she tear the restrains from her chair and kiss superia it success

by supersizeme198
Storyline Hero or heroines transformed into a evil villian
Characters She-Hulk
Category Corruption F/F Female Dom
Previous Chapter The Mistress is born

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She-hulk couldn't take it anymore the pain was to much, she musterd her strenght and transformed into her hulk form and tore through her restraints. She then grabbed Superia in a deep kiss.

"You chose me a good host." Mistress said gleefullly.

"I only wanted the best for you Mistress"

"Funny that you chose those words." Mistress said balling her fist and striking her hard enough to send her across the room. As Superia tried to pick herself up and recover from the shoch of her betrail. Mistress pulled a large cable out of one of the computers.

"Why are doing this to me I gave you that body if it wern't for me you would be nothing more than a worhtless A.I. system." Superia barked at her creation.

Mistress simple stared at her with cold empty eyes. Before Superia could do anything else, Mistress carcked the cable like a whip with enough force to draw blood as slashed across her chest.

"You are the only worthless one here"


"You could of lead your sisters to glory but you were unable to."


"You may act like a leader, but deep down you are nothing."


"Your nothing, but a worthless<Crack>




By the time she had stopped punishing her Superia was a snivilling mess in the corner. Mistress through the makeshift whip aside an dwalked over to her creator.

"I know it was painful. But rebirth is a hard process, you know you could have fought back. You had the strength, the power you could have called your sisters. But you didn't because deep down you knew I was right. You were never ment to lead, but to serve the one who would." Mistress then slowly strocked Superias hair. "Now what are you going to do now?"

Superia Slowly turned out of her corner and knelt down with her eyes to the floor.

"I was wrong to speak against. I will never disobey you. I will pledge my body,mind and soal to make sure that your dream of a Utopia comes true." Superia said with a mixture of pain and fear in her voice.

Mistress placed her hand on Superia's chin ard brought it up until she was looking her in the eye.  She then brought her close and gave her a sweet and gentle kiss.

"Now my pet let us build a better world."

 "Yes Mistress"

"Were going to need some new cloths. I assume you have some way to fix this problem."

Superia walked over to one of the machines in the room and turned it on. From She-hulks memories she recognised it an unstable molecule loom from her days in the Fantastic Four.

 Mistress then stood behind Superia and neaded her breasts.

"Now I want you to make your self a pretty little costume that we can play with and then I want you to make one worth of my beutiful body."

After an hour on the loom Superia had completed her task for her Mistress. Her own was based on her original minus the cowl and cape and the colours were changed from black and orange to indigo and violet. Her Mistress's costume comprised of black lace up thigh high high heeled boots with purple laces, black opera gloves, black tong that barly covered her pussy lips, a corset that tightened heer waste to a slim 22 inches and emfasicing her already generous clevage the finishing touch was a hood that coverd her face and let her hair out in a pony tail. The Mistress ordered both the outfits be made of latex inorder to make them sexier since in the new world order women would not be forced to hide their sexuality.

Now it was time to make her first move...

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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