Another lady needs some buns in the oven

by Gorel
Storyline Breeding Factories
Characters Absolutely Everyone
Category Marvel and DC M/F Growth Corruption Pregnancy
Previous Chapter The X-Women enjoy Emma's students.

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Captain America groaned on the floor as Tigra sat on his lap, grinding her wide hips down as she impaled herself on his cock. Finally capturing her prize Greer meowled like a cat in heat as she bounced on his lap, her tits shaking with every movement as she pinned the man own with her claws. "Yes! YES! So good, give your kitty some loving you stud you!"

Steve Rogers was completely under her mercy, his arms pinned under her desperate strength as she fucked him. Even his meat betrayed him as it stood hard as steel impaling Tigra's drooling pussy for all it was worth. "Almost... Almost there! So close..." Greer's tail whipped back and forth as she continued grind against her prey just before he gritted his teeth and fired off a volley of cum deep inside of her.

Screaming in orgasmic release Tigra slumped forward collapsing on the man as she panted and moaned, he continued to jolt and throb inside of her entrance as their high ebbed down.

Suddenly Steves eyes shot open.

Rolling her over onto her front, he grabbed her wider hips and speared his cock to her pussy from behind, making her cry out as he slammed into her. Something had clicked in Steve's mind, he had to, NEEDED to stick his cock back into her and pump her full of his cum. As they slammed into each other over and over Greer noticed he was changing, his steel hard meat was growing longer, thicker, stretching her to the limit as he pounded deep enough to pierce her womb. His balls and sack were swelling up! Growing larger and heavier until he looked like he had a pair of grapefruits dangling under him while his testes bounced against Tigra's round ass and legs.

"I don't know whats come over you Cap but I'm LOVING it." Moaned the striped furred woman just as Steve tensed and drove deeper than he'd ever been in her. The two crying out as he flooded her again and again with hot cum, the flow was so strong it spilled out of her entrance to pool under their legs. Her eyes rolled back as she passed out from the most intense orgasm of her life, collapsing in a pool of sweat and semen.

"Not... Enough... Need more CUNT!" Pumping his bat sized cock as his eyes darted around the halls, Captain America's infection had taken its course, he had become a breeding stud, hell-bent on planting his seed in any female he could spear his cock into. Looking around he remembered that Greer wasn't alone in the mansion and went off to find who else was here.


Diana smiled darkly as she leaned her back against a wall, rubbing her full round belly while watching She-Hulk give birth on Kara's ruined bed. Jen's water had broke not an hour ago and already she was deep in labour, churning out another crop of small green-skinned children to add to their little horde. She and Power Girl gave her company as the first contractions started and she began to push. While Diana leaned back to watch, Kara was busy stroking Jen's hair, holding her hand as the woman moaned before a sharp cry came from the new born baby.

Wonder Woman shuddered in arousal at the loud moans and screams Jen was making as another baby passed through her birth canal but the smile on Jennifer's lips and the juices staining the blankets proved she was far from experiencing pain. Arching her back and bucking her hips She Hulk moaned to the thrusts of an invisible lover before another child passed through her stretched pussy. Labour had now become as pleasurable as sex to the muscular woman, another baby and she cried out again, panting with lust before pulling Karen down for a kiss, making out with the massively pregnant blonde as her children cried at the foot of the bed.

Shaking her head Diana waddled out to leave the two, breaking down the door frame to give her belly and hips room to move. Making her way out of the bedroom she hummed in pleasure, breathing in the scent of all the testosterone in the air, her sons and daughters had matured into rowdy teenagers and were making a ruckus nearby, which she chose to investigate. Standing in the middle of what was once the living room with her hands on her wide hips Diana smiled proudly, her children were strong and healthy, acting out their aggression on the furniture and each other. Biting her lip she inhaled again and noticed the smell of cum painted against the walls, the stentch of heavy piles of shit in the washroom, and the sounds of some of her children fucking in nearby rooms and hallways.

The amazonian warrior in her felt disgusted and horrified at the sight of a horde of green monsters going into a rutt in front of her. But she wasn't an amazon anymore, she was a Hulk! Stretching her limbs over her head she smiled at the green bulging muscles in her arms, her long green hair flowing over her powerful shoulders and down her strong back to end just above the globes of her muscular ass, looking down she cupped the underside of her watermelon sized breasts, grunting as she felt her brood kick and squirm inside her lazee-boy sized womb. She was a hulk, a SHE-hulk, a gamma breeder bitch who's sole desire was to fuck and bear more hulks, to witness her kind wash over the land in a greeen tide of muscle and power.

Moaning out loud in a micro orgasm she gained the attention of some of her sons as they watched her feel up her green breasts, belly and hips. Licking her lips and giving them a 'come hither' gesture with her finger as she turned to waddle out into the kitchen.

She wanted cock! And she no longer cared who's it belonged to, besides she wasn't due to give birth for another hour anyway.

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