What're Kitty and Jubilee doing?

by Gorel
Storyline Abominable Avengers
Characters Avengers X-Men Spider-Man
Category Marvel Transformation Pregnancy Corruption M/F Growth
Previous Chapter Storm and the White Queen visit Wolverine and Colossus at the slave pens.

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The Avengers travelled on foot through the ruins of the city towards the Abomination fortress, Rogue had been guiding them the whole time as the others tended to her newborn brood. When they approached the front gates they were met by an unusual sight, Jubilee and Shadowcat sat on top of a pile of unconcious abominations with the gates wide open.

"About time you guys showed up!" Laughed Jubes as she stood up to greet the confused monster heroes. "What are you two doing? I thought you were turned like the others?" Wondered Ant Man as he noticed their unusual behaviour. Most of the infected had become savage and feral but both abominated women in front of them were acting like their normal selves. "Its easy, Wolvie and Colossus managed to distract us long enough for Xavier to put our minds back together." Looking over to Shadowcat, Pym found her nodding her head excitedly just as she noticed their prisoner. "Oh good you didn't kill Rogue, this is perfect."

Walking up to the defeated she-abomination, Shadowcat phased her clawed finger into Rogue's head, as soon as she removed her talon the woman staggered back blinking her eyes. Wha-? What's going on, mah head hurts... Kitty? Is that you girl?" Looking around as if for the first time Rogue began to remember what had happened to her and the X-Men and the damage they caused as rampaging abominations. "Rogue along with Storm and the White Queen were deemed the 'Queens of the Horde', with her we can finally bottle up this mess."

"Where is Wolverine and Colossus now?" Wondered Captain America out loud, making both she-abominations worry slightly. "They're with Emma and Ororoe right now, lets hope they succeed in bringing them back."


"Ah jeez... Gonna need some serious therapy after all this is over."

Spider-Man woke fitfully in the remains of his bed, sitting up with his hands over his brow as he looked around and found MJ and his Aunt May missing. Putting his costume back on he wandered his loft finding nothing but debree and wreckage. Heading outside his Spider-Sense alerted him to a nearby loft, heading out and into the other side of the building he stopped dead in his tracks and gasped. Mary Jane and May Parker were on the floor, bloated to immensity by their progressing pregnancy, their bellies swelling noticably by the second.

"YES! Oooh Yes more MORE!" Roared May as she rubbed her growing belly, her unborn kicking wildly inside her, demanding to be born. MJ was just as large and ready to pop while she layed on her side craddling her womb with one claw and tweaking her leaking nipple with the other.

"Oh my GOD, look at you two... What did you eat?!"

"EVERYTHING!" Laughed MJ as she cried out, rolling onto her back as her water broke, gushing out as she was hit with a wave of pain. May's water broke seconds later as the two went into labor, grunting with exertion as they pushed.

"Hnnngh... Hurts so much but... Love this!"

Peter could only stand there in shock as both women gave birth in front of him, the first of their brood entering the world with a mumbled cry as more followed behind them. Catching himself he sat by Mary Jane's side as she bore down, birthing another abomination to add to her clutch.


Back at the Xavier Institute, the professor was hard at work maintaining the minds of his freed students back in the city. It was difficult to point out who were his X-Men and who else was just another abomination, they all had one thing on their mind; to destroy and reproduce. It was a lucky break he noticed Jubilee and Shadowcat's minds lost in ecstacy that he could clear their minds again, and now Rogue has returned to the fold.

~ Captain Rogers, can you hear my thoughts?~ Experiencing a moment of discomfort from the Avenger leader he smiled when he heard his thoughts answer. ~Y-yes Professor Xavier, good to know your aware of the situation.~

~I'm afraid we are on borrowed time Captain, I've been reading the minds of those on board the SHIELD helicarrier and it seems they have dire plans for the situation in the city.~ Wheeling himself towards a window he continued as he broadcasted his thoughts to the others he could reach. ~SHIELD has decided that if it cannot contain the abominations than they are willing to sacrifice the city to destroy them! I believe they intend to fire a nuclear warhead you way~

~We won't let that happen, I'll send Wasp and her swarm to convince Nick Fury to hold off.~

~Be sure that you succeed Captain, I fear to wonder what would happen if you fail.~

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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