Carol, Felicia, and Gwen get it on.

by 80sRich
Storyline Marvel Super-Hookers (version 2)
Characters Ms. Marvel Black Cat
Previous Chapter A bit later, Peter and Carol arrive at Casa Parker

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Carol took off her costume and folded it neatly on the nearest chair, an old habit left over from her day in the military. She stood in front of them completely naked apart from her shiny black boots and gloves.

Felicia was busy stripping off her own costume, but Gwen was already naked and whistled loudly when she saw Carol. 

"Wowee," Gwen said, "Look at you, you're almost as big as Felicia."

Felicia looked up, and up at Carol's impressive chest, she paused for a moment, "almost," she conceded.

Carol looked at Felicia and she smiled faintly, she didn't deal with comparison well, especially if she didn't come out favourably in the comparison.

"Come on you two, stand next to each other, let me get a better look at the two of you," Gwen said eager to compare the two closely.

Carol didn't want to cause any problems, so with just a hint of reluctance she walked towards Felica who had finally succeeded in removing her skin tight catsuit. Carol stood to Felicia's side, she couldn't help put glance down at her breasts. Carol's face reddened slightly as she realised Felicia's were not only larger, but also more pert as well.

"Wow look at you two, aren't I just the luckiest girl in the word," Gwen said walking towards them with a bottle of something in her hand. Those have to be the two biggest set of breasts on the whole of the website.

Carol smiled slightly at the compliment, "You guys know my limits right?" she said looking to Gwen as she approached.

"Sure, you're no anal thing is well known, don't worry we aren't going to be pushing any boundaries today," Gwen said smiling holding up the bottle so Carol and Felicia could see that it was baby oil. "Now you two, stand face first together, press those huge breasts against each other," Gwen said.

"Yeah, we might not understand it, but it's your loss not ours," Felicia added.

Felicia turned to her side first, then Carol followed, they both pressed their chests against each other. Felicia giggled as Gwen started pouring the oil over the the two pair of breasts that were pressed against each other. The two massive pairs of tits glistened as the oil pooled and dripped over the them. There was a lot of breast flesh to cover, but Gwen kept pouring all the oil until it was done. Until both pairs gleamed in the light.

Gwen stood back and admired her handy work. "Marvellous, I'm going to set a camera this is two good not to film, you two start moving your chests against each other," Gwen said.

Carol looked at Felicia, Felicia smiled but the smile didn't reach her eyes, Felicia's gaze then dropped down to the breasts all mashed together shining in the spots of the room. Felicia pressed her hands against her breasts and started sliding them against Carols.

Carol copied Felicia, she really didn't know Felicia very well at all, and it was apparent that Felicia didn't much like her. Well it wouldn't be the first time she'd slept with someone that didn't like her. Sometimes that made it more fun. At least MJ was her friend, she pondered as she felt Felicia's breasts slide back and forth against her own. Carol was shocked back into the present when she felt hands between her legs, she glanced down and saw that Gwen had returned and was starting to slide one of her long fingers inside her. 

The first finger was quickly followed by a second, Gwen was using all the oil that had run down between the breasts and was using the to slide her fingers into Carol. Gwen didn't need any oil to slide the fingers from her other hand into Felicia, Felicia was more than ready for Gwen's fingers. 

Gwen had four fingers working in and out of Felicia by the time she'd managed to get three fingers into Carol. But it was Carol's hips that were rocking back and forth on the fingers more. 

Carol couldn't help a small groan escaping from her lips, she opened her eyes immediately afterwards and saw a slight triumphant smile on Felicia's lips.

Felicia leaned forward and pressed her lips to Carol's ear, "We are going to have some fun with you soon," she said before licking the side of Carol's face.

Something about that turned Carol on, though she would never admit it. She began to rock back and forward on Gwen's fingers, fucking herself, pushing the fingers deeper into herself.

Carol was already cumming by the time Gwen's forth finger slid into Carol. "nngggghhhnnn" she cried out biting on her lower lip. Carol felt Felicia's arms wrap around her back as she pulled her into a tight hug, pressing their massive slippery tits against each other.

"Just let it go, cum in my arms," Felicia whispered in Carol's ear patronisingly.

Carol heard the words and couldn't help it, she seemed to be cuming even more. Gwen's expert fingers fucking her to oblivion. She felt her legs go weak, and it was Felicia that was supporting her. Until Felicia started to cum as well. 

Felicia was probably cuming more at the response Carol was having but her legs went weak as well. Not wanting them to both fall onto Gwen she lowered them both to the hard wood floor, their slippery breasts still pressed tightly together.

Carol's eyes were clamped tightly shut and she was still convulsing as Felicia pressed a kiss on her lips and forced her tongue inside. Carol's own tongue responded passionately as Gwen continued finger fucking them both

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