The Sand Queen

by Sirocco
Storyline The Sand Queen
Characters Wonder Woman
Category DC Female Dom sleepy (KO by chemical, combat or sexual exhaustion) Mind Control
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Robert was not going to be made a fool of. He had heard how other security guards in the city had had robberies happen right under their noses, and he knew how little respect other guards had in their jobs. He felt pride in his work though, however lowly it might be, and he wasn’t going to be hoodwinked like the others. He patrolled the jewelry store with determination, looking for anything that might be out of place.

Surprisingly, he found something. Off in the corner behind one of the potted plants, one of the customers had left behind some sort of package. It was wrapped in a metallic blue paper that had silver moons all over it. What surprised even more was the tag attached to the top:

    “Robert Conrad, Security Officer
    Hopkin’s Jewelers

    This side up, please.  =)”

Gingerly, the guard picked up the package and set it on one of the jewelry display cases. He unwrapped the paper, opened the box beneath, and pulled out an ornate hourglass of silver and crystal, about a foot and a half in height. All of the powder blue sand had gathered in the bottom. “Is this some kinda joke?” he asked himself as he picked it up, and then tried flipping it over.

As the sand started to spill slowly into the bottom of the glass, a gust of wind blew through the store. Right before Robert’s eyes materialized a curious young woman, wearing PJs. She stretched her petite, slender arms and yawned widely, before opening her eyes. “There’s nothing like a good nap,” she grinned cutely. “You should try it.” Before Robert could get a word in edgewise, the girl brought her open hand to her mouth and blew across it, scattering a glittering dust into the guard’s face. He blinked once, and then was out like a light. “Come on sweetie,” she said, setting a large drawstring bag down on the floor. “We need to fill this up with jewels lickedy-split.”

Wonder Woman finally got the break she was waiting for. A silent alarm had been tripped in a jewelry store only a few minutes away. Hurrying there she knocked in the doors and braced herself for her unknown opponent. What she saw however was a security guard moving around as though sleepwalking. Or more accurately sleepstealing, as he dumped jewelry into a large bag. She also got a first look at villainess who was obviously responsible.

The girl couldn’t have been more than twenty years old. She was dressed more appropriately for a sleepover than a robbery. She wore a pair of teal blue flannel pajamas with silver crescent moons imprinted all over them. The top was a little too small for her, exposing her admittedly cute midriff as well as accentuating her upper body. On her chest, a silver-colored “S” was sown. Her strawberry blonde hair was unkempt, as if she had just gotten up for the morning, and reached all the way to her waist. On top of her head was a crown of polished silver with a slumber cap made of the same teal moon pattern attached and falling over her head. Her honey brown eyes looked as though they had practiced looking mischievous a great deal.

“That should be enough, sweetie. Thanks for your help.” The security officer immediately toppled to the ground, and continued snoring.

“What did you do to him?” Wonder Woman demanded.

“Shhhh… he’s sleeping,” the girl chided, with a bubbly grin. “He deserves a nap after all of his hard work.”

“Let me guess. Sleepgirl? Slumberwoman?” the heroine asked, trying not to sound too annoyed with her foe.

“I thought about Sandgirl, but I like Sand Princess better. Of course, Sand Queen is a more villain-sounding name. Do I look old enough to be called Queen?”

“No. You look like you ought to be in school, or for Hera’s sake in bed. You’re far too young to ruin your life with a criminal record.”

“But I’ve got the powers, so I might as well use them, right?” beamed Sand Queen. “Besides, what better way to have some fun with a bunch of smart, beautiful… scantily-clad heroines?”

“Flattered. Not interested.” Diana’s reply was emotionless. Better to disabuse that nonsense now. “Give yourself up, and you’ll probably get a slap on the wrist.”

“As much as I like listening to your concern about my future, I don’t have much time left.” The girl pointed to her silver hourglass, the bottom of which had nearly filled up. Wonder Woman sighed, and reached for her lasso. Before she could draw it though, she was hit in the face by a blast of sparkling dust blown by the Sand Queen. Her vision blurred, and she tried to steady herself but it was no use. The heroine fell to the floor in a deep slumber.

The Sand Queen hopped over to her foe quickly with a wide grin on her face. “There’s no time to talk about my future, but I can spare a few words for Ours,” she whispered into Diana’s ear. “Dream deeply tonight, sweetie. Dream a dream of true and unrepentant love shared with a lover whose soul touched yours, and yours hers. Dream of one perfect, heaven blessed night with me, then wake remembering it all.” She then stood up and hurriedly ran back to grab her sack. As the last grain fell in the hourglass, it and the Sand Queen slowly disappeared, as quietly as she had appeared.

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