerting pressure that would deform steel- and she gasped in pleasure. 

'Yessssss," she moaned, "harder."

He pinched harder, the pink nub of her nipple getting larger and harder, resisting his strength. perhaps, if he could get her to orgasm, he could-

"Bite them! bite my nipples!" she cried out, pushing his hands away and smashing her bosom into his face. He tried to comply, but the sheer mass of titflesh surrounding his head made it hard to find her nipples- and it didn't help that her hips were moving faster now, sending more and more waves of pleasure through his body. he was close to orgasm, he knew- a massive one!

He licked and sucked the massive beast at his mouth, moving his head around, while his hand grabbed her plump buttocks, squeezing, trying to find her erogenous zones, trying to bring her to climax. Her found her nipple, and bit. She screamed, and her body convulsed- he felt hot liquid pouring out of her cunt, around his cock, nearly pushing him out with the force- she hugged him even more into her massive bosom, and he became aware he could not breathe- not normally much of a problem, but he hadn't prepared, and had used up so much energy!

She released his head, sitting up- she was flushed, sweaty- and looked even more radiant and energetic than before! She smiled lustfully. "That was nice! You get a reward for that!" Her hips started moving, faster than before, She reached down and played with his nipples, pinching them, causing him to gasp and whimper. She reached back one hand, and grabbed his balls, playing with them gently with her long nails. tears came to Superman's eyes, as she leaned back farther, until she was laying back against his legs, his cock pulled down with her, pointing painfully (but so exquisitely) towards his feet. Her fingers were intertwined with his, and her pussy continued to caress his tormented cock. he was going to come- he needed to come!

"Please- please..." he whimpered- all thoughts of escape were now gone- he was lost in the pleasure and torment.

She raised up, , clamping her muscles down on his cock, preventing him from cumming. She smiled, running a finger down his jaw. 

"Ready?" he nodded. "5..." she leaned down, the muscles in her cunt fluttering.

"4..." she kissed his cheek, his nose, and, then, lightly, his lips.

"3..."her soft breath blew along his jawline, until she was at his ear.

"2..." she licked his ear, her long tongue darting inside.

"1..." her arms reached around him, pulling him up into a sitting position, and her legs wrapped around him, squeezing the breath out of him.

"Cum." she whispered.

His body shuddered in release. What felt like gallons of cum rushed from him, filling her.  her spasmed again and again. He had never felt anything like it. The only thing keeping him from collapsing was her incredibly strong arms, her cunt milking every last drop. He gave one final shudder, his eyes rolling back into his head. 

She released him, untangling her limbs from around him. As she got off the bed and walked into the darkness, Clark felt himself falling unconscious. Then she spoke. She said...

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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