Rogue's formula works, combining her, Emma and Storm's powers into their new forms: The Night-Beasts!

by Gorel
Storyline Breeding Factories
Characters Absolutely Everyone
Category Marvel and DC F/F M/F Pregnancy Growth Transformation
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As soon as the mixture passed their lips nothing seemed to happened for a few seconds. Then they all gasped as their hearts began to boom in their chests, dropping the vials to the floor as the changes began to take root.

Storm lumbered back and fell to her knees, driving her fingers into her pussy to stoke the fires in her loins while she groped her leaking breasts. Gritting her teeth she discovered fangs lengthening out of her gasping mouth, her tongue licking the sharp insizers as she felt the rest of her body change. Jet black fur began to spread over her body as she rocked her hips against her fingers, now sporting clawed nails at their tips. Twisting her wide hips a tail sprouted out of the base of her spine, lengthening out and lashing back and forth like a cat's as her arousal reached new heights. Arching her back and lifting her strong arms back to tussle her mane of white hair, new breasts began to form and grow under her original ones. Swelling round and heavy with mother's milk until all six of her tits had reached H cup size. With a scream that sounded very much like lion's roar, Storm's transformation had finished. Feeling up her new breasts and tail she swooned at the pointed ears and smooth fur that covered all but her chest and face. Looking over to the others she gasped out a pleased purr as her 'sisters' joined her.

Emma Frost had collapsed against a wall, holding herself as the changes hit her full force. She could feel power flowing into her limbs as they swelled with muscle. Looking up at her hand she smiled through the painful arousal as she developed clawed fingernails. Lowering down to the ground she gasped as a tail shot out of her backside, platinum fur spreading out all over her body as she raked her new claws on the floor. "So... Much... POWER!" Moaning as a pair of hands lifted her up she found herself being kissed by Rogue who was now larger than she once was. "Ah can feel ya thoughts Emma... We're the same now." Leaning into the kiss Emma moaned as new breasts grew out from her chest, lining down her body and filling with milk as she felt up Rogue's wider hips and ass. Feeling Storm join in, all three entered a lesbian threesome, kissing and exploring each other's altered bodies as they rode out their shared climax.

"I too can feel your thoughts, and... Our babies."

"Our CUBS Ororoe." Husked Emma as she rubbed a hand under the swelling dome of her belly. "We're not human anymore, more than mutants, were... NIGHT BEASTS!"

All three purred at the new name for themselves, their combined telepathic link gave them a sort of pack mentaility. Sniffing the air Rogue licked her fanged lips as she looked to her two pack members. "Ah know what you both are thinkin, how's a bout we find ah selves a stud to hunt down."

"What a delectible idea sister..."


In the alley way where they dragged off the Hulk to claim for the Green Tide, the three gamma mothers argued over the spoils.

"NO FAIR!" Yelled Wonder Hulk as she pointed an accusing finger at Jen. "YOU MAKE HULK STUD PUNY BANNER AGAIN!" She Hulk stood with a hand at her wide flaring hip, scratching a spot above her round breasts as the two nude hulk women glared back at each other. "He'll wake up in a few hours, why don't you fuck one of the boys instead?" Staring back at the woman and her recliner sized belly with jealousy, Diana turned and stormed off towards the rest of their flock of gamma children. Grabbing two males who were guarding the exits to the alley she pulled them back by their cocks and threw them against the wall to her side. "YOU TWO FUCK WONDER HULK, KNOCK WONDER HULK UP GOOD." Straddling one of them she wrapped her stout legs around his waist with enough force to make the young male hulk cough. "You cum in Wonder Hulk or you be sorry!" Not forgetting the other one she grabbed his cock and sucked him off for dear life, cupping his balls with her free hand as she swallowed his meat.

Power Hulk and She-Hulk watched as their sister Diana dominated the two males, all the while their horde watched on with aroused curiosity. Kara noticed a few of her daughters trying to coax Bruce back awake but sneered at them to move away. "You don't get a turn with him... Not until Wonder Hulk has her turn with him, make her REALLY big!" Watching as the girls scattered from the unconcious body, Power Hulk smirked as her attention went back to her breeder sister, just as both males grunted out their combined orgasms into their leader's pussy and mouth. Diana draining them for all they had before demanding more, all the while her belly slowly grew.


At a hidden location far from civilization, Mastermold watched through several feeds via camera, sattelite and digital feeds of the results of his virus. Watching as the last of his sentinels disguised as people returned to be reprogrammed and reformated, the autonimous machine lord observed studied certain strains of the infected.

"Mutant subjects at the Xavier mansion have taken an unusual deviation after infection, a hybridizing effect with their combined powers and the virus, creating a new species. Looking to another feed he watched as the hulks grew in number, the Green Tide moving on with Banner in tow. "Gamma radiation seems to have excellerated growth and infection rate in hosts, creating another species in itself... Interesting."

The breeder virus he had created had done what it had intended and made the infected hyper fertile, their need to procreate overridding any other priority, but also creating new species as a result. He knew it would shatter civilization as the humans knew it but found such a conclusion irrelivent. "Population growth has begun to return to proper numbers, continueing to observe and study results of virus after all subjects have been infected."

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