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Storyline Changing the Scene
Previous Chapter She-Hulk and Wonder Woman are saved in-extremis by their team

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Grunting in pain, Diana opened her eyes and looked around her. She didn´t recognize the room in which She-Hulk had carried to protect her. Somehow, the amazon princess saw that she was surrounded by a familiar, friendly face.    

"Thanks to Hera that you are alive my princess. When the transport crashed, we feared that....that you...".-Said Artemis to her wounded leader...and friend, looking at her with blurred eyes. "I am not dead yet, Artemis. Jennifer saved me taking me out of the vehicle and....where...where is she...where is Jennifer...?".-Replied Diana, worried about the fate of her brave comrade. 

"She-Hulk is OK, my princess. She protected you till we arrived. She is now with the rest of the team in the next room. They are arguing about the next steps....".-Diana realized that her voice sounded worried by something. "What...what´s wrong Artemis?."-Asked Diana. The amazon archer stood over her feet, grabbing strongly her bow till her knuckles became  white. The brave warrioress was unable to look at the face of Diana.

"I am dying....isn´t it?".-Answered Diana for her.-"I know that. I can feel the internal injuries on me....I would prefer to die in battle but....but If my fate is die here....I will accept it...".-Diana saw as the long ponytail of Artemis shivered when she tried to control her sobbing.-"...But I am not dead yet. Please Artemis...Let´s join with the group. We must learn what the hell is happening into that estate...".-Annotated Diana, trying to leave the bed. Somehow, when the amazon princess tried to stand over her feet,  a sudden, unbearable wave of pain and dizziness hit her voluptuous, athletic body, sending her over her knees, coughing blood.

"Oh my.....COME HERE!!!!....NOW!!!!".-Screamed Artemis, rushing to Diana to assist her. Hawk Woman and Cyclops were the first to make their way into the room, prepared to fight...but not prepared to see as Wonder Woman, her leader, kneeled on the ground, with her tore attire and bust covered with the blood that run from her mouth.

"Can you see her, Shayera? We must evacuate her while we are in time. With adequate equipment maybe we could save her...".-Yelled Cyclops, resuming the arguing with the thanagarian woman. Hawk Woman eyes were wide opened in surprise and sorrow. She couldn´t believe that the mighty Wonder Woman, the last of the legendary Trinity, would be on the point to die...because she realized that Diana of Themiscira condition was beyond any possible medical assistance. Controlling her anguish, handling firmly her maze, she replied.-"The mission must go on, Scott...We don´t know what the hell the anomaly is...but whatever it is, we must learn it tonight...".-Said the woman to her current lover.-"...or the sacrifices that we have made this night would have been in vain...".-Whispered Shayera with tears on her eyes.   -"The mission have failed. Mr Freeze have disappeared. Wanda had disappeared....Diana...Diana....".-Stammered Scott, unable to finish his sentence.

During a long minute, all the survivors of the assault team were on silence as advance of a funeral, silence only broken by the coughs of Diana, helped by Artemis. Suddenly, all of them startled in surprise, when they heard a voice that they hadn´t listened in years.-"Bbbb......Blooooo....Blood....".-Said the emerald amazon with the determination and confidence that had disappeared in the soul of the rest of the heroes, offering her muscular arm.


"Help!!!!... Help me!!!!...".-Screamed by umpteenth time Wanda Maximoff, AKA Scarlet Witch, trapped in a kaleidoscopic, fractal maelstrom of light, sound and energy. During the energetic blast, Wanda had got to teleport her team to different areas around the estate but she had been trapped by the origin of the anomaly...a source of infinite power that menaced to disaggregate her body, mind and soul...with the rest of the continuum space-time of the universe.

Twisted, flattened, elongated, compressed cruelly every atom of her body, every thought of her mind, the unbearable, everlasting agony that Wanda suffered at any second trapped in that typhoon of trans-dimensional energy, menaced to break her mental sanity. 

