Who will fall to the wrath of the bat next?

by BatPimp
Storyline Crossing the Line
Characters Batman Wonder Woman
Category DC Body Modification Body Modification Change of clothes Corruption Corruption M/F
Previous Chapter Batman returns home to dicover that someone is waiting for him in his cave

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For the first time in a very, very long while, Bruce felt... pleased. His new invention was a rousing success, enabling him to conquer Poison Ivy's powers and body and to spend the rest of the night banging his now personal slave-goddess, whose powers were now also in his possession. Batman had first bent Wonder Woman over his workstation and fucked her brains out. He had then taken her to one of the holding cells in the Bat-Cave, that he had built for when he needed to bring a crook or a villain for interrogation, and initiated the Amazon to bondage sex.

And damn, did she love it! Bruce remembered wickedly. He was getting hard again.

Batman finally brought Wonder Woman up to his room, where he let her worship him and show him how much of a closet slut she was. She rode him like she was possessed, all the while moaning and panting like a bitch in heat, begging him to fill her with his seed. He simply lied back on his bed and enjoyed the show of her big bouncing breasts and her expression of absolute delight whenever she came all over his mighty spear, as she had named his cock.

All this time, he felt the nanites infuse his body with the same powers Diana had been blessed with. He used her own strength, speed and endurance to fuck her inside out. Her amazing regenerative factor made sure he never ran out of cum. And best of all, he was now just as immortal as she was. Though his outer appearance was frozen as he was now, he had never felt younger or healthier. He was actually satisfied that he got to keep his appearance of his mid-to-late forties along with his incredibly ripped body from over thirty years of intensive training and with his extensive collection of scars from more than twenty years of crime-fighting.

As an added bonus he had now a faithful and immortal all-in-one slave, lover and soldier at his service. She will definitely come in handy when I confront J'onn and Kent when they realize what is going on, he surmised, looking over at the woman lying over his chest. He wanted to fuck her all over again, so he slapped her ass cheek to wake her up. She gave out a startled yelp as her eyes opened before she threw him an adoring smile.

"Good morning, my lord," she said huskily, rubbing her breasts over his chest and her wet slit over his thigh. "Do you want me to service you?" she added as she started stroking his manhood. Bruce was slightly angered that she was trying to take control of the situation. He needed to remind her who was the boss.

"On your back," he whispered harshly in her ear, sending shivers down her spine. She complied with a pout as she was forced to let go of him. "Spread your legs and make yourself cum," he ordered and she started rubbing her clit and fingering her pussy. He helped her by playing with her large boobs, which made her cum in no time. "You're such a slut, Diana," he commented with a wicked grin as she squirted all over his bed. He then proceeded to fuck her until she was numb with pleasure, making her cum a dozen times in the process.

They dressed up after he was done filling her cunt with semen. Batman squinted his eyes looking at her new uniform.

"What's wrong, my lord?" she asked when she noticed the way he was looking at her.

"I hate pink," he deadpanned. She looked down at her armor then back at him. She lifted and crossed her wrists and her brows furrowed in concentration. Her armor transformed magically. She now had dark silvery metallic boots and gauntlets with a matching breastplate and tiara. The bodice was now as black as her master's cape, completed with a black armored skirt. All parts of her outfit were adorned with bats, as a sign of her new allegiance.

"How about now?" she asked striking a sexy pose. He inspected her with a glance before walking to to her and lifting her skirt. He smiled in satisfaction when he made sure she didn't wear any underwear.

"Perfect," he groaned huskily in her ear making her all wet again. She followed him obediently as he strode out of his room in the direction of the Bat-Cave. He didn't care anymore if it was in the middle of the day or if people discovered his secret identity. That wouldn't change his ability to scare the crap out of everyone and he had enough of fighting in the secrecy of the night. He had to remind the world of an important fact: no one screws with the Big Bad Bat. Right now, he had a few targets in mind.

An important number of his rogue's gallery were on the loose. It was time he dealt with them in a more permanent fashion, preferably in public so that everyone knew what consequences awaited those who crossed his path. He thought about what kind of torture he could submit the Joker or Scarecrow to. He was also impatient to show off his new strength to Bane and Killer Croc. He remembered what he had done to Poison Ivy the other day and wondered if he could do the same to Catwoman with the help of Diana. He was certain the Amazon would be delighted in helping him humiliate Selina in public. As for Pamela Isley, he had plans to add her to his harem as soon as she escaped from Arkham Asylum.

Lately he had noticed a rise in activity from the League of Assassins. No doubt, Ra's al Ghul or one of his lieutenants were planning something big. It was as good an occasion as any to visit his old mentor to have a word with him, to put it mildly. It would also provide him with the perfect opportunity to confront Talia about her loyalty to her father and convince her to change sides.

Most people commonly associated Lex Luthor with Superman. He was considered the Man of Steel's arch-nemesis. What most people didn't know is that, while Superman was busy dealing with Luthor's silly schemes, the businessman actually had much darker plans hidden from the public eye. Superman's inability to even see past the distractions Lex Luthor came up with forced Bruce to take measures himself. He had to fight with Luthor on both fronts, as Batman, the World's Greatest Detective, and as Bruce Wayne, CEO of Wayne Enterprises. He was itching to finally give Luthor a good beating and to crush his company under his proverbial heel.

Batman had no doubt that other people would end up confronting him about his new attitude, like Diana had tried to do. The members of the Justice League were a very meddling bunch. Besides, it was only a matter of time before someone noticed Wonder Woman's absence. Most likely, Superman or J'onn would find out what happened and try to stop him and free Diana from his hold. Clark would probably think that I was forcing his best friend to obey me, he thought sarcastically. He's in for a surprise however. Diana is entirely devoted to me now that she has finally found someone to satisfy her sexually. Bruce knew the League might try to send someone to reason with him before taking more drastic measures. He hoped they would send Zatanna. He could certainly use a magician at his side.

Batman paused in the middle of his cave, thinking about his options. Diana made use of his immobility to hug her master from behind and press her bust onto his back. He could feel the pressure from her deliciously large boobs even through their respective layers of armor. "What are you planning to do now, my lord?" she asked in a low voice while running her hands over his muscled chest.

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