Snow White enslaves the Dwarfs further

by trashcollector24
Storyline Disney Princess Corruption
Category Disney Female Dom Transformation Corruption
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Snow White was learning how to keep those slept with under her thrall, giving more and more of their souls back till their marionette like movements became more fluid. Their minds sharper, they gained the ability to speak, ask questions, and when enough had been given back they would rebel. Fighting for their freedom or fleeing for their lives, either way it was very annoying and she only had to have them within sight and concentrate to take it back and return them to a docile state. Giving it back left her feeling unfulfilled and oh so very horny even if she did it right after feeding, but if she left them soulless for to long the body died.

Giving up those delicious souls left her sick to her stomach as though she had partaken of a rich meal and than thrown it up. Snow White continued studying her ability and found that after a week, she had digested the soul so much that she could not return it and her toys were than stuck at whatever level she had left them at. Luckily the dwarfs had managed to keep her appetites filled as they roamed the countryside tearing men and women out of their homes and off the roads. All except the one time they had failed and she had taken the one called Grumpy to fill her bed.

He had proven surprising resistant to her control almost crushed her throat with his hands but eventually he lost control and his dirt stained hands went from her throat to groping her breasts as he shoved his face into them, the hair of his beard tickled her stomach but she did not stop him when his mouth found her nipple and he began to suck on them like an infant. Snow White gave up no milk and she moaned with lust even as the dwarf's soul became hers to control and now she used him to motivate the other dwarfs to new depths to avoid a similar fate.

Snow White spent her days at the cot fucking her Prince Charming, who had been granted enough of his soul that his enslavement to her would pass all but the most probing questions. At night she would sleep with those the dwarfs had gathered, feeding as much as she wanted before allowing all but one or two to return back to their lives. The one's who stayed behind were tested on before they were disposed of.

Snow White cherished Prince Charming's presence as the one to take her virginity and had the fluids from that particular union stored for a special occasion. The two of them were laying together after an intense session of lustful coupling when he gave her a wonderful idea, “Mistress Snow, why do you keep yourself away in the woods like a common hedge witch? Your beauty is so great that empires should bend knee to you and a never ending stream of slaves be provided to feed your hunger.”

Snow White nodded, “I suppose you're right about that, you have my permission to cum.”

Prince Charming let out a gasp as he cummed, giving him his long awaited release as the shot went up before splattering on the sheets, his legs, and his Mistress' face. Snow White gave him an approving look before deciding her next move, “I think it's about time that I return home and confront my step-mother. We will leave after I have tonight’s meal and I can inform the dwarfs their services will no longer be needed.”

When she had them in front of her, the thought of letting them go was to much and so she spoke those words to them. Demanding they pleasure her before giving them a sip of her blood and jism. Grumpy stood to the rear making sure that all partook of the Succubus Draft before partaking himself. Snow White watched with a pride reserved for a mother birthing new life as the hair fell from the dwarfs bodies and their skin became slimy and the color of ebony. Their eyes were like pools of oil, their teeth turned as carnivorous as a piranha's, and their small cocks ballooned to an impressive size.

They began gibbering at each other, and playing with their cocks till the ground was tainted with black seed and the plant life blossomed producing strange flowers. The new demonspawn crawled into the cot and outfitted themselves with armor and grasped pick axes and shovels and now prepared, Snow White led her procession towards her old home.

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