She wants to boost her strength and will seduce important people to praise her. She first starts with Pepper Pots

by colleem
Storyline United Worlds
Characters Circe Pepper Potts
Category Mind Control
Previous Chapter Something else happens in one of the worlds

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Circe walked between the mighty buildings in New York and made her plans. She had taken a penthouse in one of the biggest Hotels in the city and was planing her next steps. But from time to time she left it to find some new things in the streets. Her plan to defeat Wonder Woman was a simple one. Get hold over this world and then crush her with an army of devote slaves and her superhuman pets. But it would take time for her to get all of this. Her powers were nearly not existing in this world, only her spells and her beauty could help her in the first time. She had to gather some people so they could praise her to get her power back. Always one eye on the portal that connected the two world's she had made a plan to get along. 

She walked to the biggest building in the city where in big shining letters the word Stark was build on the top. It was the so called Stark-Tower and was the main HQ for Tony Starks Megacorp. But she wasn't after him. Not for now to be a exact. She walked to the entrance and this time she hadn't used her magic to charm anyone. In fact she had made a normal meeting with the person of her interest.

After the guards had checked her Termin and explained her where she had to go she went to the evaluator. Right behind her a young redhead entered the evaluator and smiled shortly to her. She was clearly in stress because she tried to work on two different portfolios at the same time. Circe smed at her after she had saw the Sign on her chest. 

Pepper Pots. 

With a little wave of her hand Circe formed a spell that caused a lite eruption and Pepper Los control over her papers. They all fell to the ground and a whispered Fuck was escaping her lips. Circe quickly bend down to help her gather all papers and smiled at Pepper. Pepper smiled at her and said. 

Thank you very much. 

Circe smiled and said. 

No problem Ms. Pots. After all you don't have to stress yourself because I am your 2pm guest. 

Pepper smiled and nodded. 

I am normally not so clumsy but let me say hello and welcome in the Stark-Tower. 

She put the papers to the ground and offered Circe a handshake. While Circe put her hand Pepper looked at the woman who stood before her. She was stunning. A living goddess. Her long hair and the European face gave her an absolute perfect look. The red full lips surely could drive every man mad, but the rest of her were also perfect. Her athletic body was hidden under a tight but not whorish looking business suit but her impressive chest was impossible to hide. Pepper guessed on a C or maybe even D cub. The blazer had a normal cut so her breast were put in a good view without getting to deep. Between her big breast she wore a golden necklace with a red stone that laid on her chest is on a soft pillow. 

I hope you don't have to put some more important things to the side Ms. Pots?

 Circe asked and had noticed the quick scan from her. Pepper herself was a very good looking woman and a smart one too. Something that Circe didn't me to much. But pepper was the first step in a long way to archive her goal. She took a deep breath but noticed very quick that Pepper hadn't any lesbian fantasies so she had o do this the hard way. But not in the evaluator. They talked about the weather and boring things until they entered her office. 

Please. Take a seat. So you are from Greece and want to build up a partnership with our Corporate. Don't get me wrong but we are specialized in high tech and information. I didn't know that Greece had a sector there? 

This is correct ms Pots. But we want to build up a better sector and thought about a partnership with you. We could bring in great buildings and manufacturer and you brig in the knowledge and the experience. 

Circe said while she let her right hand wander to her belly. It was to soon. She felt that pepper had a strong mind and would be hard to convince. 
The talk between the two women went on the next ten minutes until Circe saw her time coming. She let her hand wander higher until it reached her breast and with two fingers she started to play with th. Amulet of Ra. In the light it would now sparkle from time to time but for paper it was already to late. She didn't even notice that Circe was playing with the amulet because she saw it as a nervous act and ignored it. The little flashes from the gem she noticed but didn't look at it before while it would look not very serious. 

But with each flash a fine and subtitle spell was cast in the room and for everyone that saw the flashes the wearer of the amulet would rise in appearance. This was the power of the amulet of ra. Only gods had the strength to fight against this power and much to Circes amusement a tall men entered the room and introduced himself as bodyguard from Pepper. He was looking much more to her breast and so both of them started to feel the effects of the spell. 

So Ms Pots. I hope you don't mind but I have to say that I would like the idea that both of use would work together more often. What do you say? 

Yes I think we should give your corporation a try pepper smiled while her bodyguard stood behind her and starred at the big titted woman in front of his boss. Circe on the other hand smiled and opened one button from her blazer and waved her hand in front of her face. 

I think you should open the windows a bit. I it is pretty war in here. 

