Mary Marvel corrupts her cousin

by Silerspotted
Storyline The Dominatrix conquers the world
Previous Chapter Mistress Mary tracks down Captain Marvel

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Captain Marvel was mentally, one of the strongest beings on the planet. Although he couldn't move he was fighting the effects of the chemicals injected into his system by his cousins' fangs. He looked at her walking towards him. She was so different! She wore a strange costume which he had never seen before. The thigh length, high heeled boots, accentuated her height. She exuded power. The shape of her body and breasts was more voluptuous due to the tight black corset she now wore.  The laces at the front of the corset were soooo tempting, he thought about undoing them to view the enlarged breasts his relative now had. "NO!" He thought. "This isn't me. I am not attracted to her. I must remain pure!".

Mistress Marvel could read his anguish and laughed. "Ooooh Baby" She cooed "Don't you want me soooo bad?" She casually walked over to his motionless body and stared lustfully at his body. HIs hard muscles were taught against his costume but as yet there was no sign of an erection. " You are very strong willed, but even you will crumble before me and then you will bow!" The dark Mistress declared.

In his mind, Captain Marvel struggled on. Summoning all his strength he tried to free himself but to no avail. He turned to concentrating on not losing his soul. At first he thought this could not be Mary Marvel, but something in her smile convinced him this used to be his most trusted ally. However, she was now gone. This alternative was a danger to himself and world!

"Look at me" The Mistress commanded and Captain Marvel felt himself involuntarily comply. She sauntered up to his body and leaned into his neck. Breathing heavily she whispered " I know you want me. Think of my new body caressing you, Think of my wet crotch needing your hard penis!" At this she placed her hand on his cock and began to rub.

In his mind the Captain began to scream! He was so aware of the sexuality of this woman. He was a virgin and this was an experience beyond his comprehension! he began to notice more and more every aspect of her body. The tight leather gloves that reached up to her shoulders and the black garters that adjoined the fishnet tights. Her waist was so small and attached to it was a golden whip. The black thong enhanced the shape of her backside and a red choker emphasised the lusciousness of her neck. He had never had these thoughts before but now he found it was all he could think of. For the first time ever he began to have an erection!

Mistress Marvel looked on, smiling evilly. She was about to corrupt the most innocent man on the earth. She was overjoyed that his erection was so big. She continued to massage it with her gloved encased hand. " I am so glad that you are happy to see me " She laughed in his face.

Captain Marvel, was now almost beyond saving. His erection made him think only of the Mistress  infront of him. Yes.. his mistress. She was nothing else but a beautiful Mistress. Now he saw only an amazing dominatrix in front of him. He did not remember Mary Marvel, infact he didn't remember Billy Batson. His mind was gradually degrading.

Mistress Marvel seeing this weakness, wrapped her arms around him and kissed him. Her tongue went deep into his mouth. This was the end for the hero and he responded, his tongue wrapping around hers. The chemicals finally reached his brain eradicating any idea of the icon of goodness that he once was. Instead he was now Mistress Marvel's slave, ready to be reprogrammed. He was Captain Slave!

The dominatrix immediately felt the conversion and cried out with joy. " So the great captain is now my Slave!!" "Who are you now?" he ordered her slave. " I am your sex slave forever, Mistress" replied the former hero.

Mistress marvel was now delerious with lust. Her clothes were wet with her vampiric need.She pushed her slave on the floor and ripped his pants off. His huge cock was ramrod straight and thick with anticipation. Shee parted the thong over her cunt and she impaled herself on the giant member. As she felt him inside her, her muscles contracted around the thick muscle as tight as clamps. Rhythmically she began to ride him; she was already feeling the shivers of pleasure spreading throughout her body. Unbelievably to her, his penis beame harder and bigger whilst inside her. The dark Captain felt his penis locked onto by his Mistress. He could not withdraw even if he had a mind to. She was intotal control. As she rode him, he gave in completely and started to respond; he pumped up as hard as he could, giving himself over completely to his lust. His dominatrix lover began to have orgasm after orgasm rackher body. With one hand she undid the top laces of her corset and released her tits. " Suck on these my slave boy!" She commanded. He immediately did as she commanded. She felt the pleasure of him expertly sucking her and he felt her milk seep into his mouth and brain. He was steadily becoming darker and darker. She gorged herself on the magical sex energies of the former hero, by riding him constantly. She then turned around and made him lick her out whilst she sat on his face. She ground down hard " I will teach you how to serve women" She cried in rapture. Captain Slave smiled evily, showing his new fangs, as he realised his fate.


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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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