Sue is captured!

by hyperion
Storyline Blastaar's Beauty!
Characters Invisible Woman
Category Corruption Alien Impregnation Change of clothes M/F Marvel Pregnancy Transformation
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Susan Storm-Richards came out of a daze. He knew she had been kidnapped, but not by who or why? All she remembered was being taken from the streets of New York unaware and too quick to fight. When she awoke she found herself in greatly adorned bed chambers. "What" she thought. "Where am I." She looked aroun to see she was clearly in some sort of castle.

A cackle came from behind her. "Why my pretty human. You are in the my kingdom. BLASTAAR THE LIVING BOMBURST!" His face appeared on a screen above a fireplace. "And it is here you will remain as my Queen!"

Sue cringed. The thought of being the Queen of that beast made her sick. "But how. How am I here."

Blastaar laughed. "An old enemy has provided you for me. In exchange all I need do is make you my bride!"

Sue looked up with anger. "Never you beast


Sue stayed in the room of Blastaar's castle for hours trying to figure out a way to get out of this. Blastaar was watching the. He saw the shiny blue dress in the wardrobe closet. The short blue dress (a blue like the vest Blastaar wore) shined with brilliance. Sue's eyes eventually wandered to it. Drawn to it she walked over and touched the fabric. "Strange!" she thought. Blastaar smiled. The dress was created to bring out the evil within dark souls. He knew of Sue's past. And as she touched it he saw her slowly smile. "The dress will corrupt her" he spoke out loud to no one. "She will be mine." With that he told one of his Baluuran subjects to summon Sue to dinner. "And make her wear the blue dress".


Sue felt something strange surge through her as she touched the fabric. Blastaar watched with excitement as she caressed it. The door opened and a Baluraan stepped in. "Blastaar wishes you to accompany him to dinner."

Sue stared at this creature. Strangely a feeling came over her she had not felt before. The urge to take this being's life for interrupting her. But, no, she thought. I'd rather save my strength for the beast Blastaar. She hated him, and she would make him pay. But for now she needed to bide her time. So she nodded. "Wear the dress" the being said leaving.

Normally Sue would never agree to such a demand. But something in her told her to. Besides she was still in her underwear and she would not present herself to Blastaar in that manner. She saw other dresses but nothing compared to this one.

Blastaar got an eyeful as he watched her slip off her t-shirt and underwear. The perfect toned and tanned back and ass of the blonde beauty came into view. As he stroked his hard member he wished he had placed a camera on the other side of the room.

Sue stepped into the Blue dress. She was surprised how well it fit. She looked in the mirror and something made her smile. She looked quite gorgeous. Little did she know that the material was sinking into her DNA, making her darker and evil. Blastaar watched as she went about making herself up, not realizing why she put on black lipstick, and black eye-make-up. It just felt right. Blastaar further smiled when he saw her breasts. If she noticed she did not make any indication. Her ass was tight and firm. This would be great when he filled her stomach with his brood.

As Sue looked in the mirror, she was shocked not by the way she looked like a villainess, but the way she enjoyed this new look. Though the B on her dress was a little foolish she thought. But, for now she glided slowly to the dinner chambers to meet "her host". She would make him pay.

Blastaar splattered his sperm all over the screen and quickly cleaned up. He would make her his no matter what!


Sue walked around in the blue dress. It hugged her form perfectly. She twirled to herself in the mirror. She could swear her breasts were bigger. She sat on the large bed and put on black knee high, heeled boots. As she stood she thought to herself, "I will not parade myself around like a whore for that beast". She went invisible and opened the door.

In his room Blastaar smiled, he had infrared on his cameras. He would allow her to roam, and let the dress change her!


The blue dress clung to Sue's form. She had no idea that it was chaning her ever so slightly, and slowly. She was able to find her way out of Blastaar's castle, and into the sewers below.

She found herself using her powers to create a force field platform to ride over the disgusting slime and water below her. Her mind found the idea of sullying such a wonderful dress to be repugnant. She dared not do such a thing, nor put that sludge near her wonderful and expensive, clearly expensive boots. It was an outfit fit for a beauty such as her, fit for a....well....queen. At least that beast Blastaar had some taste, she scoffed, exiting the sewers onto the streets of the crowded capital of Baluur. Where the mighty Blastaar reigned over.

Meanwhile, Blastaar was talking to his servants. "Prepare a grand feast, as I'm sure my concubine will be returning in no time." He had no doubt in his mind, in fact.

