The corrupted women head to Paradise Island

by Silerspotted
Storyline The Dominatrix conquers the world
Characters Absolutely Everyone Wonder Woman
Previous Chapter The Dominatrix reveals her plan to corrupt the Justice League

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The Dominatrix that used to be wonder woman explained her plan. The purple ray that was used to cure Steve Trevor could also be corrupted. It would be changed to a Black Ray that would turn women into Dominatrices. With this the world would soon be subjugated!

Before the corrupted heroines could leave, The Dominatrix demanded a speciman man. He must not be touched for he was going to be used for an experiment! All the dominatrices thought of heroes they lusted over and wished to be their sex slaves, finally it was decided that NightWing would be the perfect specimen.

Mistress Mary  and Dominatrix White went off to capture their prey. Soon afterwards they returned. The Dominatrix was pleased and surprised " That was quick!" she marvelled. " It was sooo easssy," hissed the vampiric dominatrices, he was so insistant that he  wanted to save us" they laughed evilly.

"Now then, let us fly to Paradise Island!"

By the time they arrived it was night time and all the amazons were asleep. " They have got soft" commented The Dominatrix. BUt that will soon change!" Silently they entered the palace and went to the room where the Purple ray was kept. The dominatrices entered the room, with their slaves behind them.

"Quickly, wrap your whips around the purple ray gun and let their magic do their work!" The Other three Mistress's did as their leader requested. As the whips touched the metal they saw it changing colour. The metal grey turned to black as did the liquid inside it.

The dominatrix lifted the gun from its stand and smiled evilly " Now, let us try our new toy out!"

Just as she had when she had been wonder woman the Dominatrix knew the layout of the palace and knew where Donna Troy, Wonder Girl would be sleeping. Quickly the group reached the room where the raven haired beauty was sleeping.The 23 year old young woman was a vision of desire and soon she would join the latex clad femdoms. " Now, let us see if this works" The evil leader cried out. Donna woke up to the noise and saw four dominatrix type women stood in front of her, behind them were four men, one of which was tied up. Before she could do anything, three of the women grabbed her. They were so strong that she could offer little resistance. They pinned her  up against the wall then a black beam erupted from th gun in their leaders' hands. The Bl;ack Ray immediately engulfed her mind and instantaneously her mind was reprogrammed. She was no longer a sweet heroine. She longed to subjugate all mankind, she wanted to make men her sex slaves and dominate every aspect of their lives. She would make them suffer and pleasure her and worship her! She was now a true dominatrix, she lusted after sex and power to control others. She would crush their faces below her cunt and grind their penises into the ground. She would ride them until they were mindless slaves! Dominatrices would rule the world!

As this change happened in her mind so there was a change in her clothes. Now she has thigh length Red boots with 7 inch heels. She had red fishnet stockings attached to a bright red corset which showed off her now enlarged breasts. Her arms were encased in long black, pvc opera gloves and she had a black collar with the initials 'DG' on it. At the base of the corset was a silver zip, always ready to be undone to ride any man into submission. Attached to her waist was now a magic whip, this would nullify the powers of any superhero. Finally her head was encased in a red Dominatrix hood, except for the hole at the back, where her Raven hair now fell down in a full pony tail.

The Dominatrix stared at the new creation. " It has worked better than in my wildest dreams!" "Let her go," she instructed the other femdoms. The new dominatrix stood up to her full height and lookedat the overpowering leader. Then she heard her new name. " You are no longer wonder girl, you are Dominatrix Girl! You will help us rule the world!"

The whole   process had taken only two minutes, they had the weapon they had wanted.   "Now for the last part of the eperiment" explained The Dominatrix. "Here we have someone you know. "She pointed to Nightwing tied up on the ground. " Show us how you are going to turn this worm into your personal sex slave" Dominatrix Girl's eyes lit up with glee and lust. She had been truly converted, never to turn back and now she was going to use her new  sexual powers to humiliate this hero and convert him into her sex slave. She was feeling hot and wet already!


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