Susan gets more selfish

by burke_rakers
Storyline A Thug's Wish
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Reed had been hours in his lab, examining the information he'd gathered, and the tissue samples he'd been given. It would have been easier with Sues cooperation, but she'd gotten sulky and finally insisted on being left alone. Ben and Johnny were out gathering more data from other teams, as well as from verious prisons holding female villains. The change hadn't been centered on heros alone, after all. He'd made a few breakthroughs, mostly due to the purity of his data. Durring the "Expansion Event" he'd been running atmospheric tests that had recorded the waves of energy as they spread from the Earth to all corvers of the universe. Having prepared his data, he felt he was close to a cure. Deciding to cheer Susan, he'd left his lab and gone to the bedroom...

Susan...was fatter. It wasn't possible, but...there she was. Swollen so fat and round that most woman would be rendered immoble, she lay upon a huge, circular bed piled high with pillows and boxes of sweets. Before her was a dozen of the largest wall-mounted flatscreen televisons, each on a different cooking show or...pornographic channel. She reclined on her bed, surrounded by the Baxter buildings' H.E.R.B.I.E robots, who were all engaged in either feeding her, fluffing her pillows, massaging her zipping to and from the room on missions at her command. She moved only so much as was needed to roll her eyes in his direction, then went back to the television screens. A strange humming was heard, and he saw with horror that her massive treetrunk-thick thighs were spread...and one of the Herbies was wedged between them, a vibrator in it's grippers.

"Well, finally..." she drawled, slow and syrupy, as she gestured towards him "...I can get...a little attention...from the proper source."

She maneuvered to a sitting position, and he saw that she was even larger than he'd thought. She floated up, and she had to stand at least 8-feet tall and nearly as wide. Her bodies fat wasn't pulled down by the weight of it, cuddled as she was by her own forcefields. Rather, she seemed almost...fluffy with thick, rolling slabs of padded, silk-soft blubber. Her hair had been shortish, but now it grew long, wavy and thick like a great cape of gold. She floated towards him, her face set in a lustfull smile. That was when he realised she was wearing makeup - smokey eyeshadow, mascara, blush and crimson lipstick - and as she went to engulf him, she smelled of perfume and...sex? Yes, sex. Her thighs were slick with juices, he nipples moist and ridged and her hands - thick, soft, almost too padded to be useful, tipped with blood red nails two-inches in length - reached out for him. He stepped back, and her face darkened like a thunder cloud.

"Reed...I'm NOT in the mood to be denied. I need...no, WANT that cock of yours inside me."

"Susan, you're under some influence. This isn't you. You're not acting like yourself. You're not acting like the Susan Richards I know and love."

She seemed to pause, then closed her eyes...and more changes swept over her. Her thick, soft fat lost color, till she looked as pale as milk, while her long hair deepened and darkened in color, till it was black as jet and billowed and whiped about in her forcefields like storm clouds. Her eyebrows arched, and her face seemed to set into a cruel, arrogant sneer. She laughed, and the laughter rolled over him and battered his heart. Her voice was cold, cruel and mocking as she purred "Susan? There's no Susan here, you little toad. Malice is my name. Malice Storm. And if my gaunt, useless sisters' husband wont give me the fucking I WANT, then I'll find what I crave elsewhere."

She tossed him aside and floated towards the doorway. He cried out "Wait...Malice, wait. I'm...sorry, but you frightened me at first. I...um, I wasn't prepared for my...sister-in-laws affections. Just allow me to run a small test, and we can do whatever you wish."

She'd waited, her soft hands always rubbing at his body and cupping his manhood. She coo'd and panted with lust, while he scanned her...and found to his horror that few of his wifes memories seemed to be intact. She was delighted she was Malice Storm - Susans Storms indulgent, selfish, arrogant sister. In her mind, Susan was a simple drudge. A coward without a backbone, who let the world - and her husband - walk all over her. Reed saw with horror that Susan had felt dominated and bullied by him, and that Malice was a reaction to that weakness. Malice could stand up to Reed, make her opinions known, and if need by...dispose of him with ease. Susan was gone, and in her place was Malice - a woman who'd never married him, and wouldn't let him run her life. Blessedly, he saw that she did still love her children, though she thought of them as her niece and nephew, and herself as their "Auntie Malice". She wanted to spoil and indulge them in ways Susan never would have alowed.

