Somewhere in Gotham's countryside...

by BatPimp
Storyline Changing the Scene
Characters Absolutely Everyone
Category Absolutely Everything Marvel and DC
Previous Chapter In the torture rooms of Darkseid's palace on Apokolips...

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A meeting of heroes is taking place. Those who still fight on the side of humanity and Earth's freedom but have elected to stay in the territories occupied by Apokolips, are holding this meeting every three months, each time in a different location. This time they have decided it would take place near Gotham city where there used to be a natural preserve.

Three independent groups are meeting today. One is already waiting for the other two. They have arrived several hours earlier and have taken the time to scout the area and make sure their meeting would go uninterrupted.

This particular group was here in its entirety, counting no additional members among their ranks than those present here. Hulk, Catwoman, Scarlet Witch and Hawkman followed the lead of Captain America, who concentrated the efforts of his group on guerrilla operations and gathering intelligence.

They saw the second group approaching their position. Richard Greyson, the new Batman, was accompanied by Jason Blood, who could turn into the demon Etrigan, Dr Victor Fries, who the media had nicknamed Mr Freeze, Raven, his friend and former Teen Titans teammate, and X-23, Wolverine's female clone. Although only those five came to the meeting, they had many more allies waiting for them back in Gotham.

Gotham City housed the second largest population of both civilians and superheroes(/ex-villains) after Tokyo, new homeland of SHIELD and the Avengers, but represented a much bigger threat to Kalibak's reign due to its proximity to Metropolis.

"Hey guys," Catwoman greeted her fellow Gothamites.

"Selina," Batman was the only one to greet her back. He had never really liked the cat burglar, even when she had dated his adopted father. When he was a kid, it was as though she was competing with him for Bruce's time and attention. When he had grown up and become Nightwing, she started flirting with him the same way she flirted with the old Batman, even though they weren't dating anymore. Dick was loath to admit she had managed to seduce him more than once. The MILF was definitely a good lay, though, he remembered.

"Captain Rogers," Batman greeted him, extending his hand.

"Batman," Captain America shook hands with the young man, as everyone else shared their own greetings. They chatted in hushed voices, waiting for the last group to join them. Batman was always amused by the way Catwoman and Scarlet Witch clung to Captain America. They used to fight over him all the time when he first assembled this team. Now it's like they're sharing him, Dick mused with a secret smirk.

They didn't have to wait too long before the last group showed up. The welcome committee was much warmer this time. Wonder Woman came forward to Batman and hugged him in a motherly way.

"It's good to see you, Richard," she said with a warm smile. As Bruce's on-and-off girlfriend, she had seen him raise his adopted children and was the closest thing they had to a mother figure.

"It's good to see you too, Diana," he responded with his own smile.

"Any news of Bruce?" she asked uncertainly. The first Batman had been gone ever since the death of Superman. Although Wonder Woman wasn't the only one who believed her lover had survived, she was probably the last who still expected the Dark Knight to make a miraculous comeback.

"No, Di. I'm sorry," he answered slightly ashamed that he had lost hope in his father's return. Wonder Woman returned a sad smile.

Batman looked at the people that had come with her. There was Shayera Hol, Hawkman's ex-wife, her fellow Amazon Artemis, Fire, She-Hulk, Scott Summers and...

"Jason!?" exclaimed a stunned Batman, looking at Red Hood. Jason Todd was Bruce Wayne's second adopted son and the second Robin. He had gone rogue after being killed by the Joker and brought back to life by Ra's al Ghul. Apparently the two brothers were on the same side again.

"Hello, dick-head," he replied with a smirk. "The cowl suits you."

After everyone had shared their greetings, and a long glaring match between Wonder Woman and Catwoman, they all stood in a circle around the trio formed by the leaders and began their meeting.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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