The heroes have a plan

by Gorel
Storyline Abominable Avengers
Characters Avengers Fantastic Four X-Men
Category Marvel M/F Corruption Transformation
Previous Chapter The horde attack, having spotted the surviving heroes.

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"NOW SUSAN!" Yelled Reed as the Invisible Woman sealed the heroes and a handful of the monsters in an impenetrable bubble, preventing the rest of their legion from attacking. The thousand or so monsters pounded at the walls of the bubble as the real fight went on inside.

"SHE HULK NO NEED KIDS TO BEAT YOU!" Snarled the monster woman as she barrelled into Iron Man, the two grappling as the others fought around them. "SHE HULK RIP OFF HELMET THEN BITE OFF HEAD!!!"

Thor had his hands full as he struck away Warbeast and two of her daughters with a blast of lightning, her laughter shook him as she absorbed the energy. "We had fun last time Thor, but when I get my hands on you your gonna satisfy me til you scream!"

Spider Man was hard pressed as he fought several of the monsters, detaining them with his new webbing as he sprayed it from his claws, suddenly pain seared his sides as Tigra came from behind and raked her claws over his back. Collapsed and clutching his body with his six arms Spider Man looked up as Tigra sashayed around his prone form, flaunting her claws as she circled him. Just as she was about to strike she was body tackled to the ground by another feline abomination.

"DON'T YOU DARE LAY A FINGER ON HIM YOU BITCH!" Roared Black Cat as she tossed the tiger woman away dazing the she-beast as she got back up to find both Felicia and Mary Jane between her and Spider Man. "Don't move one fucking muscle you green furry freak."

With most of the fighting going on Beast held onto the canister waiting for the right moment, with the abominations either detained or busy he turned the valve, flooding the sealed bubble with the serum he and Dr. Reed had finished. A golden fog filled the bubble causing the monsters to choke and gag as its vapours took effect.


With her most powerful dealing with the X-Men, Wasp returned to her hive nest in the remains of New York to indulge.

Maria Hill had her hands at her ears trying to drone out the cries and roars of pleasure Wasp groaned out as she was fucked hard by a dozen of her servants.

When the lesser males left to tend to the nest, the first changed Avengers arrived to see to their chieftess. Ravage, Raptor and Hulk fought over who would fuck her the hardest, all determined to pump her full of their children. Their cocks rock hard and throbbing at a chance to cum in her womb.

Even now her belly was drum tight and quaking with her current litter, it seemed the more she bore the more fertile she was, by now she had to be carrying more than several dozen. She moaned as she watched the trio argue and fought over her. She gasped as her water broke in front of her favorite lovers, arching her back as she instantly began to push.

Over an hour and 35 children later, Wasp collapsed licking her fingers as her newest brood was taken away and tended to, her belly already healing back to a muscular set of abs. Linning himself and pulling her legs wider apart, Hulk speared into her stretched pussy and began to thrust hard. "Grrrr... NOW HULK'S TURN, BUG BITCH HAVE ALL HULK'S KIDS!" Roared the monster as he pounded away in her, eventually tensing up as he flooded her womb. "YES HULK, MORE! BREED ME MORE!"

With one last spasm into her Hulk slid out and sat to the side to rest just as Raptor took over and turned Wasp around on her hands and knees as he mounted her. "MY TURN... Ugh... GONNA FATTEN YOU UP WITH KIDS TIL YOU CAN'T MOVE!" Snarled the green scaled brute while she laughed at his enthusiasm, shaking her hips as he pounded into her. Eventually he too tensed up and pumped cum into her belly, causing it to swell ever so much until he pulled and to recupperate.

Again and again the went at it, filling her larger and larger, all the while Maria cringed at the though of more of those monsters being born in mere days from now as she heard her master groan in pleasure from Ravage's efforts, just as they both moaned in unison with a shared explosive orgams.

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