He had to end this! Thank goodness he figured out the last piece of the puzzle just in time, and unlike Hank Pym...had no desire to keep his wife as this grotesque creature. He lead her into his lab and said "I've...figued out something, S-uh...Malice. I know what's happened to the worlds female superbeings."

"Nothing happened to Malice, Reed. Thank goodness I'm the same selfish, vain, magnificant woman I've always been. It's a good thing my stupid, useless sister and I have the same powers...though mine are more powerful, did you know that?"

"Facinating, Malice. Now, if you'll just stand by this scanner, I can...show you what I mean." he indicated a beam projector, intending on reversing her changes.

"Yes, quite a bit more powerful. My manipulation of force energy is much more powerful...and I've a few other abilities. Superhuman strength and invulnerability, for example..." she lowered herself to the floor, and stood without difficulty. She waddled to the bean projector, a smirk of utter contempt on her lips. "...as well as a sort of...telepathy. I can read minds now, Reed. Did you know that? I know what you want to do...and I wont allow it."

He quickly flicked on the beam projector, and she laughed...as her forcefields protected her from the effect. "YOU LITTLE FOOL!!!" she laughed "I know WHAT I WAS! I was a stupid, worthless clod that allowed a TOAD like YOU to manipulate ME! But NO MORE! I'm Malice!I...AM...MALICE! Now and FOREVER! Why...don't you remember?"

Her mental hooks dug into his mind, and...and...

Malice Storm - Madame Fantastic - reclined on her bed, her lover cuddled between her folds and snuggling his way into every nook and crevace of her magnificant body. Her lover wasn't a REAL person, but rather a slave that worshiped her body. He couldn't even remember his name. Did he have a name? Madame Fantastic had scooped his mind hollow, stripping him of his genius (which she took) and replacing it with a need to serve her. His memories were gone, and his personality had been erased...replaced with a meek, servile nature. What was his name? He...didn't remember. All that came to mind was...


With some effort, the living mass of plastic disentangled itself from her body and flowed into an egg-shaped lump. It wasn't Reed anything now. Devoid of all memory, it was "Herbie". The only name it knew. It had been created by Madame Fantastic as a sexual toy, as well as a pet and plaything for her children - Franklin and Valeria Storm, the products of a dallience with an unknown father - and that was all it knew. It waited for her commands like a loyal pet, and she said "Summon the rest of the group."

Herbie - still in its ball-like form - rolled and bounced over to a wall and extruded a psudopod from it's shiney, flesh-like mass. It pressed a button and soon, the team was formed. She scoured their minds and cleared them of all fouling memories, so they all know who she was...and what Herbie was. The Thing (often her bedmate), Johnny Storn (her brother) and his wife Lyja were assembled. They were a team. They'd ALWAYS been a team. They'd encountered some confusion with the Avengers and the Justice League, who swore their'd been some guy named Reed and a woman named Sue here as well, but Madame Fantastic had explained that away as pre-Expansion Event chaff that clouded their true memories. Her children - fat, spoiled little Valeria and plump, greedy Franklin also entered the room, plating with Herbie and demanding sweets and toys. With a smile, Malice promised them all they'd want, and they hugged her. Their hair was as black as hers was, as were their hearts...for this was nolonger a team of Super Heroes, but rather Fantastic Force - a band of mercineries and professional problem solvers who'd do ANYTHING as long as it paid enough. Their coffers buldged with cash from countless jobs in the employ of the world. They'd been paid to drive off Galactus, Terrax, the Skrulls, Doctor Doom and the Mole Man often, and their track rcord was flawless.

"Well, Fantastic Force..." she drawled "...this Expansion Event has caused quite a panic among the heros and villains of the world. I for one have figured it out, but intend to do nothing to rock the boat. After all, does our lovely Lyja wish to be skinny again? I think not."

Lyja smiled. She LOVED her new body, as did her husband. She loved being so much like her cunning and wonderful sister-in-law.

"So, if acked...I'd suggest we play mum and manipulate the situation in whatever way we can. Agreed?"

The Fantastic Force all laughed, cold and mercenary laughs. Even her children laughed, and Herbie bounced in place. Herbie had no thoughts on the matter. Herbie wasn't Reed anymore. Herbie was just an object...a toy...a pet...nothing more.

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