Tony steps in to figure out what's up with Powergirl

by Master_Kind
Storyline Mirrors, Mirrors
Characters Hawkeye Iron Man Power Girl Raven
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Tigra's eyes went wide as Karen shoved her tongue in her mouth with gusto. Tony's jaw dropped.

"Whoa." Tony said.

"MMMPHH! PTTUI! GET OFF ME!" Tigra snarled, shoving Karen away from her with great difficulty. "What the HELL is the matter with you?"

"Jeez, no need to be a bitch, Kitty Cat! I just wanted to know if your tongue was all sandpapery and, mmm, it is!" Karen purred as she traced a finger down between Tigra's breasts until Tigra hissed and slapped her hand away.

"Uh-oh, Kitty's got claws! I bet you could really make me hurt in all the right ways if you dug those nasty little magic fingers into my big fat titties."

Tigra cast a disbelieving look over at Hawkeye.

"Okay, what the FUCK did you do to her, Clint?" she hissed.

Clint shrugged helplessly.

"Ah gah nah iduha!" he said, looking just as bewildered as everyone else.

"Uh, Power Girl? You feeling okay?" Tony asked cautiously.

"Well, I'm feeling pretty good thanks to Clinty here but I think he might need some ice for his jaw! I didn't break that sexy lantern jaw of yours, did I stud?"

"Ahm nah shuah." Hawkeye said, looking woozy and rubbing his jaw. "Maught need ah dahter."

"Oookay." Tony said, "Why don't we get you AND Hawkeye down to the med-lab? I'd like to run some test on you if you don't mind, maybe find out what's brought on you being so, uh, "friendly" all of a sudden?"

Power Girl walked up to Tony and bit his ear playfully while goosing him through his iron suit, making the metal crinkle as she left a hand print on his ass.

"Mmmm, you AND Clint at the same time playing Doctor with little old me? Tony, you naughty boy! Lead the way, hot stuff."

The busty blonde tossed a sultry look over her shoulder at Tigra.

"You're free to join us, Tigra honey. I bet your sexy tongue and all that smooth fur would feel really nice in just the right places."

Tigra just shook her head in disbelief.

"I'm calling Martian Manhuter, Dr. Strange and anybody else who can figure out this crap. Keep Power Slut here occupied until they get here." she muttered darkly before storming off.

"Hmmph! Party pooper!" grumbled Karen. "That's all right boys - I think you two can have all sorts of fun with me in the med lab! In fact . . ."

She casually tore off the top of Tony's armor to reveal his bare chest.

"I insist!"

Tony gulped and tossed a quick glance at Hawkeye.

"Ah knuh RAIT?!?" was all the archer was able to get out before Power Girl scooped up both men and flew off toward the med lab.

"I wonder if I can find myself a little nurses outfit?" the randy blonde purred as she pushed each man's face deep into her canyonesque cleavage.


Meanwhile, Raven was disturbed by a sudden tingling sensation. She could feel magic appearing all over the globe with dark intent but couldn't signal out the cause. One of the magic points felt near, very near, in fact-

"Hey, Raven, I think ah found something that you need to take a gander at."

The cheery voice of Cannonball broke her out of her magical trance. The tall, slim blonde mutant approached her with none of his usual hesitancy or shyness. Oddly, she didn't feel his intense emotions as strongly as usual.

"What is it, Samuel?"

"Ah reckon it's best you see for yourself. It's right around the corner."

Raven shrugged. Perhaps it was the magical item she was sensing before he interrupted her.

She turned around the corner only to be greeted by her own reflection. The mirror was round and had seven points, each seemingly depicting one of the seven deadly sins. Raven knew just looking at it that it was evil and that it was doing something to her. She began to raise a counterspell.

"Azaroth men-"

"Hey, Raven - why don't you take a closer look, bitch?"

She didn't even have time to react before Sam smashed her head face first into the mirror, knocking her out cold. The mirror, being magic, was completely undamaged but the same couldn't be said for Raven's nose.

Sam's doppleganger smiled cruelly and kicked Raven while she was down, his face filled with Wrath.

"Arrogant demon bitch!" he sneered as he kicked once more for good measure.

"Calm yourself, Sam. All that fire and hate can be used for far more . . . pleasurable purposes." came a familiar voice as Raven's duplicate shimmered out of the mirror.

She was much the same as the pale magician but with a few notable differences - most notably how little she wore in comparison to the real Raven. This version wore fishnet stockings, a leather corset, purple thigh-high heels and very little else. She fingered her bare pussy wantonly as she came up to rub against Sam like a bitch in heat, her face the very epitome of Lust.

Sam's doppleganger growled and slammed her against a nearby wall.

"Fine, slut? You wanna get fucked? I'll fuck you raw!" he snarled, whipping out his meaty cock, thrusting her legs apart and ramming into her with zero foreplay. Luckily for Raven's doppleganger, her pussy was already soaking wet and she moaned delightedly as Sam hate-fucked her savagely.

Fortunately or unfortunately for the remainder of the residents in Xavier's Tower, this copy of Raven's ability to transfer emotions - in this case, raw, animal Lust - began bleeding into everyone nearby . . .

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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