Sue went visible as she walked the streets. Why shouldn't she, with her powers no one near her stood a chance. She could wipe them away with a flick of her wrist. She was by far the strongest of her team, maybe of the powered mutants on earth, she surmised.

He heels clicked as she walked, and she felt the eyes of all the males, humanoid and alien alike watching this blonde bombshell. Why shouldn't they, she smiled, she was a sight to behold, especially in such a dress.

A Baluuran, with grey hair smiled at her. "How much," he asked moving towards her.

Sue merely laughed, the dress affecting her mind. "Much more than you could EVER afford," she twisted her hand sending the Baluuran flying through the air. She didn't actually care if he was hurt or not, this being was simply, beneath her.

She saw the spaceport, her ticket home, but something inside her told her to hit the bar first. She walked in, and all eyes beheld this woman. She sat at the bar, head held high, and ordered the strongest drink. It was actually quite delicious. Male after male attempted to hit on her, but she scoffed at them. None of these men could offer her what a woman of her stature needed.

A being who looked like something out of Starwars sat beside her. "Care for a drink," it said in a low voice that almost reminded her of Blastaar. Strange to think of him in her inebriated state.

She couldn't even look this worm in the eye, "I shall allow you to buy me a drink. Then you will leave," she seethed.

The being did as told, and Susan took the drink eagerly. The male alien left adjusting his crotch at the sight of her long lean legs. This was the first time she had been drunk in as far as she could remember. It felt good. Her stomach rumbled.

She turned to the bartender, a Baluuran with blonde hair. "I wish to be fed!" She stated in a more commanding tone. These beings should be on their knees to feed such a woman, she thought.

Th bartender eyed her up and down, "We have food here!"

She laughed, "Like I would eat amongst the likes of you!" She bellowed.

He shrugged," Well, there is a nice restaurant across the street. Pretty pricey," he started to walk away. "Or," he turned back to her, "our mighty king Blastaar is having a banquet in honor of his new Queen."

This caused Sue's ears to perk up. The sound of "queen" caused new emotions in her. "At the palace," she said with low eyes. The bartender nodded. Sue stood up and left without paying. They should be so lucky to have her drink with the rabble.

As she left the bar she walked towards the Spaceport.


Susan Storm-Richards walked out of the bar, the tight blue dress hugging her body, and the knee-high five inch heeled black boots clicking as she walked. She sighed, moving towards the spaceport in this terrible city. These beings she passed, the gawkers at the blonde bombshell, were beneath her. She wanted nothing more than to leave this rock, and return to destroy this filthy place with her....her team. Where were they? She thought to herself, thinking they should be rescuing her by now. She laughed at the thought of them "rescuing" her. It was a laughable notion at this point, she was far more powerful than all of them combined. She seethed at the notion that they weren't here. Not realizing that time here in the Negative Zone flew by much faster. For every day on Earth, as much as two weeks could pass in places in this forbidden zone. But she still felt angry, at Reed in particular. He was probably in his lab, not noticing her absence as usual. In fact, he was, but time had not passed much more than an hour on Earth, for the hours that had passed here.

The dress worked on her mind, as it seemed to tighten around her ample form. Creatures big and small took notice, and it gave her a strange confidence that made her hold her head high as she walked through the masses.

She heard two Baluuran's chatting and stopped momentarily to listen. "I hear that the new Queen is some bitch from Earth! One of those supposed heroes even." Said the worm of a beast or man, Sue couldn't decide which, all she knew is that she wanted to kill this thing for speaking about her in such ways.

But the other continued before Sue acted on her raw emotions. "No. No. No. I hear her beauty is beyond reproach, and her powers are rivaled only by mighty Blastaar himself. No, he has chosen a fine Queen."

This made a small smile creep on Sue's face and she kept moving to the spaceport. More and more patrons spoke of her utter power and unheralded beauty. Confidence began to swell inside Sue. She noted the various news feeds portraying the Fantastic Four as villains, and destroying this land. She caught one Baluuran woman looking at this world's excuse for a gossip rag. With the title, "Is the deadly and gorgeous Invisible Woman truly the new Queen? Will she help save this world from the scourge of the "Four".

Sue's smile was wide, thinking about how appropriate both "deadly" and "gorgeous" were in describing her. She found herself standing at the entrance to the spaceport her mind wandering over the past few hours.

Meanwhile, in the castle the many subjects and lords of Baluur waited as dinner was being served. Blastaar sat at a large table in a throne, next to an empty, smaller throne.

