What else can go wrong tonight? Why are you smiling Cheetah?

by gothamalleyviper
Storyline Crossing the Line
Characters Martian Manhunter Batman Lex Luthor Wonder Woman
Previous Chapter In the halls of the watchtower

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Bruce was tempted to take Diana into a bathroom right then and there, but J'onn signaled them that they were needed in the counsil room.

"When we get in there start contacting your mother," Bruce smiled.

"What ..." Diana whispered but stopped herself from saying anything that could be overheard.

The Justice League took there seats in the middle of a circle of monitors displaying video teleconference feeds to the UN, the EU parliament, the US senate floor, the Russian Presidential office, the Japanese parliament, NATO general assembly floor, the British Parliament and the shattered halls of Lexcorp headquarters.

"Greetings, now that all the parties are here," Lex Luthor started his grand speech, "For a long time I have warned the world that these so called super heroes are at their core unstable and only inches away from seeking to impose tyranny over us mere mortals!  Now one of their members have called forth an army to attack and kill her perceived enamies..."

Diana looked towards Bruce and very subtlety nodded.

"But when she couldn't find me in bed, she sent her army to kill innocent civilians who's only crime was to be my employees!"

"Wonder Woman, these are grave charges," the Secretary General of the UN spoke first, "Do you wish to respond?"

Diana looked down at the conference table infront of her and then back up to the webcam.

"No, I have nothing to say," Diana smiled, "However, Her Majasty Queen Hippolyta, Queen of Themyscira would like to address these bodies.  Your highness..."

The channel to the Conference Equipment that Diana had brought to Themyscira was feeding live from the palace.

"Leaders of the World of MEN!" the queen bellowed, "for far too long you have allowed this rabid dog to run loose and violate the international laws banning the sales of weapons and material to criminals and terrorists, any number of national laws forbidding corruption, theft, sabotage, black mail, and murder!  In accordance with the international standards for a sovereign nation that is attacked by terrorist actors, I have directed my forces to destroy and disrupt the command and control structure and weapons production capacity of those outlaw forces that attacked our nation!"

"What are you talking about?" Lex tried to play dumb. 

"Leota, the roof," Hyppolyta ordered the woman holding the camera.

There was a hole punched throw the solid granite slab roof the thrown room.

"Artemis, the bomb casing."

The camera lowered down to reveal a piece of a bunker buster bomb.  The Data plate was missing, but there was still a secondary data plate.  It had been corroded with an acid, but the Lexcorp toys and game division logo and a serial number was still visible.

"Tell me Luthor, what kind of games do you expect children to play with a shelter penetrating firebomb?" Hippolyta demanded!

"Yes Mister Luthor, Please explain," the British Prime Minister sneered.

"Ladies and Gentleman," Hippolyta interrupted the growing murmmers from the world's leaders, "As Queen I am issuing arrest warrants and extradition requests for Alexander 'Lex' Luthor, Ra's Al Ghul, his child Talia Al Ghul, and the leader of the League of Assassins.  The nation of Themyscira is formally raising war crimes charges against Said inviduals and their organizations and members, Lexcorp, Intergang, the League of Shadows and the League of assassins."

"Queen Hippolyta," the senior German minister to the EU Parliament rose to speak, "You have shown us that Her Luthor is reasonably under suspicion, but what of these other originations you speak of?"

"The criminal terrorist organizations called the League of Shadows and their militant arm the League of Assassins are the direct perpetrator's of this attack.  Leota, the prisoners," The camera turned to show two men in flight suits with their sleeves cut off showing League brands, "This is the crew of one of the aircraft that conducted the unprovoked sneak attack on our nation.  They will be brought before the Hague International Tribunal as soon as possible."

"Hay I know that symbol!" Wally West aka the flash started without thinking, "That's the League of assassins cult secret decoder tattoo thingy... You remember it from when they tried to blow up half of Vegas Batman?"

Bruce rolled his eyes, this had been going great until Wally opened his mouth.  Old mister my mouth is faster then the rocks in my head somehow managed to contribute something useful to the Amazons.  But the really surprise for the night was in the air.  Literally it was hiding in the A/C ducts.

"I think the real question we should be asking at this table is who hired you and what was your mission?" Bruce spoke calmly.

"What?" J'onn asked.

"She is using Grodd's mind shielding," Batman slammed his fist on the conference table, "Here she comes."

The most unholy scream came from the A/C vent above them, and Cheetah dropped onto the table.  Her fur was severely singed.  Superman had her by the neck and flying of the table is seconds.

"Who hired you and why?" J'onn demanded.

"The head band," Bruce calmly pointed out.

Superman removed it and J'onn was able to see inside Cheetah's head.

"Luther paid her to make sure that quote, the Amazon never leaves the watch tower again!" J'onn announced, "Why are you smiling Cheetah?"

"You tell me telepath," Cheetah smirked.

"Luthor paid her in advance in stolen gold, she knows that anyone of your treasury agencies would trade the case against her for the information trail and the gold," J'onn told the world leaders.

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