Hera is not a happy camper, no she is not.

by BatPimp
Storyline Crossing the Line
Characters Batman Wonder Woman
Category DC M/F
Previous Chapter Now is the time for calm actions... Not overkill that will come in time

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Hera, Queen of Olympus and Goddess of women and marriage, was furious. No, she was seething mad. How dare this mere mortal subdue Diana and turn her into his slave. A sex slave, no less. As one of the most faithful followers of the Goddesses, Diana deserved to be rescued from her plight. But before taking any actions against that arrogant bastard, Hera needed to consult her fellow Goddesses.

She ventured into Africa's wilderness in search of Artemis, Goddess of the hunt and wildlife. Her step-daughter would probably be her best ally in taking revenge against the mortal, as Artemis was a virgin Goddess and known for her hatred of men. Hera found Artemis disguised as a lioness, hunting at their side. She didn't have the patience however to wait for the other Goddess to finish her game and interrupted the hunt by scarring off their prey. Artemis was irritated, to say the least.

"What are you doing here, my Queen? Surely you have better things to do than interrupting my activities," she commented dryly, after she reverted back to her human-like form.

"You're angry? Good," Hera responded, making Artemis rise an eyebrow in curiosity. "However, your wrath would be better employed in dealing with the mortal who has enslaved Princess Diana," she explained to her step-daughter. Yet before Artemis could verbalize her fury, Hera snapped her fingers and they found themselves in another place.

They materialized in what looked like the entrance to the presidential suite of a palace hotel. The people lying all around them looked a lot less regal. Everyone without exception was naked and they were either sleeping or engaged in various sexual acts. However, for all the erotic sounds they were making, the loudest cries of pleasure were coming from the master bedroom. Hera and Artemis both recognized those cries, as they had heard them many times coming from Aphrodite's chambers in Olympus. They found the Goddess of love and sexuality lying on her back over a tall and muscular man with a second one standing between her thighs. They were thrusting their large cocks in and out of her holes, making her squirm and howl in ecstasy.

Completely grossed out, Artemis didn't want to wait for Aphrodite and her partners to finish with their fun. She kicked both men out of the room and turned at her fellow Goddess with a harsh glare that didn't impress Aphrodite in the slightest.

"Party pooper," she complained with a pout. "I was about to come," she added after magically cleaning and dressing herself up with a flick of a wrist. "What is it that you want, my Queen?" she asked in an irritated tone. Hera didn't answer immediately. Instead, she snapped her fingers and the three Goddesses found themselves in a garden in Olympus, where three other Goddesses were waiting for them. Athena, Demeter and Hestia had also been summoned by Hera and were waiting for their Queen to explain the situation.

"Like some of you, I have kept a watchful eye over Diana ever since she left Themyscira to become an heroine of Gaea. Recently, our champion has fallen prey to the greed and ambition of a mortal man who has taken the princess as his slave," Hera explained.

"Why is Diana unable to escape on her own?" Artemis asked, unable to understand how a mere mortal had managed to capture one of the strongest women on Earth. "How did he trick her in the first place?"

"I do not know for sure how, but he has made Diana swear an oath that the magic tiara, that we have gifted her with, forces her to obey," Hera tried to deny the fact that Diana had willingly submitted to Batman beyond her pledge and was following his orders not out of obligation but out of her own volition and desire.

"It means we have two options available: either destroy the tiara or get rid of the man," Athena deduced, making an evil smirk spread on Artemis' lips.

"Perfect! I haven't had the pleasure of punishing a mortal for his transgressions in a very long while," Artemis intervened ready and willing to hunt the Batman down.

"No, Artemis," Hera interrupts her before she can make her exit. "We cannot go against our own vows. We don't intervene anymore in mortal affairs, at least not directly. Our best option is to inform Hippolyta of her daughter's plight," argued Hera.

"I agree that we need to send an operative to free Diana from enslavement. However I suggest we collaborate instead with Diana's allies from the Justice League. They know this Batman far better than the Amazons do and thus stand a better chance at defeating him," Athena supplied her wisdom.

"We could always ask Circe to intervene on our behalf," Hestia suggested. "After all, the witch owes us for not wiping her out of existence."

"Hold on girls. I don't understand why you are making such an issue out of it. Look at how happy Diana is," Aphrodite interrupted them. She pointed to a scrying glass and conjured an image of Bruce and Diana having hot and wild sex in his bedroom. Diana had a wide open-mouthed smile plastered on her drooling lips while Bruce was driving his large rod in and out of her slurping wet cunt. When he was done filling her pussy with his seed, she curled up on his side and thanked her lord for his attention, getting rewarded with an hungry kiss. Aphrodite smiled at the scene, but noticed that her fellow Goddesses weren't happy about Diana's new sex-life. "I see I won't manage to convince you," the Goddess of love added.

"Because you forgot to mention this," Artemis complained, pointing at the mirror that now displayed an image of Diana dressed in a black and dark silver armor harboring the Batman's symbol.

"Bad fashion taste is hardly a crime," Aphrodite argued. "Her previous armor wasn't much better. Whose idea was it to dress Themyscira's champion with an American flag, anyway?"

"And what about this!?" Hera screamed, making a new scene appear on the scrying glass. This time it displayed Diana, with her wrists bound behind her back by her own lasso, moaning and panting like a bitch in heat while Batman was fucking her asshole with hard punishing strokes and spanking her butt red.

"A little bondage from time to time can be quite healthy," Aphrodite defended. "Besides, it's not like she doesn't love it," she added, pointing out the fact that Diana's empty cunt was periodically squirting out a large amount of juices. The other Goddesses, especially Artemis, bellowed various exclamations of shock or disgust.

"Silence!" Hera stopped their bickering. "It is time we decide over a course of action."

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