She ambushes him

by supersizeme198
Storyline Hero or heroines transformed into a evil villian
Characters Captain America She-Hulk
Category F/F Marvel Corruption Mind Control
Previous Chapter Cap decides to find out why She-Hulk hasen't checked in

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Captain America's head was splitting he tried to gather his thoughts it was dark someone had blindfolded him, he tested his restraints he couldn't break free his musceles were completely numb and unresponsive.

He remembers that She-hulk had contacted him with the location of the Sisterhoods base with a detailed map. He assembled a team of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents and attacked the base they took down many of the Sisterhood members.

She-hulk told him that the Sisterhood leader was trying to escape so he went of in pursuit he cornered her and offered a chance surrender, then he was attacked from behind and knocked unconcious.

The blindfold was removed his eyes adjusted to the light.

"Hello Captain America I am the Mistress and soon you will follow my every word." Said the mysterious woman.

Cap tried to open his mouth to demand his release, but found that he had been gagged.

"Now captain I know you have any number of questions; Who are you ? Where am I ? How long was I out for ? While also saying you'll never get away with this, my friends will comfor me while sproating on about truth,justice and the american way and all that.

Well I think as a host it is only proper for me to answer some of those questions. The base you lead an attack on was a dummy right now your at the real Sisterhood headquarters. Your friends won't notice your gone thanks to the Life Model Decoy with gave them, and I'm feeling generous so I'll tell you who I am as a bonus."

As the Mistress removed her hood Steve felt a rock fall into his stomach as he discovered the idetity of his capter was his friend and teammate She-hulk. " I know it's a big suprise Steve but that is just the first of many. Deidre be a dear and bring me that mirror ?"

Hearing the noise of foot steps comming out of the shadows he watch as one of his enemies Superia walked up to She-hulk and handed her a shaving mirror. Nowing she was somehow resposible for this perdicament he started to scream at the villain through his gag.

"Isn't she adorable," Mistress said as Superia handed her the mirror and got down on her hads and knees. "I don't know what to call her yet, I'm kind of caught between Gimp and Submissive what do you think."

Captain America's only response was a series of muffeled yells.

"You're right Submissive is a better name. thank you."

"Do you like your new name Sub."

"Thank you Mistress for giving me a name worthy of my position in this world that will soon be yours."

"That's a good girl,"Mistress said patting her devoted slave on the head.

"Well i guess that leaves only one more decission." Mistress said as she walked towords her restrained captive.

"So what do you think,"

She angled the mirror so that Steve could see his face.

It had to be some kind of trick, a fake mirror, halucinagenic gas some kind of telepathy. What he say in the mirror wasen't his. It was a woman with long blond hair and firm check bones with a rubber ball gag in her mouth.

"So what do you think Sarah or Stephanie ?"

Captain America finally snapped he refused to beleave that the face in the mirror was his he screamed at the bitch that betrayed him and robbed him of his identity. He tried to break his restraints and strangle the life out of her, but his body refused to co-operate with his demands. He screemed and screemed until his throat was raw, unable to take what had happened he broke down and cried.

"Now, now Sarah there's no need to be sad." Mistress as she pulled the crying woman head close and rubbed her head in attempt to comfert her.

"Maybe is you had a better look at yourself you would feel better." Clapping her hands the light turned on bathing the room in brigth light. Right in front of the former Captain America was another mirror.

The woman was a fairly actractive woman wearing a white latex catsuit. She had a very athletic build with D cups and a slim waste. She started to cry again wnen he realised what had been done to him.

"Ahh, poor thing." Mistress said with a mock toan of sympathy in her voice.

"Sub do that thing that makes people happy for Sarah"

"Yes my Mistress" Sub replied as she slowly crawl towards the crying woman.

She handle this after all the battle's, the lost friends and loved ones, the endless tied of evil all so this to be how it ended. As she cried she noticed the former Superia comming towards her, she had a hungry look in her eyes, as she got closer she licket her lips with deleight. Realising what she was planning to do she tried to tell her to stop but the gag turned it into mindless mumbles.

"Don't worry Sarah I'll make all the bad things go away." Sub said in a tone that a mother would use on a child that just skinned their knee.

As her head disapeared between her legs she let out a final muffeled screem of protest before Sub's tongue began to probe her new sex. The sensation was alien and strange. but she couldn't help but be turned on by what was happening to her.

"You like your outfit don't you. Not only does it show off you sexy new bod but it will help you come to terms with the new you"

Sarah wasen't sure what Mistress was saying all she could think about was what Sub was doing to her. It was like her tongue was reaching inside her and the suit was streching to compensate. She moaned into her gag as the skilled tongue brought her closer to orgasm.

Shae felt happy after everything that had happened in the past few hours she had been betrayed, had her body vialated in ways never before imagined and now she was being licked out by a woman that had tried to kill her.

She started to laugh she couldn't help in after everything messed up thing that had happened she couldn't stop laughing. She started to move her hips back and forth in an attempt to make the tongue go deeper, none of it mattered she had to cum now or she was going to lose it all.

"I think it's time for this little show to reach it's climax. Don't you think Sub."

Understanding her Mistress orders Sub increased the speed at which her tongue darted in and out of the former heroes cunt. Her right hand snacked up her body and began to phondal her breasts while her other hand found her clit.

Sarah let out another scream as the delicious piece of flesh between her pinced and twisted, it was to hard to think now she just wanted to cum she needed this more than anything, She looked at Mistress looked at her trying to convince her to give her the release she craved with her eyes.

She must have done it right because she smileed back at her.

"That's right slave it's time to become your true self." With those world Sub pushed her tongue that little bit further needed to reach Sarah's G-spot.

Sarah felt something break in her mind when the orgasm hit her. it felt as if as explosion was happening inside her. Her whole body was on fire, her mind and all her worries and doubt's melted away as she was finally given the sweet release she had begged for, as she bathed in the after glow she felt herself drift of into a contempt sleep.

"She's ready" Mistress said as two woman in latex camouflage catsuits walked in and undid the sleeping heroes restraints and loaded her onto a trolly. The rowled her down the hall, went into an elevator and discended two floors. They the brought her to a room labled 'the converter' as they entered the room and their package was taken by women in yellow latex catsuits with biohazard symboles on their chests and gasmasks took her and began to hook her up to a machine similair to the one that had been used into the creation of the Mistress.

Mistress watched the science devision as they went to work on the sleeping woman and started linking her to the machine.

"The mental recoditioning will be finished within the hour. Once that is finsihed we can begin the procedure to give her powers. Is there any changes you would like to make before we begin ?" The chief scientist asked her beloved leader.

" No begin the process as soon as possible."

" Yes my Mistress." the head scientist. " I know it's not my place to judge, but why didn't you convert her while she was unconcious after the gender reverseal process ?"

Mistress smiled at how cute the scientist's curiosity was.

"Sub I think you can answer the good doctors question ?" She said to the woman that was currently acting as her foot stole.

Sub looked up at the doctor with a wicked grin on her face and said.

"Because it would have ment missing out on seeing the look on her face when the bitch snapped."

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