Jack unleashes hell on the night club

by toadpriest
Storyline Mass Effect: The Illusive Man's Revenge
Characters Miranda Lawson Subject Zero/Jack
Category F/F Bimboization
Previous Chapter Samara finds something shocking on Omega in Aria's nightclub.

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For a moment, all she saw was her cell on Pragia. That one moment, that moment of weakness she’d been waiting all her life for, when she’d finally broken free. With a snarl of inhuman rage, she unleashed a burst of electric blue energy, one of her captors flying across the room before he could even respond. His body slumped against the wall, neck broken.


Getting out of here, Jack thought, her eyes darting around the room. Acting more on instinct than anything else, she reached out, biotic shockwaves throwing her remaining captors. All she could see was the faces of the first men she’d killed, her tormentors on Pragia, bloody revenge for a lifetime of abuse.


She laughed, hearing the screams, the panic, the sound of bones snapping and the satisfying noise of bodies hitting the floor. Bullets ricocheted harmlessly off her barriers, the entire room lit up by her glowing body. Vaulting effortlessly across a table, she grabbed the last of the Cerberus men by the neck, eager to feel the life drain from his body-


“P-please-“ The man was crying, his whole body shaking. After seeing his comrades cut down in less than a minute by an unarmed woman who was meant to be in restraints, he was offering no resistance. “Please, I know where your partner is- I…”


Don’t have a partner. Don’t need anyone. Jack thought, squeezing the man in her grip, hearing the snap as she killed him. Got to get to a shuttle, get out of here-


The bloodlust slowly cleared as she realised she was still throttling the corpse, remembered where she was. She wasn’t on Pragia anymore; that torture lab was nothing more than a smoking hole in the ground. And she wasn’t a scared little girl anymore; she was an all-powerful biotic bitch, and-


“Partner.” She hissed as the dead guard’s last words finally penetrated. “Shit. Still got to find little miss princess.”


 * * *


Miri giggled dreamily as little Oral Slut licked at her cunt. It felt good. Not as good as a nice hard cock, but all the men had gone away. Something… shouting outside. An intruder, one of them had said? She frowned. That was bad, because it meant nobody was fucking either of them, but it was good because…


She tried to remember, as her sister eagerly continued her work, and her own hands rubbed at her perfect titties. That’s it, she thought, that’s what I needed. I came here to find Ori, and here she is! And-


The thought seemed to connect  to something else, and she tried again to concentrate. She’d come here with someone. That made sense; she wouldn’t travel alone, who’d fuck her if she was alone? And it wasn’t one of the men that had just left, because they’d only fucked Ori, not her.


She whimpered. Nobody had fucked her in a while. So who did she come here with?


Dimly, she heard a crash outside, and a moment later, the door smashed in.


“Princess, if you’re not in here, you can find your own fucking way home- Oh. Oh shit.”


Miri stared dully at the woman standing in the doorway. She looked familiar, the tattoos running down her body very familiar. She smiled stupidly, wanting to run her tongue down those patterns, see how far down the woman’s body they went.


“Jack?” She murmured, the name falling into place, as she slowly tried to remember who she was.


“And I thought that fucking jumpsuit made you look like a whore.” Jack said, sounding like she was trying to stop herself from throwing up. Miri flinched as she began ripping out the cables and tubes connected to her body, but she was too weak to resist. She wasn’t sure if she was supposed to be resisting this woman anyway.


Who is she? Miri tried to remember. Bitch, she thought for a second, the word sounding very familiar when attached to the tattooed woman. No, that can’t be right, she thought. I’m a bitch, a whore, a little horny slut, not her…


Confused, her drugged mind struggling with what little remained of Miranda, she finally reached a conclusion.


I’m her bitch, then, she decided.


“Come on.” Jack grabbed her, and Miri moaned as the other woman grabbed at her. “Can you walk with that shit weighing you down?”


“I can do whatever you want, Jack.” Miri grinned. She couldn’t explain it, but she felt safe now Jack was here. Now her mistress was here.


“I don’t need this shit.” Jack sighed, exhausted sounding. For a moment, she glanced at the weapon in her hand and considered giving it to Miranda. Then she looked again at her, and thought better of arming this ghastly parody of the trained operative she’d worked with. Again, she forced down the bile in her throat. Serves her right, a small petty part of her thought, but the rest of her was too disgusted to wish this fate on anyone, even her old rival.


She sighed. She didn’t like ever admitting to needing help, but right now…


She tapped a command into her omnitool, opening a communication’s channel.


“Normandy, this is Jack. You pricks better be close by, because I need extraction right fucking now. Tell Chakwas I’ve got… wounded.”


She glanced again at Miranda, the now-blonde woman gazing adoringly back at her. Shit, she thought again.

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