"Help!!!!... Help me!!!!...".-Screamed by umpteenth time Wanda Maximoff. Somehow, sometimes, during short periods of time, the witch got flashes of the nature of the dimension in which she was trapped...the dimension that menaced to disintegrate, to erase her of the universe. All of Mr Frezee´s data were right. Sometimes, Wanda could see and feel the blinding light and gravity  of a neutron star, menacing to burn and flattened her body....other times, the witch felt her mind and soul tore apart into a massive tesseract, a cosmic cube, whose magical force menaced to absorb her life force.....and sometimes, Scarlet Witch peeked details of events...events that Wanda knew that it hadn´t happened yet....and old Darkseid being killed by a kryptonian? Durlan troops conquering Kree empire?  A Skrull fleet destroying OA?. 

Help!!!!... Help me!!!!...".-Screamed by umpteenth time Wanda Maximoff. Wanda´s disaggregated mind tried to resolve that puzzle with the loose pieces that was able to get. A Boom Tube. Wanda suppose that the anomaly had been produced by attempt to create a stable taquion boom-tube,  able to establish a bridge between a unknown future and the current time line. Someone, or something, was using the capacities of the cosmic cube, energizing it with the powerful energy of a neutron star. 

Help!!!!... Help me!!!!...".-Screamed by umpteenth time Wanda Maximoff. the sorceress tried to focus her will in a attempt to learn the power that had been able to create such a aberration that was piercing the continuum space-time of the universe, menacing to tore apart it. Farther and farther, fighting her reluctance, Wanda projected her mind into the eye of the maelstrom. Unthinkable, unimaginable forces hit her essence, tearing apart her one time and another though, one time and another, Wanda got to join her dismembered parts till finally, after an eternity of agony and pain, the witch reached her destiny in the middle of the storm. Then, Wanda howled in desperation when she saw the face of the responsible of that taquion BoomTube...


"Come on, Rogue...we must leave this place...fast....".-Grunted Hawkeye, dragging the stunned, exhausted woman with him..-"I...I am right...I    AAAARRRGGGHHHH....".-Screamed in agony Anna Marie. Clint's eyes opened wide staring with horror as the body of his partner transformed and changed randomly with the appearance of Darkseid, returning a few seconds later to her original shape. 

Hawkeye was confused. He had tried to make his way back to the prison, but e didn´t recognize the corridors that he had walking on with Rogue. "AAAARRRGGGHHH!!!!!".-Screamed again Rogue, whose body was becoming to change into a feminine version of Darkseid. Clint hoped that these changes would be only in shape...not in mind and soul. Suddenly, among the howls of agony of her partner Clint could hear frantic sharp screeches behind him.-"No...no...No...Damned!".-Cursed Hawkeye.-"We must to hurry, Anna Marie....Come on! You can!!!".-Encouraged her Clint, trying to ignore that soon, an horde of Apokolips rats  would fall over them. In a attempt to disorient their pursuers, Clint began to zigzag along pestilent, dim corridors till, suddenly, a trapdoor opened under their feet, leading them, after a long falling, into a dungeon.

"I..can´t resist...any longer....".-Muttered Rogue, whose body had evidently grow in size and musculature...whose skin had began to become in grey.-"You can, Anna Marie. Batman is a clever guy...a fucked arrogant clever guy....You can resist the changes....".-Muttered Clint, praying to be right. 

"Your friend seemed on trouble, man. Help me...and I will help you...".-Said a feminine voice behind them. Clint turned his face to the voice just to see a tall, voluptuous woman enchained in a wall.-"No...don´t rely in her...".-Said another woman, close to the first one.-"Shut up, Stealth!!!! You are a fucked traitor. Vril Dox relied on you and now he is dead....".-Replied the first woman.-"Your fucked husband was a sociopath, Lady Quark...He would sell you to his purpose. He was a worthy son of Brainiac.".-Answered the second woman, whose orange skin shone in sweat.-"You don´t need her man. She is insane. Free me and I will help you and your partner....".-Finished the woman called Stealth, talking to Hawkeye. Then, all of them could hear heavy steps approaching to them. Guards were coming.

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