Ariel has a present for her sisters

by trashcollector24
Storyline Disney Princess Corruption
Category Disney Transformation Corruption F/F
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Ariel did her best to get to the recital hall without drawing any attention to herself and her new body, the whole family needed to be in on it. Luckily she had arrived early enough that she was the first there and the place was big and empty. Ariel examined the attached dressing rooms and was pleased to see that they were empty as well. Ariel wrote a short note to each of her sisters apologizing for her recent behavior and asking that they drink from the vial which contained a rare delicacy.

One, two, three, four, and five sisters out of the way she arrived in the room of her of the second youngest sister, born a year before Ariel, Andrina had a lavender tail with blond hair in a bun that she typically decorated with some flower of the sea or a piece of coral if they weren't in season. It was while Ariel was writing her note that she heard her other sisters begin to arrive and begin the process of applying their cosmetics for their face and hair. Trapped, Ariel hid against the ceiling right above the entrance and held her breath as Andrina swam in to her room and spotted the vial Ariel had left.

Ariel felt a thrill go up her fin as Andrina opened the vial and drank from it before it could become diluted by the seawater. Ariel watched as her sister's body began to change as an orgasmic moan escaped her lips. Her hair blazed with the brightness of the sun, while her breasts became much bigger and more buoyant. Her nails extended as looking, looking long and elegant, and were long enough to rend prey. Ariel noticed that Andrina's eyes had changed as well as they became deep and dark and hypnotic, a greenish-black like the forests of seaweed that filled the depths of the ocean, which would draw you in.

Ariel swam down as Andriana held the vial pursed to her lips and her tongue licked the interior clean, filling it with her saliva. As if Andriana's change had been a signal for the others to partake of their vials as well, Ariel could clearly hear the distinctive voices of her other sisters transformations. Staring deep into her sister's eyes, the two mesmerized each other but Ariel's will was stronger of the two and with that dominance she began to shape her sister into her loyal attendant.

Andina understanding her new status wrapped her hands around Ariel's exposed breasts, taking care not to cut in to the tender flesh while Ariel returned the favor by stroking the newly made siren's ass and the began to kiss and the water around them became murky as their milk began to leak out of their buoyant boobs. They continued like this until Ariel heard the others begin to stir and leave their dressing rooms to see if the others could guess what wonderful gift Ariel had provided to them.

The seven sirens and daughters of Triton gathered together in the main hall and though they were intrigued by the changes the only desire they had was to get more of that delicious fluid that Ariel had provided to them. “Sisters, now that you have been given that which has been forbidden to us I ask you to freely choose. Join me in bringing down Father and give me the crown to rule and I will give you as much as you can hold in your body; or stand with Father and never taste such a flavor ever again.”

None of Ariel's sisters turned from her, sought to leave, or argue with her. All of them were filled with a hunger that robbed them of their senses and made them mad with the need to feed. “Excellent then let us begin my sisters.”

Raising up a hellish choir that ensnared the minds of those that listened to it, the seven sirens swam towards the throne room.

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