Grajeer, Blastaar's trusted general urged his leader to call off the charade, as Susan Richards was no were to be found. "The cow is not coming master," Grajeer spoke to a strangely confident Blastaar, who gulped down Baluuran ale by the gallon.

The front doors to the hall flung open strongly, and the image of Susan Richards, head high, came into view. She walked seductively yet proudly to the throne seat next to Blastaar. "For your sake," she spat at Grajeer, "I hope you are referring to the food."

Blastaar smiled to her. "Glad you could make it," he looked her up and down lecherously. "As you can see everything looks delicious."

Sue chortled a little at the snide remark and sat. Both nervous, and at the same time excited to see what would occur.


Sue began to eat her meal. She had to admit, even for Baluuran food this was quite delicious, but she dared not tell Blastaar. She sipped from a clear crystal goblet and tasted a green alcohol. It was exquisite.

"Do you like," Blastaar muttered, placing his large paw-like grey hand on her knee. She pushed it away with a quickness he was not accustomed to.

"It is nice," she looked at him with low eyes of anger.

Blastaar continued, "It is the finest Baluuran wine," he pointed to the cup, "and that is what you would call a pure diamond. Worth a small fortune actually."

This stunned Sue. She had never seen such a large diamond, nor one fashioned into a drinking cup. "You're kidding me."

He laughed, "Only the finest things for my queen. I can get you one the size of a planet."

She stared at the goblet. Never had she cared for such trivial things, but here and now, it seemed so poignant to have such nice beautiful and expensive things. It was the work of the dress she wore.

Blastaar noted her interest and again attempted to rest his hands on her thigh. This time he was stopped not by her hand, but and invisible field he could not see. This only made him smile.

For some reason Sue felt rather provocative, and decided to toy with him. "I think you will find that some things are PRICELESS, and more than worth the wait."

The mighty king was shocked at her words, and smiled to himself as he gulped down his drink.

Grajeer the general was livid at this new arrangement, that the king would take a human as queen, and Susan Storm-Richards a sworn enemy for that matter. Finally he could take no more and spoke up over the din of the room. "What of Annihilus? He seeks to gain ground in our territory? Will she help us with him?" He pointed at Sue.

The larger Baluuran king stared menacingly at his general. "HE is of no worry to us now! We are here to celebrate and not to worry of enemies!" Blastaar stood to use his burst power, and the crowd cringed with anticipation at his fury.

Sue put her hand on his forearm and pushed him down. She shot a glance at Grajeer, "What? Are you afraid of a bug?" This caused the entire throneroom to rise up in a chorus of laughter. It seemed to alleviate Blastaar who, himself chortled at the unexpected comment.

The defeated general was not finished, he shook his head and pleaded to the crowd of Baluuran nobility. "What of Hellscout? And his pilgrims? This woman actively joined his resistance! Will she fight him and his pilgrims?"

Blastaar was more than ready to punish his general in front of the people. But before he could stand, he was surprised by Sue's smaller hand grabbing his mighty arm and resting it on her knee. "Eat, do not listen to his foolishness." For some reason, she wished to calm this beast before he surely killed this general.

The king sat again, but another noble stood up. "He is right! And I hear that Hellscout has aligned with Lockdown and his people."

The entire crowd was stunned when Sue's hand gripped the diamond cup and it shattered as if glass. "Did you say LOCKDOWN?" her other hand clenching Blastaar's hand in her lap. She knew this "hero", who had imprisoned her and attempted to charge her and her "team" with crimes. This being had manipulated her once. It had caused her great discomfort and shame. She seethed at the name.

The noble took a step back, "I didn't mean to speak against you," he said in fear, "but I have been told he is aligned with Hellscout."

Sue stood up with a fury not seen in her before. "TOMORROW WE WILL CRUSH THEM!" The crowd cheered, and even Grajeer seemed content with the answer. She slowly turned to Blastaar as the cheers died down. "Promise me we will attack in the morning," she said with sternness.

"Yes my queen," he spoke lowly admiring the changes in her.

"GET ME ANOTHER GOBLET!" Sue screamed at her servant who ran off quickly. The dress was changing her in a deep way. As hours past, she began to get drunk on top of all the changes.

Blastaar's hand moved up and down her thigh with no resistance. "Tomorrow we conquer, but tonight I have much to show you." He said. He had lusted for this woman for ages, and he could no longer contain it.

Sue looked at him seductively. "Then maybe its time you told your guest to leave!" She had no idea what she was saying or doing anymore, the extravagance, the opulence, the power and the dress were corrupting her. She was more than excited.

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