She said but both of them were looking at her cleavage now which was showing a bit more of her tits now. While Pepper had to admit that this woman in front of her was much better build than here she wasn't turned on at the side. The it was more that she liked her body and loved the thought of seeing this woman more often. But in her mind she told herself that she would never let Tony get near her. Her bodyguard on the other side wasn't as strong as Pepper. He stood there with last in his eyes and only the fact that he was a married men and that his boss was in the room could hold him back. 

I hope you like what you see? 
Circe asked Pepper suddenly and Pepper got red like a tomato. 
This is my favorite blazer and i have to say it fits great don't you think? 

Circe said and let both hands run offer the blazer until it had reached her tits. There she cubed both of them and pressed them together so her already impressive cleavage got even bigger. Now both of them had to swallow hard and Circe smiled. 

Oh I understand now. You weren't looking on the jacket. You wanted to see my breast. Why didn't you say it.

 With that she opened another button of the jacket and a bright red tank shirt became visible for them. It was only the top of it but it was skin tight and it was a very arousing sight. Pepper couldn't help it anymore. This woman was definitely hot. She tried to look away from her tits but Circe smiled only and said.

Oh don't look away. I like the way you are a thing at my body. I think it is a great Compliment from a good looking woman like yourself. I am very proud at my body. For every part of it. Do you want to see more of it? 

She asked softly locking her lips. 

I... I must say you can be proud Ms Circe. And if you don't mind. Why not? 

Pepper said and felt a soft tingle between her legs. That her bodyguard was standing behind her didn't matter anymore. The possibility to see this beautiful woman was to much for her. Slowly Circe raised out of the chair and smiled at both of them. Then she turned around and spread her legs only to bend her body over to the chair. 

I like my ass and i can say that I never had a men or a woman that didn't like the idea to kiss my hot ass. I am sure both of you understand why. 

She giggled and her left hand rubbed ofer her ass while both of them starred at this perfect shaped ass. Then she turned around again and open her jacket only tho let it fall to the ground. The heavy breast were now only hidden by an short tank top that let her belly free. 

What do you think Pepper. Do you like my Tits? 

She asked and put her hands behind her heads and took a sharp breath so her lungs filled with air. The totally mesmerized Pepper starred at the big breast and nodded with a dry mouth she said.

 Yes. You have a wonderful body and your breasts are magnificent. 

Oh my dear... Circe said as she bend over the table so that Pepper could stare deep into her cleavage. I wanted to know if you like my dick hot TITS. And you silly boy. I be so kind and undress. 

She said to the bodyguard that did not wast any second. 

You have wonderful tits Circe. 

Pepper said starring now deep into the Valley of her tits and the glowing orb of the amulet. 

Would you like to feel them? 

Circe said and sat down in her chair again. 

If you want I would you touch them. But only if you bend over the table and can reach them hm? Is this a fair deal? 

Without thinking pepper rose out of her chair and bent over the table and tried to touch the breasts with one hand. That she showed her ass now clearly towards her bodyguard who was almost naked didn't cared her. But she could not reach her and Circe was so full of mercy to bow her body a little bit of forwards. 

Do I turn you on Pepper? 

She asked and Pepper nodded with a mix of shame and arousal. She had never before felt something like that for a woman but now her pussy was on fire. 

When you do me a little favor... I could be convinced to show you my Tits mh. All you have to spread your legs and push up that little skirt over your ass. If you do this I show you my Tits. 

Only one second was Peppers mind strong enough to tell her that this was absolutely unprofessional but then her lust took over and she pulled her skirt over her ass. To show har that she would do it she lifted one knee on the table and stood there awaiting that Circe would hold her word. Circe smiled and laid both hands on the top and smiled to the bodyguard. 

Rub your dick at her and then rip of her panties. She doesn't need them anymore isn't it so Pepper?

With that she pulled her top down and showed her perfect body. The same Body that had caused Odyssey to fall in front of her. Peppers eyes went wide and she felt an orgasmus rising in her. This woman was a living goddess and she felt something warm and creamy spray against her ass. Then she felt an short pull and her wet pussy was free. With one hand she reached behind and tasted the cream and knew it was semen from her bodyguard. He had an orgasmus too and had sprayed his semen over her ass. It was not normal but right now it was hot. She reached behind and after a few seconds of searched her hand found the still hard dick. She grasped it and smiled at Circe. 

You are godlike. So beautiful. While she said that she gave him a hard hand job and starred drooling at the big hard nipple. 

All that Circe said was

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