He uses the first of his woman for a dark Plot against the USA

by colleem
Storyline Uberlebensborn
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Eight weeks later Red Skull stood in his Office and looked at the Window. Behind the thick bulletproof window he saw only Snow and the Giant Mountains of the Himalaya. This base was build in one of biggest mountains and was a fortress that was well protected. Not even the mighty Shield´s could detect it. He turned around as he saw 2 people entering his Office. One was his Second in Command and the second was a young blond woman. She looked just like Susan Richards but was dressed in an black Uniform out of leather. She wore high heels matching the Uniform. Under her Jacket she had an white blouse and a red tie. On her left shoulder she wore the big emblem of his own organization. She raised her right hand and her wicked smile with the red lips formed a sexy smile.
"Herr Schmidt! I am here to get my orders SIR!"
Red Skull smiled. It looked very good. She was a perfect clone of Susan Storm and just as a bonus she had some of the DNA of the White Queen. Every Clone of the heroines had been boosted with advanced genetics. She had all powers of the original but was strong enough to beat a man double her size. She was fast enough to catch an arrow out of the air. It wasn´t possible to improve her body more than that. It would alter her optic and he needed a perfect clone.
"Wonderful. What is your name Major?" he asked the beautiful woman.
"I am Major Muller mein Fuehrer. Major Susan Muller!" she said with a strong and self-confident appearance. Red Skull smiled and waved his Second in Command out of the room.
"Major Muller" he said as he took place in his seat and offered her a chair on the other side. "Please. Take a seat. I have to talk to you."
Susan walked to the Chair and smiled. " Mein Fuehrer. I would like to stand if you allow. It is a great honor that you choose me to help you build a new world! As long as I life I will do all to help you build the 4. Reich."
"I am glad that you say this Major! As you know Hitler had a great vision! A vision of a mighty Nation! A Nation of born superior beings! But his vision was betrayed by the fools of his staff! I WON´T allow this mistake to take place again! This is why YOU are here! YOU are the product of the pure and holy blood of my new army! YOU are the first of my superior spy army! I formed your body new! I gave you the power of the ancient gods! YOU will help me build the 4. Reich! YOU will be the first! WILL YOU HELP ME BUILD THE PERFECT WORLD!" he stood up and raised his voice.
Major Muller sprang out of the chair and raised her arm with absolute loyalty and said.
"Heil Red Skull! Heil Red Skull! Heil Red Skull!" she looked at him and smiled. "Mein Fuehrer. Tell me what I have to do the make your Plan real!"
"I want you to go to the United States. There is a woman called Susan Richards. She is a Super heroine and fighting for the this Land! It is absolute necessary that you take her out and take her place! We will destroy the enemy form within! We gave you the power you need! Taskmaster should have show you everything about this woman right?" he asked and smiled as he saw the pride in the eyes of his Major. She would do everything for him. Maybe he would use her in other ways too. After all she was a very good looking woman.
Major Muller nodded. "Yes mien Fuehrer. I am fully aware of every information about my target. I know her routines, know all her friends and enemies. I am sure that I won´t fail. But what do you want me to do there mien Fuehrer?" she asked end smiled as she saw a image from his mind. She saw herself riding him at his chair and what she saw aroused her. Her Leader was such a strong and perfect male. He was the perfect Leader. He would do everything for him… and fucking him stood at top of her list.
"Maybe… I could help him a little bit to see that I am more than a spy for him" she thought and concentrated on his mind.
"Look at me mien Fuehrer. Look at my big hot tits. I am your loyal soldier. I am your loyal Spy. I will be your loyal lover." she spoke to his mind but he gave her a strong punch in the face.
"If you EVER dare to use your powers on ME I will show you your own heart! DO YOU UNDERSTAND!" he said with an impression of his madness.
"I am Sorry Mein Fuehrer" she said while standing up again." It is just that I want to be more than just an soldier for you! YOU are the Fuehrer! YOU are perfect! I will do everything you tell me!"

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