Outside the Museum, in Metropolis, Flash catches up to Giganta and Sportsmaster

by BatPimp
Storyline Trouble in Paradise
Characters Flash
Category DC M/F
Previous Chapter Deathstroke decides to have some fun with Zatanna before handing her to Circe

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Giganta and Sportsmaster were running away from the Museum with the artifact they had stolen. They needed to reach Circe's safe house in Metropolis before the Justice League caught up to them.

They had no such luck.

As they reached a shadowy alley, they heard a swooshing sound followed by a gust of wind. Sportsmaster didn't even have time to react before he started spinning rapidly and finally fell on the ground. In his dizziness, he barely noticed the thick rope that he was wrapped in before fainting.

Momentarily distracted by her companion's misfortune, Giganta failed to see the red blur that came close to her and ran past her taking away the trinket she was holding. Slightly confused at her empty hand, she glanced from right to left until her eyes fell on Flash's slender form leaning against a wall.

"Looking for this, babe?" he teased, showing off his prize and grinning boldly.

"Kind of," she answered, suddenly feeling shy and giddy. Flash's countenance switched from playful to serious.

"Look, Giganta. I know you like me and maybe I like you too. If you give up, I'll slip in a word to the judge and I'll even come visit you in prison. What do you say?" he suggested.

She tapped on her chin with a finger in mock pondering. "I've got a counter-proposition," she announced. "Since you've already have the trinket back, how about you let me go after a little fun?" she added in a wicked tone, sliding a finger under the hem of her tunic and rubbing it up and down on the inside of her thigh.

Flash mock seriously considered her offer. "Well, I can't just let you go. I'll be lucky if Bats lets me keep my head after this. But if I bring you with me and tell my friends that you gave yourself up, I can make sure you get away with community service," he explained.

"But what about fun?" she asked, pouting in mock chagrin. She held a finger on her bottom lip and one between her thighs, squeezing her shoulders to boast her chest.

"Who said the two had to be mutually exclusive," he replied shrugging. He then sped up to lean a hand on the wall next to her. "Besides, I get us to the Metrotower in no time," he said in a low sensual voice.

"Sweet," she cooed before seizing him in a passionate kiss. She moaned into his mouth as they made out fervently. He lifted her up in his arms with a little difficulty, as she was a good foot taller than him, and brought her to his room at the Metrotower at super-speed.

"Just a second," he excused himself after setting her on the bed. He sped out of the bedroom to toss Sportsmaster into a holding cell. Flash was back before she could remove her clothes. He divested both of them and settled his head between her thighs.

"Here I am, babe, and ready to go," he said as he started licking her slit.

"Oooh, Flash," she murmured sweetly. She started getting wet really fast. "Aaah! You make me feel so hot, baby," she moaned when he brushed a finger over her clitoris. She bucked her hips against his face.

Flash felt her tightening on his tongue. "I'm so close, sweaty," she complained between pants. "I'm cuuumiiiiig," she cried out, squirting her juices into his mouth as he eagerly lapped on her pussy. She shuddered and jerked her head from the overwhelming pleasure.

Not leaving her enough time to come down from her high, he lifted her feet over his shoulders and thrust his throbbing erection between her wet folds. She squealed and wailed as he pumped his rock-hard cock in and out of her squishy cunt.

"AAAH! YES! Baby, fuck me harder," she cried out, making him speed up his humping.

"Oh, God, babe! Your pussy's so tight," he groaned, watching her big sweaty tits bounce up and down as he thrust.

"OH! SWEATY! YES! I'M GONNA CUM! I'M GONNA CUM HARD!" she cried out, her juices leaking out over his crotch.

"Cum for me, babe. Cum all over my. Big. Hard. Cock," he growled, punctuating every word with a stab of his rod through her wet core.

"OOOUUUUUH! YES! I'M CUMMIIING!" she cried, squirting her cum juices over his hard probing erection, her insides quivering as he kept humping her. She clamped so hard on his dick, he followed soon after.

"OH! FUCK! BABE! YES!" he groaned, spilling his seed inside her. Giganta held him tightly while she and Flash shuddered and panted together. Wally's head was settled between her large breasts.

"Don't go. Stay," she whispered dreamily when he was about to get up and leave. She kissed him on the forehead to convince him.

"Sorry, babe. Got to go... work," he argued weakly. She held his face tighter against her chest and jiggled her tits to stress out her point. "On the other, a little nap won't hurt," he concluded, falling asleep in her affectionate embrace.

Drifting off to dream world, they found themselves trapped under the influence of Doctor Destiny.

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