Batman is injured and Batgirl wants to help him by checking the CD the Dark Knight has found after the Fight

by colleem
Storyline The Web-Mistress
Characters Batman Batgirl
Category Mind Control
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The Bat-Car entered the Bat-Cave on auto-pilot. In it there laid Bruce Wayne alias Batman and his warm blood filled the Chair. It had been a hard fight and one of these little punks had an lucky hit. He had been fighting with Scarecrow and some of his gang when some highly trained and superior equipped Solders hat joined the battle. But they weren´t there to help Batman so much was sure right after a few seconds. With high-tech Impulse lasers used only by the best armies in the world they had begun to shoot at everyone that moved and even the ones that didn´t move. 

Batman had managed to take one of them out and used his Baterang to safe Scarecrows live by overloading the Pulse-Generator of one Solder. In an electric explosion the Soldier went down without a scream. But even in close combat these Soldiers were good. But not as good as the Dark Knight. But just as he had managed to bring the last of them down he felt a sharp pain in his side. He stood there and his head went slowly to the right side. There was one of Scarecrows minions holding an pipe. One end of the Pipe was now in his side and the young criminal looked shocked at the weapon unbelieving that he had truly had hit the Dark Knight.

"WAAHHHH" he screamed and run away like the devil was on his tails. But Batman could not follow him now. The Pipe hat hit a already weakened spot of his armor and went deep into his body. He felt the Blood flow and knew he had to leave as soon as possible.

With one press on his comlink he activated the Auto-Pilot of the Bat-Car to come to his location. 

"Alfred. I am coming back now. Get the Medics ready. I am injured." he said to his loyal Butler and went to the Scarecrow that was lying on the ground. He picked up the CD that this Madman wanted to sell and took it into his Belt. This CD was important enough for Scarecrow to leave his hideout and risk to get caught. But This had to wait. He saw the Bat-Car enter the area and with a loud moan he ripped the Pipe out of his body. Quickly he rammed some of the painkillers into his bloodstream. They would lower his blood pressure so he could survive long enough to reach the Bat-Cave. 

Alfred lifted Bruce out of the Car with the Help of Robin. They brought him right to the sick-bay to treat his wounds. Bat-Girl on the other Side took the CD and walked to the Bat-Computer. She had to work on it until Bruce would be alright again. He would surely want to know what was so important about it. It was hard to focus on the case knowing that her Mentor was lying in the Sickbay fighting for his life. But Alfred and Robin were very skilled in picking him together again and again. She slammed her fist on the Desk to ban the thoughts out of her mind. She had work to do!

But before she put the CD into the main System she put it into a normal Personal Computer. If there were any strange Programs on the CD the PC would find them or get killed. But the Bat-Computer was to important, and way too expensive, to risk a system failure. She knew how mad Bruce had went as Robin used the Bat-Computer to play World of Warcraft. She started some of the best Antivirus-Programs of the world but none of it found a dangerous program. Most of the Programs of the CD were highly secured and it would take much of the Power of the Bat-Computer to break through the safeguards. But it wouldn´t take long. Not even the Computers on the Watchtower were so advanced like the Bat-Computer. 

She sat down before the 12 monitors and saw on each one another security level of the Program. The first 3 locks were piece of cake for the Computer and one by one the Program was laid free. But that was the terrible Trap of the Disk. Batman would have been alarmed that this Disk was so easy to hack and would have been careful. But Batgirl was distracted by the thoughts of the injured Batman and wasn´t so paranoid like him anywhere. So she watched as the Bat-Computer opened more and more of the Locks and starting in the background a secondary program. For half of a second there were shown texts on the Monitors. Too fast for human Eyes to find them but they were long enough active to effect the subconscious mind. 

It took only 10 minutes for the program to get a hold in Batgirl and set some subliminal Commands in her brain. She didn´t even notice it and only stopped as Alfred and Robin came out of the Sick-Bay. They both smiled and nodded to her. But then they both leaved her alone, knowing that she was working and both of them were exhausted. Bruce were sedated and would rest at least 24 hours until he would awake.

After both of her friends went upstairs into the House she looked again on the screen. There were only 5 Locks active and it would take about 2 hours to hack them but she wanted to stay here. She wanted to see how the codes were ripped apart and open their secrets.  After another 30 minutes she sat there with blank eyes and watched at the monitors. Then she moved her fingers over the keyboard and typed some numbers into the system. With these code she opened some of the Ports on the Firewalls and forgot that she did it almost as soon as she had done it.

"Boah. This is so boring!" she thought and opened the web browser and started to surf in the Net. It took another one and a half hours so she could look into the web for some kind of information. But soon she started to care less about the case and looked on the page opened on the main Monitor in front of her.

"Super-Whores.Com" she read and looked amusing. She found it silly how much people only thought about the sexy side of the caped super heroines. But on the other side. It looked fun and the Page was very good build. Everywhere she saw beautiful programs that were forming complex color settings and there was no other kind of pop up or strange things. She looked at the Virus System unknowing that she had disabled the protection for this side just a few minutes ago.

"Mhm. It is safe. Let's take a look" she smiled and moved the mouse over the "I Agree" button and pressed okay. The next page opened and she saw a little window with a porno running and a wall of text explaining the plot of this porno. But she didn't care for the text. She looked at the little window and extended it. There was a woman in a very good Cat-Woman costume sucking another man like a fury. She couldn´t see the face of the man and the angle of the camera showed only the red hot lips sucking on the big hard cock. It looked kind of hot how this woman sucked this man. Her tongue played with his balls or licked the hard cock until she put him deep into her mouth again. Every few seconds there were flashes in the Stream but it didn’t cared. The video was running good and she even put on the sound to listen to the hot moans of the woman. She surely liked what she was doing there.

"Obey…..watch…. get horny…. woman sucks dick…. big tits…. get horny…. obey… watch more" was shown with each of the little flashes and Babs couldn’t help it. She started to get horny. The Video ended with the man Cumming in "Cat-Woman's" mouth and it looked great. She quickly entered the video section to search another video. Influenced by the subliminal Messages she opened the video that was with an actor dressed as herself. It would sure be a hot show to see herself in a porn. But in the background the program used this information to specification the subliminal to Bat-Girl. 

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