We would be more then willing to serve you... as Cheetah's guards

by BatPimp
Storyline Crossing the Line
Previous Chapter The cell has a security camera. What to do?

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"Batman," Ice looked Fire in the eyes then turned back to Batman, "Uhm..."

"We would be more then willing to serve you... as Cheetah's guards," Fire finished for her. Bruce had to hold back a smirk. The pheromones he had filled the room with had done their job and completely uninhibited his targets. However he still intended to make them surrender.

"Really?" he asked, putting a lot of disbelief in his voice. "You would willingly spend your whole time sitting in a damp cave, surveiling a prisoner. Do I look like an idiot to you?" he asked in a dangerous tone, glaring intently at them. Although they were actually extremely frightened by his look, they couldn't help but be enticed by this powerful glance. Diana subtly massaged their shoulders and sides to strengthen their arousal.

"No! No! Of course not," Fire defended.

"We're really willing to serve you as prison guards," Ice added.

"Besides, it's not like she'll be the only prisoner you will ever have," Fire continued.

"We can be useful to you," Ice finished.

"But what's in it for you?" Batman asked. He knew he already had them in his grasp, but he wanted them to bow down to him of their own accord. "What could you possibly expect from me in exchange for your freedom?"

"Some privacy, for starters," Fire replied, shooting a conspiratorial glance at Ice.

"And we wouldn't mind it if you decided to drop in on us from time to time," Tora answered back with a wicked grin.

They were so strongly caught up in their reverie that they didn't even notice Diana slip the lasso around their wrists. "Swear it, sisters," she whispered in their ears.

"We- we promise," Ice stuttered.

"Look me in the eyes when you speak," Batman ordered harshly. "And I want to hear it from both of you."

"Repeat after me," Diana suggested as she started pronouncing the vow that would bind them to her Lord. Although most of her attention was on Fire and Ice, she couldn't help but sneak an adoring glance at him from time to time.

"We pledge our allegiance to you, Batman," they started repeating after Wonder Woman at the same time. "We swear to serve you loyally, to protect everything that is yours. Our bodies, minds and souls are yours to use as you please. Always and forever." The lasso glowed as they pronounced the words, making sure they would never go against their vow.

"Excellent," Batman commented. "Now take Cheetah with you to the Bat-Cave. Use this to make the teleporter transport you there," he instructed as he passed them a device that looked like a small remote control.

"If J'onn asks where you are taking her, tell him that Batman asked you to escort her to a secure location until the day of the trial," Diana explained.

"After all," Batman turned to look at Cheetah with a wicked smirk, "we did promise to protect her from Luthor's allies," he clarified.

"Once there, ask for Alfred. He will help you secure Cheetah in her cell," Wonder Woman added.

"We'll come back to see you as soon as we are done here," Bruce finished. Fire and Ice nodded, their eyes still gleaming with lust, and escorted Cheetah out of the interrogation room. As the (now ex-)villain passed by him, he whispered in her ear, "I'll take care of you later," making pleasant shivers run through her aroused body.

Once they were out of the room, Batman embraced Diana from behind and groped her chest. She gasped in his hold, but still decided to ask him a question.

"I'm surprised you decided to include the three of them in your harem, My Lord," she commented in a low husky tone as she felt him pocking her ass with his crotch.

"I figured Fire and Ice would make an excellent addition to my forces. As for Cheetah, I thought you deserved a little gift for your loyalty. Why? Jealous?" he inquired, sneaking a hand down to her covered pussy.

"Not as long as I'm your queen, My Lord," she replied covering his hands with hers.

"Is that so?" he growls in her ear. "Tell me why exactly should I grant you such privilege," he ordered, squeezing her breast and crotch harder, making her squeal in his hold.

"Because, for one, I'm your most powerful soldier. Also, I'm immortal and thus can stand by your side forever. But more importantly, I'm the only you don't have to hold back with. Even before your acquired your new powers, most of these women were as fragile to you as porcelain dolls. But not me. You can fuck me with all your might and I'll just give it all back to you," she explained, demonstrating her point by rubbing her ass against his covered manhood.

"Care for a demonstration?" he whispered huskily in her ear, which her insides quiver in anticipation.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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