Deathstroke decides to have some fun with Zatanna before handing her to Circe

by BatPimp
Storyline Trouble in Paradise
Characters Zatanna Deathstroke Huntress Green Lantern Star Sapphire
Category DC M/F
Previous Chapter Circe communicates to Deathstroke. She would give him Huntress and a three rewards within reason of his choice... if he returned Zatanna to her as well.

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Deathstroke was strolling through the halls of the Museum looking for the two artifacts Circe had asked him to bring. Now that he was the last left on the team, the reward was all his, along with a few other perks. Zatanna and Huntress were trailing behind him like two lovesick kittens, clinging themselves to him whenever he made a pause.

The gesture would have been irritating if it wasn't so hot. The two women were looking completely entranced, lips parted and pupils dilated. The pheromone didn't leave them with enough brainpower to speak, but they didn't need to for him to understand what they wanted. And they wanted it bad.

Damn the witch. He wasn't going to pass an opportunity like this. He located a comfortable couch in the middle of the hall, placed there for the visitors who needed to take a break, and dragged the two heroines towards it. They sat down after a gentle nudge, he didn't have to order them into or say anything, they followed his every move.

So when he pulled his half-erect member out of his pants, Zatanna and Huntress attacked it like a Popsicle. A pair on tongues and two pairs of lips worked on his erection, coating it with a warm layer of saliva. The two heroines took turns tasting and sucking on him, while moaning from the strong taste and smell that invaded their senses.

In another part of the Museum, Star Sapphire was lying on the floor while Hal Jordan was lapping audibly on her pussy and Sinestro was fucking her in her moaning mouth. Each man had a hand on one of her breasts, squeezing it and pinching her nipples. She was writhing wildly under Hal's tongue as she eagerly sucked on Sinestro's cock.

The former Green Lantern and his ex-apprentice were pleasuring the Star Sapphire like they had done so with other alien women when Sinestro was showing Hal around the Galaxy. The three of them were far from silent, moaning and groaning in ecstasy, but no words escaped their lips, since they were caught in a trance.

They changed positions, forcing her on all fours, and Sinestro mounted her from behind, roughly shoving his cock through her cunt, while Hal sheathed his dick inside her throat, letting her gurgle and drool on it. The double assault made her buck wildly between them and squirt her juices all over Sinestro's invading erection.

Back to the other trio, Deathstroke, after sufficient lubrication, had divested both women of their clothes and proceeded to taste their chests. They moaned and cooed under the grazing of his teeth before he laid Zatanna on her back on the couch and mounted her. She eagerly locked her legs around his back when he penetrated her.

She cried out and moaned happily as he humped her ferociously. Deathstroke was surprised by her large open-mouthed smile. He was thrusting his large hot rod into her wet juicy cunt with long forceful strokes while she writhed and her boobs swayed under his assault. "HUUUUUNGH" Her core clamped on his cock and she squirted fluids all over his crotch when she came. But he wasn't even near done.

Next to them, Huntress had a hand burrowed between her thighs, enthusiastically rubbing her clit and diving her fingers into her slit, as she watched Deathstroke fuck Zatanna through her orgasm. Her magician friend wailed in delight, enjoying the mercenary's hot cock pounding into her squishy pussy.

"OH! OOOH! AAAAAH!" Zatanna cried out when she came again, jerking furiously while her insides quivered in release. Slade grunted loudly as he joined her in climax, his erection throbbing inside her while it flooded her pussy with its seed. Zatanna moaned and cooed under his petting, smiling blissfully.

Elsewhere in the Museum, Star Sapphire was enjoying the attention of the Yellow and Green Lanterns. She was coming non-stop under their combined assault, her cries of pleasure filling the halls. She was lying on her side, squirting cunt juices all over the floor and Hal Jordan's fingers, who was fucking her ass while she sucked on Sinestro's cock.

She wailed in protest when Hal unsheathed his rod from her asshole, but cooed happily when he lifted her in his arms, holding her under her knees, and impaled her leaking cunt on his throbbing pole. "AAAH!" she cried out as he bounced her in the air, his erection reaching deeply inside her. This wasn't the last surprise she was in for.

Sinestro approached from behind her and - "OH! OH! OH! AAAH!" - forced his member inside her anus. She writhed and trashed in their hold, overwhelmed by the intense pleasure, while they pounded rhythmically into her insides. She tightened firmly on their cocks when she - "UUUUUH!" - squirted all over Hal's crotch. The two men followed soon after.

They thrust their hot hard dicks into her shuddering cunt and quivering asshole a few last times before they grunted and groaned loudly, firing several strands of cum inside her ravenous slurping holes. "HUN! HUN! AAAAAH!" She came again as she felt them filling her up. They collapsed together in a heap of bodies, cum juices leaking out of Star Sapphire's shivering pussy and rump as all three of them fall asleep.

Hal Jordan couldn't even feel Doctor Destiny trapping him in his own dreams.

Back to the hall occupied by Deathstroke, Huntress and Zatanna, the magician was sound asleep while Slade was dressing up, ignoring Huntress who was trying to rub her slit over his leg.

"Don't worry, Ms Bertinelli. I'm not done with you just yet," he promised with an evil smirk. "Once the witch has reprogrammed your mind, I'll make you into my loyal apprentice. Believe me, you'll love being the teacher's pet," he chuckled ominously.

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