Batman returns home to dicover that someone is waiting for him in his cave

by gothamalleyviper
Storyline Crossing the Line
Characters Batman Wonder Woman
Category Mind Control Bimboization
Previous Chapter Batman visits Clayface's cell on the way out

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He knew she was there before he entered the cave.  The fact that she tried to hide from him when he entered only pissed him off more. 

"COME OUT DIANA!" Batman shouted as he exited the batmobile.

"Bruce," Diana came out from behind the forensics supply closet, "The league is worried about you.  You seem really tense.  Well even more then normal!"

Batman walked over and sat down at his main work station.  An idea crossed his mind.  He started pumping out pheromones to attract women and drive them into a frenzy.  He knew he would have to keep Diana close or else the cave's air scrubbers would keep her from getting the full affect.

"Please," Batman guestured to a chair next to him.

Diana took the seat as Bruce removed his cowl.

"Let's talk person to person," Bruce said calmly, "No cowls, no masks, no crowns..."

Diana sighed but removed her magical tiara and placed it on the workstation.

"Bruce, a lot of people are afraid that you are so tightly spun up lately that you are going to explode like a super nova," Diana tried to sound like a friend.

She was already getting rosey in the cheeks, her nipples were hardening visably throw the corset top.

"You are the most repressed member of the league and you are giving a we are worried about you speech?" Bruce shook his head, "Look I know you try to act above your womanly needs, but I know you go throw about a hundred bucks a month in batteries for your distractions.  They don't work do they?"

"What?" Diana was blind sided by Bruce's knowlage of her private life.

"You try to pretend you are all there, and in charge and yet all you want to do is be a little slave.  I know you have all those cheep Story of O knock offs under your bed," Batman layed into her, "I bet you be ready to throw yourself at my feet right now if I promised hot sex twice a day!"

The idea of Bruce taking her right here at the work station was more then her womanhood could keep in.  She rubbed her legs together to try and keep Bruce from seeing her juices running down her leg. 

"Would you?" Diana surprised herself by asking that aloud.

"Would I what?" Bruce stared at her.

"Take me right here and now?" Diana gasped.

Bruce amped up the pheromones even more.  Diana was putty with out the magic of the tiara keeping her mind straight.

"I don't want a one night stand," Bruce turned towards the keyboard.

"What about a long term relationship?" Diana turned Bruce's seat back towards her.

"Right," Bruce snorted.

"What would you want?" Diana was becoming desperate, "Would I have to pledge my love to you?"

"You? Love?" Bruce proded her warped mind, "Is that what you read about in those so called romance novels?"

"Bruce," Diana stood up, "I swear as an Amazon, I swear myself to you as my master and me as your love slave by the honor of the gods!"


"Put your crown on!" Bruce commanded.

As soon as Diana put her crown she knew that just how rashly she had acted and what it meant for the rest of her eternal life.  Bruce watched as the magic of Diana's armor was affected by her lusty pledge.  The Red, White, Blue, Gold and silver became Hot Pink and silver. The one piece became a strapless pink skater dress with a silver bat across her barely covered chest, her boots became pink vinyl and silver stiletto heeled platform thigh boots, her bracers had pink vinyl opera gloves appear below them, and her tiara became a bat massacre mask.  Bruce made the gesture of opening the fly of his pants and let his Clayface power enhanced manhood out.  As much as Diana was revolted at what she had done, her honor pledge and the magic of her armor took over and she began to salivate at the sight of the member.

"Please Master, use this slut for your pleasure!" Diana screamed as she went to her knees.

"On your feet!" Bruce pulled her by her hair, "Bend over the workstation so I can take you right here and now!"

Bruce bent her over and much to his pleasure found she was naked beneath her skirt.  Naked and streaming wet.  With a villainous grin he claimed his prize.  The amazon shrieked as he plowed into her sex with one shot.

"THANK YOU MASTER!" Diana screamed.

Bruce was riding her as she went throw mind blasting orgasm after orgasm, all the while he pressed his chest to her exposed back, held her naked shoulders and absorbed her Amazon powers.  By the time Bruce exploded Diana was a hollow vessel.  Her thought were so submissive, she said even spelt her name in lower cases as a love slave should.  Her own lust fueled pledge had completed it's self.  Bruce took her lasso of truth from her, tied her bracers of power together, shorting them out and making Diana as helpless as a ten year old girl, and led Diana to one of the holding cells he had built into the back of the Batcave. 

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Apologies for the long delay in posting. Life's been a bit crazy lately. Jimmy, remind me to update Hard Reboot on the wall if I don't get to it soon.
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