Ms. Marvel overpowers Thor

by Gorel
Storyline Abominable Avengers
Characters Avengers
Category Marvel M/F Transformation
Previous Chapter Thor was relaxing in the sauna

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Thor wasn't fast enough to escape the creature's leap as he was pinned against the wall creating a circular crack from the indent they made on the sauna wall, the creature's breasts pressed against his barrel chest as the two stared at each other. Looking down Thor noticed the tattered rags the thing was wearing and recognized them as Carol's costume.

"Miss Marvel... is that mphh" he gasped as she plunged her tongue down his throat in a heavy passionate kiss, by the time she pulled back she smiled a toothy grin licking her lips.

"Mmm Hmm... So hot, need fuck! NOW!" Thor suddenly felt one of Carol's clawed hands start pumping his rising erection while her other traced a claw around his chest. When he tried to push her back she tackled him to the ground and positioned herself over his waist. Giggling at his futile attempt to over power her.

"Miss Danvers your not of sound mind, look at yourself." Yelled the Asgard warrior as Miss Marvel finally descended onto his cock and began to grind her hips. The sudden heat was too much for Thor as he grabbed her waist to balance her.

"Don't care, need fuck, so hot!" Unable to reason with her Thor decided to go along, holding her by the hips as the two began to rock back and forth. She was completely wild, thrashing her hair back and practically screaming as she rode him on the tiled floor, one jolt made her slam her fist on the floor shattering several tiles into fine gravel. Thor knew that she had no intention of harming him, she had become so drunk with arousal after her... change that she sought out anything and anyone to get release. "YES! MORE, FUCK MORE!"

After several minutes of rough sex Carol threw her head back and screamed as she came and came hard, her pussy clentching hard on Thor's cock as he came into her. Her claws grabbed his shoulders as she pressed her sizable chest into his face before collapsing on top of him, panting and swooning from the experience.

Exhausted and relieved it was over, Thor nearly went to sleep himself until Carol began to stir and looked up at the Norse god with half lidded eyes.

"Hmmm.... Where am I? Thor? What are you doing..." She stopped dead in her tracks as the first thing she saw was her clawed hands, looking further down she gasped at her new body as she lay straddled over Thor on the remains of the sauna room. Helping her up the two stood only for Thor to have to look up to meet Miss Marvel's gaze since she now stood less than a meter taller than him. "What happened to me? I'm huge." Gasped Miss Danvers as she flexed her sizable arm, her breasts heaving with each breath she took.

A sudden thumping sound echoed from the doorway before Black Panther, now a massive green feline abomination found the two.

"Ah, so you have not been affected Thor, that is good." Looking over to Miss Marvel his eyes wandered over to her massive lush form before he shook his vision to clear his mind. "It would seem the entire group has been effected, Ant Man has called a meeting with us."

Grabbing a towel Thor wrapped himself up to be more dignified, the time in the sauna with Miss Marvel had made him soaked. Looking over to Carol who now held herself in the mist he presented a towel to her before she gently pushed it back to him. "Thanks but I'm alright, lets get going."

Just as she was about to exit the room she turned back and kiss Thor on the lips, not roughly as she did under her daze of lust but a chaste one. "Thank you for... the other stuff too." She switfly exited leaving Thor in the nearly devestated sauna as he went looking for his cloths.


In the meeting room under the mansion the Avengers met around a triangular table shaped like a stylized 'A'. Apart from Thor, Tony Stark and Vision everyone who was present at Emil Blonsky's autopsy had become hulking abominations of their former selves. When they came to the meeting most wore several towels to maintain their dignity while others merely sat naked having given up on finding anything that could fit.

"I'm glad we're all here, obviously your all curious about... well this." Gestured Ant Man to his massive stature in front of everyone, the slight sounds of pleasant murmuring could be heard among the women.

"You all remember the gas released when I ruptured that organ, I tested it and it seems to have been a unique part of his biology."

"What do ya mean doc? It's not like it was his gonnads or something." Joked Hawkeye as he leaned over the table.

"Pretty close actually." Corrected Hank "When Emil was transformed he became gender neutral since he was probably the first of his kind, that gland stored his DNA in spores to be release when he'd die." At that Ant Man clicked a button showing a camera feed of one of the many labs under his care, the display showed another hulknig abomination scrunched up in the corner shuffling about as if confused.

"I tested the remains of the organ and injected it into subject 1436Betaz12 and in the course of an hour he became like THIS."

"YOU DID THIS TO ANOTHER HUMAN BEING?!" Roared Captain America slamming his clawed fist into the table, forming a dent. His voice caused most of the female attendance to quiver at the show of power.

"No! No no no far from it, 1436Beta12 is one of my many test subjects in the lab."

A confused silence followed before a quite muttering and gasp came from Wasp. "You did that to Sprinkles?!" Pointed Janet to the screen feed of the abomination in the camera, it's ears perking at the sudden mention of its name.

"Please Janet, I've asked you before not to name the lab mice."

"That thing was a MOUSE?!"

"BACK... on topic, the spores altered the test subject and mutated it into the same species as Emil had been, this must be how he was expected to reproduce since becoming gender neutral."

"In case you haven't noticed Ant Man we're NOT gender neutral!" Called out Natasha as she stood at the table, her prominent breasts wobbled from her outburst and gaining the attention of the others. Ant Man licked his lips and cleared his throat as he continued.

"Quite right Black Widow, the spores made us the same species as him, but not as copies. The reason for that is because we can now do what he couldn't... Breed."

A stunned silence filled the room at that statement.

"I Tested Janet and myself, we're all in a state of heat and the longer we fight it the stronger the urges become. I can't cure us, Bruce Banner had been trying that for years and the most he got back was his mind." Ant Man sat heavily on his chair, groaning as he tried to reposition the bulge in his loincloth.

"So what do you propose Dr. Pym?" Asked Thor as the others digested the facts. "What shall become of all of you?"

"We have just two choices really, either we can try to fight these impulses while still being protectors of the Earth, or we can simply let go and embrace these new bodies we have, and if we choose the latter then there's going to be alot of us in short time for sure."

Everyone talked and shared about what to do, the decision was going to effect who they were not just as a group but as people. Eventually they all came to a final verdict and gave their response.

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