In another part of the Helicarrier...

by Shendude
Storyline Marvel Super-Hookers (version 2)
Category Marvel M/F Bondage
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Maria Hill was a woman of contradictions. As Deputy Director of SHIELD, she was supposed to be Nick Fury's right hand. In truth, she'd gotten the job because she WASN'T part of his inner circle. She was a hardass disciplinarian who rode her subordinates hard. At the same time, she'd had sex with most of them. Because Maria Hill was also a Super-Hooker, with a Super-Hooker's hyper-charged libido, even though she had no superpowers.

Such an occurrence was rare, but not unique. Another example shared the room with her: Synthia Schmidt AKA Sin, daughter of the Red Skull. A sado-masochistic psycho, Sin was one of the relative handful of super-villainesses who hadn't reformed; to her, the manifold advantages of being a legit Super-Hooker, while tempting, couldn't compete with the pleasures of murder and rape. Unlike most of her peers, however, she was not inclined to fight for the cause of female supremacy, and happily gave her service to her father and his nefarious allies in the Masters of Evil.

Since Sin's capture a week ago, Maria had been trying to get her to talk, to spill her guts on what the Masters where planning. She'd been eager to talk about her work as their fucktoy, going into great detail about ways in which she indulged their depraved desires, but refused to mention anything useful. Hill had been getting increasingly frustrated with Sin, until inspiration had struck.

Three days ago Sin had been removed from the cell she shared with another captured villainess and placed in solitary confinement. Earlier toay, Sin had been stripped, gagged, and bound spread-eagled to the wall of this room. Hill had then proceeded to entertain clients as Sin watched.

Sin had already been itching for it, having gone without for two days. Watching Hill get it on with a series of handsome studs and hot babes was pushing her ever closer to the brink. It was only a matter of time before the twisted redhead couldn't take it anymore and broke.

Panting from yet another powerful round of fucking, Maria lay on the table in the interrogation cell, her body covered in sweat. She grinned, and kissed the latest client she had serviced, a young lieutenant who had recently been transferred to SHIELD. He blushed, and quickly got dressed, thanking Maria and leaving.

Maria cooed softly, idly caressing one of her ample breasts, her legs still spread wide. "Whoo... Virgins like that are always so cute, don't you agree?" Maria teased, turning to the other figure in the room, using two fingers to spread her cunt, showing some of the cum still pooled inside. The short-haired brunette dug a finger into her sex, scooping up some of the cum and eagerly slurping it up. "Mmm, so nice... Bet you'd just love to have a bunch of hot studs fucking you over and over... Me, I can get that all I want. All I have to do is give an order." She pressed a button, allowing Sin's gag to retract into the wall.

"You fucking bitch," Sin hissed, struggling in her restraints as the gag slid back into place. The villainess had been forced to watch Maria fuck stud after stud and babe after babe, while she herself had been denied, her hyper-charged libido driving her insane with need with each client Maria took.

It was cruel. The normally cold, stoic, professional Maria Hill getting laid over and over, sometimes by multiple guys and girls at once, while she was forced to watch, her restraints keeping her even from masturbating to relieve herself. She knew why Hill was doing this, knew that she wanted her to break, but she would hold on. She was strong.

GOD she needed a fuck.

Maria frowned briefly. She could tell how needy Sin was becoming, could hear her whimpering even as she took client after client (each SHIELD member she fucked given a special 'interrogation half-price discount' that would be deducted from their pay). But still she wasn't breaking. If she weren't so psychotically evil, she'd admire Sin's fortitude.

...No matter, she thought, smiling again. This was the most fun she's ever had in an interrogation. And there was the added bonus of the next client she was about to service, one she knew for a fact Sin wanted.

Said client, Deadpool, was one of the five members of the Global Freebie List, meaning that he got free sex with every single Super-Hooker on the planet and beyond.

"And I'm very grateful for it," Deadpool said from where he was waiting in the hallway, "Seriously, my man, thank you. You and that other guy who came up with the idea to begin with. You the dude, Shendude!"

Deadpool's madness made him the ultimate wildcard. He was a talented mercenary and one of the few men on the planet with superpowers, his skill and his psychosis making him a major potential asset to anyone who could secure his services.

"Oh, stop, you're making me blush," Deadpool chuckled.

The collective Whoreoines know that Deadpool could do major damage if his services were secured by Doom and the Masters of Evil. So, in exchange for NEVER taking a job for any member of the Masters of Evil or their known associates, or any super-villainess group, Deadpool would be put on the Global Freebie List, given all the sex he wanted for free. It was the ultimate bribe, and secured Deadpool's loyalty to the forces of good.

"Show me one hetero guy who'd turn down an offer like that and I'll show you a closeted homosexual. Not that there's anything wrong with that! It's just that if there's any at all in this delightful storyline, I'd rather it be between two hot girls. I mean, there's enough yaoi stuff out there, y'know? Including some with me, gag. Although maybe if it's with someone like Cable I wouldn't mind, even though I don't technically swing that way, but he is quite the manly man..."


"Right, sorry. Why am I here, anyway?"

Deadpool had just arrived from a mission in Madripoor, having gone with War Machine at SHIELD'S behest to take care of the Sentinel situation there. He had just finished his debriefing when he had caught wind of Maria Hill's interrogation.

"Ah, sweet. Did I get any from the deliciously sexy Miss Cabe while I was there?"

...Eh, sure, why not?

"Awesome. I already love this story," Deadpool said, deciding to put the fourth wall back into place for the moment and sauntering into the interrogation theater. "Whoa ho, bondage and a show? Me likey, Miss Hills," he crowed, blatantly ogling Maria's breasts.

Maria just smirked. "C'mere 'handsome,'" she said, muttering 'yeah right' under her breath, "Let's show Sin what she's missing out on by being evil."

Deadpool chuckled, looking her over, "I dunno, you've been through a lot today. How do I know you'll be tight enough to satisfy?"

Maria grinned wickedly. She loved a challenge. "Buddy, I could have fucked twice this many and still be tight enough to squeeze that lumpy shaft of yours dry."

Deadpool laughed, and quickly stripped, revealing his disease-scarred, pockmarked, but still well-built body. (To Maria's relief, he left his mask mostly only, although he lifted it up to reveal his mouth. Sin whimpered, the man of many of her secret fantasies right before her and THIS BITCH WAS HOGGING HIM!!!

Without any further foreplay, Deadpool sunk his already rock-hard cock into Maria's snatch, groaning in lust as he groped her ass. Maria gasped in pleasure as Deadpool's cock pounded in and out of her.

NOT FAIR, Sin thought whimperingly as she watched Maria fuck Deadpool, NOT FAIR NOT FAIR NOTFAIRNOTFAIRNOTFAIR!!!

(Originally posted by Shendude and Fanfic Fetishist on the previous Addventure)

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