First things First, Lois...

by Master_Kind
Storyline Porn Star Hero
Characters Superman Lois Lane
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Superman's first thought was to tell Lois that there was no time to make love as there was a ton of emergencies (some of them very bizarre by the sound of it) but then her mouth found his cock. He gasped in surprise -  Lois almost never went down on him due to his tremendous length and girth but now she was deep throating and swirling her tongue around his cock like a woman possessed.

"Luh-LOIS!" he groaned. "Uhh, that's- oh, that's good but I can't- there's an emergen-"

He tossed off the bedsheets and his blue eyes nearly bugged out of his head at the Lois he saw sucking him off. He'd always thought Lois was sexy before but the woman before him was built more like Wonder Woman than his wife of many years. She looked up at him with heavy, lidded eyes covered in purple mascara and gave him a wink before deep throating him even more urgently, her lips fuller and softer than he remembered.

"Ceeeeeee!" he moaned as he reluctantly reached down to pull her head off of his shaft.

"LOIS! Stop! What happened to you-ooohhhhh, fuck!"

Unbelievably, this slutty version of his wife began sucking him off even harder as his hand reached down into her long, dark hair. It was almost like she had superbreath like he did and was using it in a way he'd never imagined. His eyes rolled back in his head with pleasure and he gritted his teeth as he grabbed her head by the hair.

"LOIS!" he panted, trying to pull her off his cock as gently as possible. "What is- what HAPPENED to you?"

"What happened to me? I woke up horny next to the sexiest stud on the planet, same as always!"

She gave his cock one last lick and then pouted as he pulled her away from it."

 Mmmm, pulling my hair, Smallville? Have I been a naughty little wifey?" she purred, her voice smokier and sexier than the Lois he knew. "Or maybe you don't want me to just suck that big fat Kryptonian cock of yours, hmmm?"

"Lois, please, there's an emergency and you don't, uh, your body is-"

"All yours?" Lois purred as she slid up the length of his legs and expertly guided his cock inside her sopping wet pussy. "Ffffffuck!"

"Ungh!" Superman gasped. Whatever had happened to Lois, she was incredibly fucking tight! It felt like her entire pussy was one big kegel muscle as she began to ride up and down on his massive fuckmeat.

"I . . . know . . . you . . gotta . .  save . . . the day . . . Smallville" panted Lois as she punctuated each word with a powerful thrust up and down on his cock. "But . . . Lola needs . . . her . . . man's . . . big . . . fat . . . COCK!"

Clark couldn't help himself, the sensations were just too intense! His hands slid down to her bigger, jiggling tits and he began to squeeze them wantonly as she rode his cock.

"Lois! LOIS! LOOOIIIIIIS!" he practically roared, making items in the bedroom shake and mirrors crack as he came close to cumming.

"Fuck my pussy, Superman! Fuck my slutty pussy! Give me all that supercum! Fill me up, fill me up, fill me uuuuuuupppppp!" Lois screamed.

"NNNRRRAGGGGHHHH!" Superman shouted as he finally lost control and came inside her, his thick cock shooting rope after rope of thick seed deep into her pussy. Lois came at the same time, feeling him cum, her entire body turning flush with delight and her impossibly tight pussy squeezing all the baby batter it could out of his cock of steel with the spasms of her orgasms.

"UH! UH! AHHH! AAAAAAAH CLAAARRRRK! FUCK!" she screamed, thrashing on top of him like a bronco buster before collapsing into a sweaty mess in his arms. He felt his softening dick slide out of her with an audible "POP" as she collapsed against his rock hard body.

"Lois- what- how?" he gasped, panting for breath.

"Mmmmm, Smallville! Fuck! That was great as always. Mmmmm, we gotta do something nice for Dr. Fate and that spell he did that lets us fuck as hard as we want until you put a baby in me!"

"Doctor . . . Fate?" Clark said, still trying to process what had happened and how Lois was now built like a sex kitten version of Diana with a pussy of steel. "Baby?"

"We'll talk more about it later, stud." Lois cooed. "You said there was an emergency or something right? Don't worry, I'll go tell Lana that you won't be fucking her over the breakfast table today."

"Lana?" Superman asked in stunned amazement. His superhearing picked up the sound of Lana Lang singing to herself in what sounded like French interspersed with little gasps of arousal.

"Don't sweat it, baby - I'll just eat her out without you." Lois purred as she slide up her husband's body and kissed him passionately. "Go save the world but just make sure to save more of that hot Kryptonian cum for me and her when you get back."

Clark Kent had no idea what was happening and for once in his life he didn't know if he was supposed to be angry or happy or both . . .

"SUPERMAN! HURRY!" came several different voices at once. The mystery of his wife's new . . . figure and Lana's presence would have to wait. Darkseid was in Bangor, Maine asking for- he couldn't possibly had heard that right, could he?

Well, isn't that an exciting start to things, everybody? We here at MojoVille sure are pleased as punch to offer you the very best in superhero sexy times! Now, watch some of our favorite commercials, courtesy of Mxyzptlk, Incorporated! And when we come back to the show, you'll see if our Man of Steel can keep hitting G-spots  or if he'll keep on failing to keep the American Way G-rated!


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