Samara finds something shocking on Omega in Aria's nightclub.

by darkraven32179
Storyline Mass Effect: The Illusive Man's Revenge
Characters Liara T'Soni Commander Shepard Subject Zero/Jack
Category F/F Female Dom
Previous Chapter Shepard and Liara 'Embrace eternity' together

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The crowds of Afterlife all move to the music, dancing to the music and screaming with life as the never ending party continued on. The patrons danced, drank, and flirteed among each other, none of them taking notice as a lone asari made her way to the crowds. Unlike the dancers and strippers that were more common at the club this one radiated with energy and walked with purpose as she made her way up the steps towards the clubs owner and Omega leader.

"That's close enough Samara," Aria spoke her words carrying venom as she turned to face the asari justicar. "Why the fuck are you here?"

"We need to talk Aria." Samra said calmly not caring about Aria's tone or that most of her men had their guns pointed right at her.

"About what?"

"About Morinth and how you tried to hide her away rather then do what is required when confronted with an Ardat-Yakashi."

"I was not going to kill my own daughter Samara." Aria yelled, her botics flaring around her body as she glared at her former lover. "I would sooner fight a thresher maw naked and without my biotics then do that, how you could even suggest that.... what happened to you Samara?"

"nothing happened Aria, the justicar code only opened my eyes to see all the evil in the universe." Samara answered as calmly as ever even as Aria continued to glow.

"I guess it doesn't surprise me, have you come to finish me now to, to destroy my empire of thugs and gangs." Aria shot back.

"No." Aria only smirked at the womans response, family had always been the Justicar's soft spot though the code she followed would normally dictate that she kill the crime boss Samara would always find a loophole to protect what was hers if only the same could have been done for Mornith.

"Then there's still hope for you Samara, but you still need to learn Omega's rule" Aria spoke as she summoned all her biotic strength and threw Samara into the wall knocking her out instantly. "No one fucks with Aria not even you, take her down to the chambers and get her warmed up for me" the asari watched as her men dragged her lover away she wanted her Samara back but to do that she would first have to brake her.


Shepard had Liara pinned against the wall as she shoved her Strap-on into the asari's snatch her screams only making the spectre pound the blue woamn harder. "OH GODESSSSSSSS." Liara screamed as she came all over the plastic toy.

"You liked that didn't you ya little blue slut" Shepard laughed as she slapped the blue woman's ass making her moan some more.

"Very much goddess in fact, I believe I should now return the favore for you." Liara said as she turned to press her lips to shepard only stopping short as the lights in the room began glowing red, alarms going off everywhere.

"Uhh Commander you might wanna get your ass back up here we got a Cerberus cruiser up here taking shots at us." Joker spoke his voice ringing through Shepards omni tool.

"Shit knew that man would get here soon Liara, we need to-" The spectre was cut off as a blue finger was pressed to her lips.

"Relax my love I'm already prepared, Glyph tell Feron it's time to go."


"Sir the Normady is pulling back." a man spoke from his consel on the Cerberus cruiser.

"Huh guess they were just all talk, tell the men to prepare to board the broker's base and...."

"Captain the ship it's moving." another voice spoke. "Sir it's increasing speed it's.... sir it's heading straight towards us."

"What ALL HAND's BRACE FOR....."


Shepard and Liara watched aboard their shuttle, loaded full of equipment from the ship, as the shadow brokers base and home colided straight with the Cerberus cruiser. "Can't believe you just sent it away like that."

"Well it was only a matter of time before Cerberus came knocking, plus it was never ment for much space travel." Liara said as they watched the cruiser fall into the Storm planets orbit the electrical storm breaking the rest of it apart. "Besides there's only one ship I could really call home, if it's commander would have me."

"Of course Liara." Shepard spoke as she wrapped her arms around the womans neck a click running through the ship as a collar was wrapped around her blue neck. "Place just wasn't the same without my blue slut."


"move it bitch." one of the men dragging Jack's body spoke. Fear was running through her mind as she tried to brake free but it was no good, the collar had her powers neautralized completely and the bag over her head only brought out the scared little girl inside.

'No that's not you Jack.' her voice rang through her head. 'Been in tougher places then this you gonna let some wuss beat you like this.' the voice continued only making the woman mad. 'Your all talk Zero just a little bitch who can't do anything but run away in hide.'

"Hey you see that."

"See what you jackass."

"Her body it glowed it." Suddenly the two were thrown against the wall, there hands releasing the grip on the poles that held her in place.

"SHUT_UP" Jack screamed as her biotics flared, the collard and restrainsts braking apart as her powers overloaded them, her eyes glowing blue as she unleashed everything that Cerberus had one to her back on Pragia her mind quiting as she sank into her primal rage. 'Bout time you let it all out girl, now go show these people why you don't fuck with Zero.'

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