The cell has a security camera. What to do?

by gothamalleyviper
Storyline Crossing the Line
Characters Fire Ice Cheetah Wonder Woman Batman
Category Corruption Mind Control
Previous Chapter He hits three targets with one bat-a-rang by seducing Cheetah, Fire and Ice all at once in the holding cell

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Diana froze when she saw the camera staring straight into Cheetah's cell and both Fire and Ice standing in view of other cameras looking down the corridor.

"Ladies," Batman semi growled, "I believe this is the first time you will witness one of my interrogations.  I know I am not allowed to harm the accused, but you are not allowed to interfere.  Stand back and let me get to work."

Wonder Woman was in shock, not just at how brazen her master was, but how everyone truly feared him.  Even with the reassurance that Batman wouldn't harm her Cheetah, a hardened criminal that was more then ready to try and kill an Amazon, was showing panic.

Batman took a seat across a table built into the holding cell.  Cheetah sat with her back to the wall and her arms and wrist's were enclosed in Meta-human proofed handcuffs chained to the table.

"You aren't going to beat me with a hose?" Cheetah tried to be brave and joke.

"I'll be subtle," Batman's mouth twitched.

No body detected it at first but it was very subtle and very directed.  A synthetic prototype of Crane's early Scare Crow toxins, no hallucinations, just high anxistity levels, like an Agrophobe opening the door to a packed club.  The second elements was more targeted, designed to induce female lust, one of the designs Ivy had surrendered to him. 

Faster then a whip, Batman had his hand across the table cupping Cheetah's chin.  He did nothing more then point her face at him.

"LOOK AT ME!" Batman ordered, "How stupid are you Barbara?  Just how long do you think that you are going to live once you are off this station?"

*What?* Fire gasped in her native Portuguese.

"If you think that making a simple deal with the IRS will get you off the hook," Batman kept her from looking away, "You might as well just swallow a cyanide pill right now, it will be less painful."

"I've survived worse..."

"Luthor is a grade A megolmaniac, He is a Jim Jones in a buisnese suit.  Now that Lexcorp is exposed, Luthor is going to make sure there are no survivors just like Jonestown.  You really want to drink the cool-aid?" Batman brought his face closer, "If you stay with Luthor, how long do you think you are going to last in prison?  Do you know how many League of Assassin cults there are housed in prisons?  You betray Luthor for a minimum security motel room and you are going to find what few loyalists he has left are going to fill you cell with shanks until all of your blood is in the sewer."

"I can take care of myself!" Cheetah shouted and tried to pull her face away.

"Luthor is a plague bearing roach, and like a roach that got stuck to a sticky trap when the light came on, the American public is going to stomp him until he is particulate mater.  Most of his so called friends are going to start a blood bath to take his place, and you are going to be at the top of everyone's hit list.  I mean everyone.  I hear Bane hasn't raped a woman without inducing multiple open fractures in their spines.  Do you really think that you would be better off making a deal with any of these governments?  They cut you loose and you are still at the top of the hit lists." Batman put his other hand on Cheetah's forehead and leaned in real close to whisper in her ear, "I'm going to let you in on a little secret, all of these self-righteous super heroes think that justice if for you to spill the beans in open court, and spend twenty years in a Prisons Bureau Three star hotel.  Open bars, and mandatory prison yard visits.  You wouldn't last a week."

"So what?" Cheetah was freaking out, "I keep my mouth shut and get turned over to the Amazons?"

"I hear that they have no one waiting in line for beheadings," Batman released her chin, "And those are supposed to be suffering free."

Standing up, he turned his back to the criminal as was rewarded with the sight of Fire and Ice huddling together, hands across each other's waist in fear.  More then that, they were showing physical signs of sexual stimulation.  They had backed right into Diana and didn't seem to mind that she had her arms over their shoulders either.

"So I am a dead woman," Cheetah gasped, "Any number of government's want my head already.  Do the Amazons even have prisons?"

"If memory serves, criminals lives are forfit," Batman turned back to Cheetah.

"So all criminals die?" Cheetah was freaking out.

"We don't talk about it but there is the institution of indentured servitude," Diana caught on.

"What?" Ice asked.

"Contract slavery," Batman tossed the thought out there like a piece of bait.

"So death? Painful Bloody Death?" Cheetah ran throw the options aloud, "Or slavery to a bunch of lesbians?"

"Don't act so put off," Batman sat back down, "I know the subtle tension that you and her have been hiding.  It's as plain as between the two kittens behind me.  None of you would be willing to admit your feelings to the public for fear of the perception of weakness.  Lord knows you don't fear a man with a gun, but some church groups would make you wet your panties right here."

Batman saw that he hit a nerve with that one.

"But then again if you had a man involved it would be ok," Batman throw tossed the meme out, "But that is the least of your worries isn't it Barbara."

"Bats..." Barbara had to look of desperate realization, "What if I cut a deal with you?"

"What?" Batman sneered.

"Closser, I don't want them to know..." Cheetah waited for Batman to lean a little bit closer the whispered, "I tell you everything and serve my twenty to life in your cave.  With you and the Princess.  Hell bring the Euro-trash lipstick lezzies along to take turns as my prison guards.  I would be a good little kitten for you."

"You know there is no way in hell I would trust you," Batman stared Cheetah right in the eyes.

"You two can us that damned golden bondage cord on me if you want," Cheetah was becoming desperate. 

"My cohorts would never go for that," Batman got back up, "As an example: Fire, Ice would you two want to serve as my prison guards while Cheetah served a term of indentured servitude in my cave?  I didn't think so.  Lets go Diana, Superman will want a report."

"Batman," Ice looked Fire in the Eyes then turned back to Batman, "Uhm...."

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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