Rogue and Storm go to see Emma after screwing Gambit unconcious.

by Gorel
Storyline Breeding Factories
Characters Absolutely Everyone
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Rogue and Storm walked down the halls of the Institute to Emma's class, she had the auditorium today and invited the two fertility goddesses to some 'real fun' after they had their way with Gambit. Both were wearing dresses that hugged every inch of their curves tightly, like a second skin. Their breasts were so full and round they threatened to split their tops right open. Neither wore bras or panties since they outgrew them so suddenly yet they didn't care at all, Storm hummed to herself as she felt her dress creaking around her hips and bust. The thrill of being so brazen aroused her as a trickle of her juices ran down her leg.

Opening the double doors to the auditorium both women smiled as they made their way down to the front of the room. All of Emma's students were huddled at the front completely naked as their cloths lay at their feet, the looks on their faces withdrawn and glassy eyed as if they were drugged or hypnotized. "So Emma darlin, this was your version of fun." Making their way through the group of students they found Emma Frost laying on top of her desk naked except for her stockings and garter belts while one of her students pumped his cock hard into her. Emma's long legs were wrapped around his waist while she was busy sucking off another student on the opposite side of the table.

~What? You don't think this is fun Rogue dear?~ Answered the telepath as her mouth was too busy gulping down cum before her 'meal' slumped back and collapsed against the wall. "Awe looks like thats all he had." Laughed Emma licking her lips as she focused on the one deep in her pussy, tightening her grip as he grunted with effort. Storm moved in closer and smirked at the blonde beauty as she moaned and bucked her hips. She was just as full bodied as she and Rogue, breasts nearly the size of her head wobbling with every thrust as her nipple jutted out nearly an inch from her large puffy aerolas, her hips were almost 2 feet wide and by the look of how elevated she was off of the table her ass must have stuck out at least half a foot. But one thing stole her attention more than her friend's outragious new curves.

"Emma are you... Pregnant?"

Indeed she seemed to be sporting a small pot belly that looked solid and unyeilding as Emma continued to fuck her student, as soon as the young man gritted his teeth and grunted out a hoarse cry Emma moaned rolling her head back as he slumped backwards, collapsing into the crowd behind him. "Yes Storm... So full... I though I was sterile after the cuckoos but... So many..." Panted Miss Frost as her delicate hands roamed over her small but noticable pregnancy. "I can feel them inside... TEN of them!... Never felt so alive..."

As Emma tried to regain her bearings Rogue and Storm looked back at the crowd of students waiting for instructions, Miss Frost's hold on their minds still as strong as ever. "Well Emma you invited us for some fun, lets have some fun." Leaning down so that she was bent over the desk next to Emma, Storm sucked in a deep breath and held it, her dress splitting at the seems as her breasts and ass became free of the flimsy garment. "You there fuck me like you did HER, and don't stop until I tell you!"

Following Storm's example Rogue bent over the other side of the desk, pulling her dress up to reveil her broad hips and moist pussy to the students behind her. "You heard her ya'll, get fucking!"


The glass doors to the green house outside of town creaked open as the three villainesses walked in, laughing at their escape from the authorities, all three oblivious to the fact they were naked save a few scraps of clothing barely holding on over their voluptuous bodies.

They loved every second of it, the conquest of every man they came across on their way back, it was like sport to them. As if they were like lions hunting down gizelle or wolves bringing down a deer. And with every man they claimed they seemed to... Grow.

Mystique pressed her back against a ceiling post as she squeezed and massaged her J cup breasts, her nipples sticking out at least an inch begging to be sucked as she tweaked them with her fingers. her hips were wider as she squirmed back and forth remembering the cop that grabbed her from behind at the bar, she gasped when the surge of growth hit her then, hearing her hips creak as they grew wider along with the rest of her.

"Welcome to my lair girls." Giggled Poison Ivy as she stretched her hands over her head before walking deeper into the greenhouse, shaking her hair loose with her fingers. "Make yourselves at home."

Watching the red head leave Mystique licked her lips as she stared at her round ass shimmy back and forth walking away. Suddenly she found another hefty pair of breasts mash into her own as Scream kissed her deeply, her long sinuous tongue slithering into he mouth and licking the roof of her gums. Thier hands roaming and squeezing each other's curves as their kiss deepened further.

Pam Eisley moaned deeply as she walked down her garden, her darling plants moving aside to give her room to walk as she made her way to her lab. The effects on her body weren't lost on her lust scrambled mind, she knew she had grown larger, curvier, bustier. And yet there was something else that gnawed away at the back of her mind, something important. Looking at her reflection through the vanity mirror she kept nearby she posed before her reflection, she was twice the woman than she ever was. Breasts the size of prized watermelons and an ass like large pumpkins she was the very image of fertile womanhood, her eye arched when she noticed a new growth at her naval.

Her belly had grown slightly, pudging out into a lump above her naval. "Oh my what is this? Have I had too much to eat? Or have I finally gotten pregnant after so many men tonight?"


The word sent a jolt of pleasure through her body as her eyes rolled back in a small orgasm. Looking back at her reflection she imagined herself full term, her belly round and heavy as it took up her front, her belly button pushed out from the crop of children crowding her womb. "YES! I AM Pregnant, I can feel it, growing inside of me." Liking the idea of being so large and full she was distracted by a pleasured cry back where she left Mystique and Scream. Idly scratching her cleavage as an idea came to mind she went back to check on her two partners in crime.

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